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  1. Thanks Al, Yes please a VAT invoice. Can you give me the sales email address, presumably [email protected] ? Brian
  2. Hello, where do I login to find an invoice for a plugin I have just purchased? Thank you, Brian
  3. One last thought, I did change my site to SSL around the time when it was last working. Could that have any bearing on the matter? Brian
  4. I am sort of following you, I get impression that you are still considering the possibilities. I understand your thinking around the rules but it may be that the field such as Terms & Conditions had been commented out by me which is not the same as disabling it. Brian
  5. Captcha is not required, interesting point about Terms & Conditions though, I would have removed that at some point a few months ago but maybe it is still required! Where would I disable that requirement? I don't think it is a toggle in admin anywhere. I appreciate your thoughts, the "Terms & Conditions" is certainly worth considering. Brian
  6. That is the initial basket page, if you progress to the next page (2 Checkout at the top) where you add contact details and address this is the page where neither of the two buttons work so you cannot move onto the final stage which is to the payment page. Brian
  7. Hello, my site is www.westcountryviolins.com If you want to test what happens when you go through adding an item to the cart you can use any item or this test item: https://www.westcountryviolins.com/wcv-test-payment.html Brian
  8. Hello Al, I emailed him last night but no reply as yet. I hope he will respond soon. Brian
  9. Hello, I had this same problem a few months ago but not sure how I managed to resolve it. I am using the Galaxy X skin, when a customer tries to purchase the "Secure Checkout" and the "Update Basket" buttons do not work so it is not possible to checkout and pay. Any suggestions much appreciated. Brian
  10. Hi bsmither, I did look at the file content.category.php but finally was pointed to catalogue.class.php where I managed to remove the two unwanted options. So all working fine now.
  11. Hello, could you please tell me which php file the "Sort by" box appears (when in a category) as I want to remove a couple of options. Thank you, Brian
  12. Hello, the location of the favicon icon probably depends on the skin you are using. I am using CubeCart 6.1.7 with Galaxy skin which by default expects the favicon which should be named favicon.png to be in the following path. skin/galaxy/images/favicon.png You can change this path in the skin main.php where it appears near the top of the file. Brian
  13. Problem now solved, thank you all for your input. Because it seemed like a bug in CubeCart I asked CubeCart support for help, they have fixed it for me. Brian
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