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  1. Hi thanks for help again. Haven’t forgotten your previous message, just haven’t had chance to catch-up with the website owner yet. Regarding the above. Followed the link you sent, just kept the file and folder listed. Receive the following warning MySQLi construct hy000 1045. Access denied for user [email protected] using password yes i really just wanted to test out various plugins under v6 with the current store data. Before moving to a new host if they decide to, so I’m more comfortable once the store is live. any ideas?
  2. Hi, can anyone help with a manual upgrade from v4 to the latest v6? i have made a copy of all files from FTP server and saved to desktop. I want to do a local install first to check the site works, and see what work needs to be done if I move to a diffferent host. i copied the files for v6 into and over my current local v4 files, but it doesn’t allow an upgrade. Just a clean install? any help for a novice? thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply I’ll have a look for the above
  4. Hi can anyone help with the below? currently us8ng cc 4 and have entered a custom Seo url for each page created. But when I view the page in browser, cc adds on prod_7.html. (But the number changes depending on the product selected.) so web address becomes www.website.com/myurl/prod_7.html i found in general settings under search engine optimisation the following. use friendly urls ... yes url method apache rewrite rule (selected) apache directory lookback supported only (not selected) use ftp generated php pages (not selected) can anyone suggest what option I should use so my web address for each page would show. www.website.com/customurl thanks
  5. Hi ive asked my friend to request the FTP details so I can access the skins template. you are correct on the Google Analytics code, I had also entered it under store settings. So this is probably why it works lol As they are running such an old version of cc, would it be simple enough for me to upgrade? I did download the latest version and had a look under localhost on my Mac. Or would it be too big a jump to go from 4 to 6? I.e. the folder names, database etc paths might not matchup anymore? Should I upgrade to say 5 first? sorry for all the questions, thanks again
  6. Hi thsnks for quick reply. I’m helping a friend out, so only have access to cc admin. Do I need to request FTP details to access the skins document? If so, is this something the host will give me? I did manage to enter Google Analytics code into the homepage document, and this appears to work. Does the google console code work differently? thanks again
  7. Hi, can anyone help with google search console setup? i have used the HTML tag option, placed in homepage document, but google can’t find it? Keeps reporting back that it isn’t in the header? i have tried entering <head> to open, inserting code and closing with <\head> , but after I save and look at the document again, the head part is removed and left with the google code. any help would be appreciated. thanks (using cc 4.3.8)
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