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  1. Hello, since upgrading to 6.4.2 I notice a difference in the orders currency. I sell worldwide so am used to receiving payment in dollars, yen etc.. but the actual order email I receive in the past has always been in my site default currency which is GBP. For example a client from Japan paid in Japanese yen, if I look in orders in Cubecart the GBP equivalent is shown but when I receive that order email the amount is shown in yen! Any ideas please? Brian
  2. Thanks a lot, much appreciated. Brian
  3. Hello, you mention that near line 1783, the cheapest, or cheapest greater than zero, or most expensive shipping method is found, and its name is passed to the skin. which of the skin files is it passed to? Thanks, Brian
  4. Many thanks, much appreciated, it is 10.30 pm here in the UK so will take a look at it tomorrow. Brian
  5. I have updated to the latest 6.4.2 but it has been like it for at least a year on the old version 6.2.9. I am using galaxyx skin. It was working correctly until I had some work done by Al but then it developed this problem, I assume related to a change he made. Which file would the be in? Thanks.
  6. Hello, following a couple of changes made by Al a few months ago my shipping cost is not being added automatically as it was before, I use Weight Based Shipping which is working fine and always presents the correct amount but now the client has to select it from a drop down box, there is only one option in the drop down so it is not a question of the client adding the wrong amount but it used to be added automatically which is preferable. I have included a couple of screenshots below, once you select the shipping it is added to the amount column and then you can check out. Which PHP file would
  7. hello Ian, yes I do have a shipping module from Noodleman and now that you mention it I remember when I first added the plugin I also had to request ionCube to be installed, so maybe the later PHP version I tried does not have ionCube installed by default. I will ask the server management to add it to the later version. Many thanks, Brian
  8. Hello, I recently upgraded my site to the latest Cubecart version of 6.4.2 and all is working ok. I have been using the old version of PHP 7.0.33 which is outdated. I have just changed it to the latest version 7.3.25 and the site still works fine but the admin crashes, just a white screen, so for now I have gone back to the old PHP version. Any suggestions please? Thank you.
  9. Hi Bsmither, you mentioned force deleting a customer by other means, could you give me some more information on that? Thanks, Brian
  10. Well I think I understand that, so if I replaced the email with a different email address would that be accepted? The other problem I have is removing a customer who has placed an order sometime in the past, is there a way to remove the customer without having first to delete their past orders? Many thanks, Brian
  11. Hello, I have a issue with deleting and existing customers registered email address. Cubecart will not allow me to delete it, this is the error message: "That email is already being used, failed to update customer" it makes no difference if the customer is registered or unregistered. I am using Cubecart 6.2.9 Thank you, Brian
  12. Hello, is there a list of files that have changed from 6.2.9 to the latest 6.4.2 version? I would just like to know which files have been modified. Thank you.
  13. I am using the galaxyx skin and CC6, in the skin templates folder there is a content.recaptcha.php file, the problem is there are no instructions as to any changes needed to this file in order for it to work. I think it is probably for an earlier version of Captcha whereas I have retrieved a site and secret key for the Google invisible Captcha and do not know what changes to make to the file. Brian
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