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  1. Thank you both for the recommendations, Git does look a bit daunting, I did install it but have not had a chance to see if it is something I have time to learn. Presumably I can do the same thing with beyond compare but would need to select manually what mods I want to keep? Brian
  2. That is a really good tip! I used to do C programming many years ago and in those days I did use a file compare program which was brilliant. I had completely forgotten about the file compare. I think that is probably the best way to go, can you tell me the name of your file compare software please? Many thanks, Brian
  3. You are absolutely right, I have spent this morning listing all of the mods I have made, I do comment as I go along, the large percentage of mods are to the skin files but also some to admin. The thought of upgrading is a bit of a nightmare, I will only do that when the time comes if it is a major feature improvement or a security upgrade. once it is working I don't want to break it!! I reckon around another three or four weeks and it will be ready to go live, I can then switch the DNS from the current live site which is a ClickCartPro site but very old, I built it over 15 years ago! Thanks for all the help and suggestions, I will be back for more as I am not there yet! Brian
  4. Bsmither you are a genius! it works perfectly and now sorts exactly as I wanted by product code. Thank you so much, you can definitely mark this post as RESOLVED! Regards, Brian
  5. Have made the change you suggested, that is so much better, many thanks for that. I hope to hear from you if you manage to solve the number sort problem. I was looking at other posts online of people with a similar problem, it seems what is needed is a lexicongraphical sort. Could I have your name? Many thanks, Brian
  6. The interesting thing is that if I look at the rows in the data base the sort is perfect! phpMyAdmin can do it. Bsmither I get the drift of your thinking but I am afraid it is a bit beyond my capabilities, I can make changes to php files if I know exactly where to put it but your explanation assumes an understanding that I probably am not up to, it has to be simple for me! Brian
  7. Now working perfectly and I have learnt how to add a column in phpMyAdmin! Brian
  8. thank you for that, i did find that sort section but I think for it to work on what I have I would need to use PHP string functions to remove the letters WP, then sort the numbers and then add back the WP at the front of the string assuming it will correctly sort 01 through to 160 without thinking 100 comes after 10! Brian
  9. Thank you Ian, A good point about plugins, another skill to learn! Brian
  10. Thank you Ian, I have just checked, I have PhpMyAdmin available on the server, I have never used it before so I might buy myself a book on the subject before I start adding bits as I don't want to corrupt it, I have always regarded MySQL as a bit of a black art but I suppose it is no more difficult than PHP which I cope with ok once I find the relevant file! Thank you for your help and advice. Brian
  11. Thank you Ian, I have not worked with MySQL before, is the phpMyAdmin available from within the Cubecart admin or is it a server based editor? Many thanks, Brian
  12. Hello, I have added a new text field to products general in the admin products.index.php. It appears ok and accepts input but it does not save the contents when I click save, could that be related to the data base not being aware of the new variable? If so how would I remedy the problem please. Thank you, Brian
  13. Hello, thanks for your response. I will probably have a go at it myself, could you please tell me which of the admin php files displays the product list and responds to a sort click on a column. Many thanks, Brian
  14. Hello, is there any way to set admin products to always display in product ID order rather than having to click that column every time to set the order? On a similar note, my product ID numbers run from WP01 through to WP160, the trouble is even when I click on the product ID column to sort it will for example put in order WP01 to WP10 but then continues with WP100, I realise this is logical to the program but I wondered if there is anyway to change this, I don't really want to add an extra 0 to the low numbers so that they are all three digits wide. Any advice much appreciated. Brian
  15. Thanks for that, I had not looked at the language file before, quite useful. I tried the {debug} but no info, maybe I need to put in in a div or something? Thanks, Brian