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  1. For a product with no colour options, when this is zero stock a banner across the image appears to say "Out of Stock" and with products with various colour options, any option then showing zero, the customer gets an error warning saying

    " Sorry but the chosen product option combination is out of stock or the last of the stock is already in your basket "

    when they attempt to add that item to the basket. Hopefully everything is now working correctly.

  2. The edit as requested now looks like


    if($GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'hide_out_of_stock')=='1') {
                $search_data['inStock'] = true;
            // Presence of a join is similar to presence of a search keyword
            if (!empty($joins) || is_array($search_data)) {
                if($GLOBALS['config']->get('config', 'hide_out_of_stock')=='1') {
                    $search_data['inStock'] = true;
                if (!empty($search_data['priceVary'])) {
                    // Allow for a 5% variance in prices


    I believe this to be correct, But still the same problem.

  3. I have just used or ticked this hide out of stock feature myself to see what happens, as I have a few listings with different colours and have the odd colour option that is now out of stock and it seems to break my shop category's.

    All 7 shop categories are displayed correctly but they only link to category ID No.1 and only show ID no.1 category even when you click on category no 3, 4 or 5.

    All 7 categories link and display correctly when I untick this hide out of stock feature and I will just leave the shop like this as I usually have it 100% stocked.

    I am using CC 6.4.9


    I hope you don't mind me jumping on this thread with regards to 6.2 Installation problems. But

    I did an update via ftp from 6.1.14 to 6.2 myself this morning with standard foundation skin, had green lights all the way through setup and installation, upon logging logging in to admin with new details, though nothing seems to have changed, checked that store overview said 6.2, it did.
    Open store up to view and noticed home screen banners displayed all 4 images down the screen and not sliding effect, other error was top right basket link never worked and also on all product pages, the specification tab info was displaying information underneath product description, so the tab button not working as it should.

    Got a panic on and managed to ftp 6.1.15 on instead, everything looks back to normal as in it seems to be working ok

    Just checked upgrade logs: not sure if this was from 6.1.15 errors.

    admin_****/skins/default/templates/products.coupons.php - Content after extract don't match source
    admin_*****/skins/default/templates/main.php - Content after extract don't match source
    admin_*****/skins/default/templates/settings.geo.php - Content after extract don't match source
    admin_*****/skins/default/templates/customers.gdpr.php - Missing but expected after extract

    Couple of system errors now as well.

        Today, 13:06     [Notice] /home/*****/public_html/admin_*****/sources/settings.index.inc.php:130 - Undefined index: path
        Today, 13:06     [Notice] /home/*****/public_html/classes/ssl.class.php:38 - Undefined index: _g
        Today, 13:05     [Notice] /home/*****/public_html/admin_*****/sources/dashboard.index.inc.php:380 - Undefined variable: smarty_data
        Check/Uncheck all     With Selected:

    Will stick with 6.1.15 for now and see how things run over the next day or two.

  5. 30 minutes ago, Al Brookbanks said:

    Did you rename the admin folder and file before uploading as per the instructions? If you just uploaded the files as they are from the extracted zip file then the active files won't have been overwritten. 

    Where are these Instructions at for renaming the admin folder?

  6. I have been a user of cubecart for the last few months and have overcome a few teething problems I had at the beginning and am processing orders and am now selling with my cubecart store.
    A little annoying niggle I have with the cart is the postcode is not in capital letters (as recommended by Royal Mail)  when printing orders if the customer does not write them in capitals when ordering. As I use Integrated paper with  a pull off customer address label I though I would have a  look at the code.

    I changed the print label code in orders.print.php

    <div id="printLabel">


                  {if !empty($order.name_d) && empty($order.last_name_d)}{$order.name_d}{else}{$order.title_d} {$order.first_name_d} {$order.last_name_d}{/if}<br>

                  {if !empty($order.company_name_d)}{$order.company_name_d}<br>{/if}

                  {$order.line1_d} <br>

                  {if !empty($order.line2_d)}{$order.line2_d}<br>


                  <span style="text-transform: uppercase">{$order.postcode_d}<br>


              <div class="sender">{$LANG.address.return_address}<br>{$STORE.address}, {$STORE.county}, {$STORE.postcode} {$STORE.country}</div>


    by adding, changing to

    <span style="text-transform: uppercase">{$order.postcode_d}<br></span> to the {$order.postcode_d} <br> text.

    No idea if this is the correct way to complete this, but it seems to work okay!



  7. In the unsettled orders, when I select 4 orders to print as in

    Check box(4), Dont change order status, then, print an Invoice, Go

    The first address will print and then the next 3 address will not print on paperwork. (customer delivery address top right corner just blank)

    All four customer address are showing on the Invoice print page that appears when you press go but they do not all print.

    I am currently just printing each order Individually and marking as order complete with no problems.

    Anyone else come across this problem.

  8. 12 minutes ago, Dirty Butter said:

    Before you basically "give up", it costs $40 I think for one month's tech support from CubeCart. They should be able to go in to your files and database and fix your issues. If you roll back and stay at that level you are leaving yourself open to possible security issues from now on.

    Yep, that sounds like a plan, I have invested time and money in the past few months into this cart but never realised I had made major errors on the upgrades. I will look into tech support and see if they can sort it out. Thanks

  9. No idea how I did it, I did once reinstall a backup in Cpanel when having trouble with my admin login, I think my cart is pretty broken, I don't really wish to continue working on it if not stable or set up right. Can I rollback the cart to an earlier version that just had the simple admin login and not admin.xxxx. I have already invested in the ebay software by noodleman and using that for ebay orders with no problems.

  10. 5 minutes ago, Dirty Butter said:

    But be warned that I have NEVER seen a forum post on here with two admin named folders in the global.inc.php folder.


    Yep, that's me, I am a special type of stupid! I will bring the broken and unusual to the forum.

    I will have a look at the code line you mentioned.

  11. Yes, I have the two references in global.inc.php but pointing to different admin folders, eg admin.a1234 on the first line and admin.z0987 on the second line.

    I have done a manual install again via FTP on 6.1.8 but software said I have already updated to the latest version.

    Am I able to manually update backward, back to  6,1,7 and might wait for another update later in the year.

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