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  1. I am having the exact same issue. Were you able to fix it?
  2. Thanks. Did that. Didn't work. I even deleted the two users who's data is exposed to everyone, but their data continues to show. I can do a logon as any user and when I click on a category it shows one user on the top, when I click that user, it shows another users profile. I can't make changes to to the data in the profile, but I can see their phone number/address/etc. Rick
  3. Thanks and yes the data was changed manually. Can you explain to me more how to do what you are saying? THanks RIck
  4. I am running 6.0.12 hosted with BlueHost. I have some users who when they log on they see another users name at the top and are able to view their data and change it. Example. User A logs in and sees user B's name at the top. When they click on user B it shows User C's profile data and they can change it. I can recreate it by using the logon as feature. Thanks
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