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    PayPal Issues

    PayPal 1.08 issues? I'm seeing this issue with PayPal orders not completing automatically after payment, stuck on pending. I checked the PayPal IPN transaction logs and the payment shows completion ok with a HTTP 200 response code but Cubecart does not see transaction completion (no event in transaction log) and doesn't update order to processing or complete. I upgraded to PayPal Standard 1.08 last week because of intermittent issues with PayPal orders not completing, worked ok for a while but now acting up again. Anyone else having issues with PayPal transactions? I have even tried PayPal Express module but it has issues with receiving or sending (not sure) multiple transaction requests even though the first transaction processed or verified ok with PayPal Express. Also appears the subsequent transaction requests are through PayPal_Pro gateway instead of Express. I also saw multiple requests on PayPal standard I think due to PayPal not receiving a HTTP response from CubeCart server/PayPal module.