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  1. OpticalPower

    [Resolved] Paypal Pending Error

    Wow, thanks Ian and DB, that fixed it right away much appreciated Dave
  2. OpticalPower

    [Resolved] Paypal Pending Error

    hey folks, Looks like I'm next in line for this problem that it seems others have had before. Since updating to the latest CCV6 when orders are paid using the basic ,standard PP plugin the status is getting stuck at "pending" even when payment has been made. I've had a good look at some of the replies posted on other threads about previous problems the same but to be honest I'm far from a wizz with this package and wondered if anybody could give me the *idiots* version of how to fix it? many thanks Dave
  3. OpticalPower

    [Resolved] Upgrade from 6.1.1 to 6.1.4

    Yup, sure did without your comments here I'd still have a broken shop
  4. OpticalPower

    [Resolved] Upgrade from 6.1.1 to 6.1.4

    Thanks Ian, I was having the same problems and found this thread. Copied over the files into the new admin directory, copied all the other files over and overwrote Went to the shop admin page Scrolled down to the "upgrade" section, was prompted to upgrade and all ran flawlessly (6.1.1 - 6.1.5)