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  1. Oh okay, didn't realize I could drop straight up PHP into the templates. Will give it a try. --- Got it working via Smarty code, thanks bsmither.
  2. I need some guidance in changing a template to modify a shipping group label, I suspect this might be possible but I am not familiar enough yet with CC or Smarty to get it working. I got a shipping plugin from CubeMods by Goober and it has been a frustrating situations to say the least. After ordering the mod I got no software download link or any responses what so ever to my inquiries from the creator. Only after I filled a dispute with PayPal did I all of a sudden get an automated email with the download link (still no personal communication). Anyway, I installed the thing and came to find out that even though this is a licensed plugin it is branded with this guy's company name and the shipping method has no optional description field. - When disabling shipping groups, the customer is just presented with a shipping amount and nothing more (not very customer friendly IMO) - I figured I could turn on the shipping groups and at least have some indication of what this shipping option is about and find out he has branded the group with his name 'Gworks By Item' (that will make no sense to a customer and very unprofessional from the creator if you ask me) So I went to hunt down where this is coming from and came the conclusion it appears the be hard coded. I checked all plugin settings, all module settings, this plugin has a language group but no phrases and I even sniffed around in the database directly. At this point it is clear to me trying to contact them about this will get nowhere, so I am hoping to apply a dirty fix in the content.checkout.php template. I am using a slightly modified version of bsmither's 'shipping options as radio button' mod instead of the default select: <div class="update_form required price shipping_radio"> <span>{$LANG.basket.shipping_select}</span> <ul style="list-style-type: none;"> {foreach from=$SHIPPING key=group item=methods} {if $HIDE_OPTION_GROUPS ne '1'}<li><b><i>{$group}</i></b></li>{/if} {foreach from=$methods item=method} <li><input name="shipping" type="radio" value="{$method.value}" {$method.selected|replace:'selected':'checked'} /> {$method.display}</li> {/foreach} {/foreach} </ul> </div> Can the templates actually read a value and change it it? Something like this logic: if ($group = "Gworks by Item") { {if $HIDE_OPTION_GROUPS ne '1'}<li><b><i>Shipping Per Item</i></b></li>{/if} } else { {if $HIDE_OPTION_GROUPS ne '1'}<li><b><i>{$group}</i></b></li>{/if} } Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks, I will check these out. I upgraded to 528 and that did indeed take care of the issue.
  4. Okay, didn't realize there was a new release since I installed the cart. Will try 5.2.8 and see if that fixes the issue, would you mind linking me to the 'hide shipping options' thread?
  5. Whatever shipping option is selected during the initial steps of checkout is not saved, and the customer will be presented with a confusing message at the end of checkout. I know there are various topics dealing with this, and quite frankly I am surprised the devs are not addressing this issue. This the exact opposite of being user/customer friendly and had I known about this behavior prior to my client getting a license I would have recommended another cart solution in a heartbeat. I applied some suggestions made in other topics (radio button shipping options, change the error message, etc...) to make it somewhat less confusion but it is still way too confusion and not intuitive at all. 1) Does anybody know how to change the code so the selected shipping option is saved until the end? or 2) how to I modify the content.checkout.php template to hide any shipping options until the last step is presented. If anybody can tell me the value I need to check for in the template to determine if the checkout process is at the final step I could take it form there. Thanks
  6. They might want to add this to the support docs, the skin didn't show up for me either until I did this. https://support.cubecart.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/202/46/how-do-i-create-a-custom-skin-or-template-in-cubecart-v5
  7. First time installer here, and about to pull the trigger on getting the licensed version after getting past a setup issue. But I have 2 more questions/issues. 1) Are there any shipping insurance options? I can't seem to find that anywhere and a search here for 'insurance' provides no help. I am using a few 'all in 1 shipping' options but on the client's current (ancient) MOF CGI cart she has a second dropdown with handful of set rate insurance options. This strikes me as a rather common option but is missing on CC, am I blind or is this a license version only feature? 2) All items on this cart have required option fields (size, color, etc...). When adding items to the cart from the home page or category this results in a 'system error' asking for the fields, this doesn't look very customer friendly. I'm guessing the easiest way around that is removing the quick add to cart buttons except for individual product pages? Which template(s) would I adjust for that?
  8. No code or php config changes, the detection is not working correctly.
  9. Al/Ian Thanks for the feedback. I went ahead with the configuration and able to place a test order and capture the CC
  10. havenswift, thanks for confirming the issue. I am just trying to test the cart before purchasing, so I do not have member area access or support credits. Certainly not going to buy a license just to be able to open a ticket.
  11. I installed the latest version of cube cart lite to try out and see if it will be a good fit for a project I am working on. I get a Mcrypt error on the Manual Card Capture settings. I was pretty sure I enabled this when compiling PHP in WHM but doubled checked regardless, and it also shows as enabled in PHPinfo. Has anybody else expierenced this? I won't be able to use/recommend this cart to the customer if Manual Card Capture isn't working.
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