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  1. That looks like the Admin section. I was already able to edit the orders in there in v3 with Estelle's Add/Edit Orders Mod. However, the users can not edit the options in the front end after adding an item to the cart. With the modifications I made, then can edit the options and text. They can also click on an Edit button in Order History page for Pending orders, and the code will clear the cart, and put the items from the order into the current basket with the associated options and text (Estelle's Text Input Mod). Going through checkout will use the same Order Number to submit the order.
  2. I tried v6.1.1 and it does not allow me to change the options on an item that was added to the cart. It also doesn't let me edit an order that's in Pending status.
  3. I figured it out and wrote some code to make it work. Just had to learn this PHP thing. What I was really after was the ability to edit orders. I can now do that. It took a bit of effort to figure out how all the pieces work in CC. Had to modify existing code plus add a new editOrder.Inc.php. I can't believe this was not natively built into CC3. Users had to delete an item and try to remember what options they picked along with the notes they added (we have Estelle's Input Text Mod) then add the item back. Not ideal. Anyways... thanks for the response.
  4. In CC3, I'd like to know if there is a way to add a product to cart using PHP. IE: I'd like to just send the CustomerID = 123, ProductID = 11303 and Quantity = 2 Is this possible? When the customer logs in, they'll see the added product(s) in their cart. EDIT: If this can be done in CC6, then I'm willing to do the upgrade... Anyone?
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