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  1. JerS

    Custom Foundation 5 Skin

    Hello Fabriceunko! Sorry for let you waiting for such a time... Well, it took some time... didn’t forget though We had to transfer the CC shop to another server. The server we had caused some strange things as: no iDeal or print order form for example. As soon as we placed CC on the new server, it worked as should and we are used to with another CC. However some extra tweaking needed to be done before a definitive online. But nothing mentioned had to do with the CF5 skin! We are very happy with the tool. Almost forgot.. this is the link to Up & Up design. https://www.upandupdesign.com/shop/ Kind regards, Jeroen
  2. JerS

    Custom Foundation 5 Skin

    Bought Custom Foundation 5 Skin Configuration last year. For me worth every penny! Very easy to understand and lots of easy adjustments to create a really good looking CC, I think.. (Yes, I could make adjustments otherwise also..) Above all: SemperFiWebServices provides really good service and support when needed. And I did for a question about wanting to make changes not supported by the Skin Configuration plugin. It was simple, after SemperFiWebServices gave me the guidance how to. I am really thankful for this plugin. And no, SemperFiWebServices and I have no connection whatsoever 😊
  3. JerS

    Add a new side box - right column

    Found it.. In foundation standard it is simple. I use a personalized version. Harder to find..
  4. Hi, Due to an outdated payment gateway I had to reinstall Cubecart. And yes, it looks way better! However, I had a side box placed in the right column. And I did it myself. Now I’m working with the Foundation skin and totally forgot what I did and where.. I already placed the Featured products in the right column and centered the image. Below this box I'm trying to place a box wherein I can place simple text with hyperlink. In HTML, no problem… Hope someone can tell me how to create this extra box. Edit: My question is mostly where to place the new box refer to display the new box at the site. I can use one of the boxes from the templates and edit it. Rename and insert the links there.
  5. Dear Al, Many thanks! It is working perfect. The admin dir already changed to an new with number, so I copied the file to that dir. Have a nice day! Jeroen
  6. Hello, I have a question.. We have CC since 5.1.5 (2012) - the pay-for-version. Every update since went perfect. However, since the second update on 4 November 2016 no 6.1.1, there is no way I can update anymore. Is there someone with advise or maybe with a solution to help me out to update to 6.1.4? I sure do hope so. It's a webshop .. Kind regards, Jeroen