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  1. Hi Sandrine, Yeah it is all sorted and probably wont affect you. The developer came back to me and said that it was down to some of the 'cache' differences between CC5 and CC6. He fixed it and its all good. He is a good developer and we have had further mods from him Regards Paul
  2. Good Morning, Our webiste sells to both Retail and Trade customers and therefore has dual pricing bands. That in itself works great. For Retail clients we show the prices including VAT (and tick the box Tax included) and for Trade customers we show the priced excluding VAT (and don't tick the Tax Included box) Is there any way of being able to automatically add after the price (inc VAT) when the Tax box it ticked and (ex VAT) when the box is not ticked when customers are viewing the product descriptions ? Any advice with this would be really appreciated. Regards Paul
  3. I say until recently as I cannot remember the last time I took a look at it. In fact, the last time that I recall it fully functional was before I upgraded to CC6 (although the mod is CC6 compatable) Regards Paul
  4. I am currently having some issues with a couple of mods purchased via modsindex.com and hoped that people on here may have some thoughts. Its two mods which control the top menu and banner images on a site. They have worked fine until recently. However, when I now used the 'add new' feature on both of them, I get a blank white screen and nothing happens. Anyone else experience this or have any thoughts on a fix. Regards Paul
  5. Good Morning all, For some bizarre reason, when I am in a product view and then scroll down a menu, the menu stops working in favor of the magnified image. For example - https://poppysretail.co.uk/hair/-platinum-/-light-blonde-root-cover-up.html. if you go to this link and scroll down the 'Hair' menu you will see what I mean. I am sure that it is something simple but is alluding me at present. Any thoughts cubecarters? Paul
  6. Actually, ignore this message - I made a school boy error
  7. Any thoughts on why I am still getting a SSL issue on this site - www.poppysretail.co.uk I have look at the various advice on forums (and tried it all) but still get message that the site is using resources from a non secure area ? Puzzled and any advice would be welcome. Regards Paul
  8. Hi there I am looking for a mod / plug in that automatically emails customers 7 days after ordering a product to ask them for feedback / review or a short questionnaire on how well we did. Anything spring to mind that would automate this process ? Thanks Paul.
  9. Hi there, building my first cubecart site at present and having some difficulty removing some additional white space that I dont want. The problem is that it does not show up on all products. Only ones that have product options. Take a look and you will see what I mean. http://www.earlsofashwood.co.uk/white-stilton-with-mango-ginger.html - This one has a big gap between the option drop down and the buy button However, this one does not.... http://www.earlsofashwood.co.uk/wensleydale-with-cranberry.html (but there are no option drop down). I suspect, that it is something to do with the options but cannot for the life of me figure it out. Any thoughts would be gratefully received. Cheers Paul
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