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  1. RickTFL

    Users able to see other users data

    Thanks. Did that. Didn't work. I even deleted the two users who's data is exposed to everyone, but their data continues to show. I can do a logon as any user and when I click on a category it shows one user on the top, when I click that user, it shows another users profile. I can't make changes to to the data in the profile, but I can see their phone number/address/etc. Rick
  2. RickTFL

    Users able to see other users data

    Thanks and yes the data was changed manually. Can you explain to me more how to do what you are saying? THanks RIck
  3. I am running 6.0.12 hosted with BlueHost. I have some users who when they log on they see another users name at the top and are able to view their data and change it. Example. User A logs in and sees user B's name at the top. When they click on user B it shows User C's profile data and they can change it. I can recreate it by using the logon as feature. Thanks
  4. RickTFL

    Order products report

    That worked. THanks!!! Really appreciate the help.
  5. RickTFL

    Order products report

    Ok... I see it, I can get into the cPanel. What am I looking for once in there?
  6. RickTFL

    Order products report

    Thanks for the help. I don't see the "cPanel", I do see " _cubecart7ab.wdt_CubeCart_order_inventory " listed in the data base, but I don't see a way to download it. I have choices to Analyze, Optimize, Repair, and Check, but not view or download.
  7. RickTFL

    Order products report

    Hi all, I run a food club and customers place their orders and at the end of the week we lock the site down and fulfill the orders and the customers pick up. We would like a way to create a report for ALL products ordered for that week on one page. This way we can submit it tor our farmer more easily without having to open each order. New to this, so there may be a way to do this and I am just missing it.. Thanks