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  1. thank you, I found this line but on the change itself that I did not know how to do. with your code I get the following change which is already not bad but I would like to get that lien
  2. I come back to you because I am very bad ... can you give me a track what to change? for the skin foundation ..
  3. thanks i will try on the skin foundation. thank you and have a nice day
  4. Hello, I install this plugin that looks very good. but I wanted to modify the example of mail and it did not work well and I would like to hand over the original. I sent a message to Noodleman and no answer. could someone send me the source code of the mail sample?
  5. I send them an email because you never know. and if I have no answer I cancel the order and I delete the customer. and if I have an answer I just cancel the command. on the other hand I set my store so that it automatically erases the order not completed after one week.
  6. Hello, this happens to me as well, but when the customer once arrived on the PayPal page just go to the page and does not make the payment. I think some customer do not understand that to see the price with the shipping costs he can see it before the payment process.
  7. hello, how to put a background image that adapts to the resolution of the screen? thanks you
  8. the mysteries of computing. yet I assure you with my phone and the 1st code nothing to change I always had the slide and with the 2nd code I do not have it anymore and on my 2 phones
  9. Well done .. it works perfectly now. I thank you very much and I am happy thanks to you and your availability!
  10. Debug Messages: [0] Before, the GUI::mobile variable is False [1] After, the GUI::mobile variable is False
  11. I did not make the change on all languages but only on French. I will try to do it everywhere I edit in all languages and erase the cache. no difference.
  12. if I erase the height it breaks the slide yes I always erase the cache
  13. that's what I did then then I am under cubecart 6.2.4 and when I go to my site with my phone nothing has changed
  14. so i was super happy because i see sailing123 that it works .. but in my case nothing works i always have the same thing on mob phone or on my pc.
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