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  1. Most of the plugins are the same... but not all of them. And I learned so much today! Thanks ... **** ALWAYS check all your plugins. **** Most of the plugins are the same... but not all of them. And I learned so much today! Thanks ... ALWAYS check the plugins. It was Product Rollover images. I used the 1.4 version instead of the 1.5 - from Havenswift Hosting And… I installed it some time ago for PHP 5.6 After setting the PHP to PHP 7.2 via Cpanel and Product Rollover images 1.5 for PHP 7.2… All works perfect! Plugins sometimes give an update message when there is a new version as from 1.4 to 1.5 Well.. maybe missed it. Sure could be... sorry. But installing the working PHP version was absolutely up to me Thank you very much for your time! Have a nive Sunday!
  2. Hi Ian, Thanks I will check the plugins.
  3. Hi, A question.. I have two Cubecart stores. Both version 6.2.2 (latest release). One store runs perfectly on PHP 7.2 as advised by Cubecart upgrade setup. The other Cubecart goes down with PHP above 7.0 Both sites are at the same hosting and placed at the same server also. Once a month there is an update on the server site updating PHP to 7.2 And every month (the last couple of months..) the Cubecart store goes down. Maybe there is something I can do? Manual perhaps. To make Cubecart compatible with PHP 7.2? Hope someone can help me out. Jeroen
  4. Hello CC-team, I recently had CubeCart offline due to an update of PHP on the hosting server. My hosting provider updated PHP 5.6 to 7.2 This resulted in a blank CC-shop page. CubeCart doesn't seem to run on PHP 7.2. I use CubeCart 6.2.2 Thankfully the provider placed my webspace on a not updated server. But eventually it will be updated. Just to let you know. Kind regards, Jeroen
  5. For reading updates about this issue... follow this link to the GITHUB issue #2157 It is in the working... https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2157
  6. So sorry... didn't receive status updates... I posted my question elsewhere also and pointed me to a possible solution. I will check soon.. Yes, the storefront misbehave as well. After switching the default language to another language, when clicking to a new language in the store, the 'old' parent language will be shown. Using a different browser doesn't do the trick. Also deleting all of the cache in CC manually or with the auto 'clear cache' doesn't help. So if I understand correctly, when setting the new default language to a child of the parent language, the language in the database of the child languages will be emptied? If not deleted - the child language - but 'only' reassigned with a new language code (the parent with the child code) should it be possible to re-align the codes between the languages in the database?
  7. Hi! I already posted a similar question, but I think I miswrote the title and question also because unfortunately I got no response. I also think it might be a CC issue what I experience ( I will post on the github.com also and I will write any solutions here.) I have two CC shops and both CC shops are going haywire when changing the main language. Both CC shops are up to date and on different servers. What happens? After I switch to the English US language as default all the translated documents (filemanager\documents) aren’t working anymore after setting the main language to another default language (store settings). The language flags are also gone and replaced by a question mark. The way to get it resolved is by deleting the old database and create a new one and import a fresh backup database. And replacing the store files with a backup also. I did sent CC support team an email about this, but unfortunately no CC response. Hope someone can help me out please.
  8. Oh yes, sorry for forgetting to mention. I'm always up to date so to speak... as soon (almost) as there is a new version I will apply that to the site. Fore last version was 6.2.1 Well now I do remember that the Cubecart support team (Al Brookbanks) made a Cubecart software adjustment or so because it wasn't possible for me to create language files in the email contents documents. I will also try to send a mail to Al about this issue. - I just did.
  9. Hi! Well, I need some advice.. Since I think the last CC update, when I set my store language from Dutch to US al my languages (US, UK, and German) different than Dutch are gone in the site Documents (welcome page, about, shipping, etc.) In the admin the translation flags are gone. Restore a backup doesn't do the trick. A database backup (cPanel, new DB, import (backupfile) and link to user) will restore the language files. Jeroen
  10. Hello Fabriceunko! Sorry for let you waiting for such a time... Well, it took some time... didn’t forget though We had to transfer the CC shop to another server. The server we had caused some strange things as: no iDeal or print order form for example. As soon as we placed CC on the new server, it worked as should and we are used to with another CC. However some extra tweaking needed to be done before a definitive online. But nothing mentioned had to do with the CF5 skin! We are very happy with the tool. Almost forgot.. this is the link to Up & Up design. https://www.upandupdesign.com/shop/ Kind regards, Jeroen
  11. Bought Custom Foundation 5 Skin Configuration last year. For me worth every penny! Very easy to understand and lots of easy adjustments to create a really good looking CC, I think.. (Yes, I could make adjustments otherwise also..) Above all: SemperFiWebServices provides really good service and support when needed. And I did for a question about wanting to make changes not supported by the Skin Configuration plugin. It was simple, after SemperFiWebServices gave me the guidance how to. I am really thankful for this plugin. And no, SemperFiWebServices and I have no connection whatsoever
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