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  1. By way of an update it appears that this is now a recognised issue with version of Chrome since v73.. Some info here Looks like Cubecart can apply the suggested fix in the product? Thanks
  2. I run two Cubecart sites. One is in production (Site1) http://www.airevalleyclassics.co.uk The other is effectively a new build but not in production due to an issue I had (KEY called 'custom_oid_2) which the 6.2.5 upgrade seems to have fixed: Site 2) This site is not online. However, since moving both sites to 6.2.5 this week some new issues have appeared: ;( O Site 2) Warning: Cache data not written (Memcached). in /home/domains/vol3/242/2035242/user/htdocs/classes/cache/memcached.class.php on line 234 Turning off memcache in the admin panel gets rid of the error but ki
  3. Carried out the upgrade to 6.2.5 and now the database issue has gone and orders are being created correctly. Looked in the db and there is no now no key called 'custom_oid_2. I can only assume that the upgrade process checks the DB integrity? However I now have some other problems which I will list in another thread. Thanks to everyone for the help/suggestions.
  4. As a follow up, I simply haven't had the time to do anything further with this.. I'd be willing to pay someone to resolve this issue for me. (Or maybe just take up a month of CC support?). Thanks
  5. I understand what you're saying, but why would that database issue occur on a site which has never been modified from stock, uses two basic plug-ins (Braintree and All in one shipping), has never had any code modifications and never had any database operations other than that Cubecart carries out.. I have to say that in my 12 months or so of running Cubecart, I have found it to be exceedingly problematic.. I have used other platforms previously and had no where near as many problems.
  6. Bsmither, Thanks, I'll try the ALTER TABLE `CubeCart_order_summary` CHANGE `custom_oid` `custom_oid` VARCHAR(50) NULL DEFAULT NULL;' fix and let you know. Just to add that I am puzzled as to how this has happened... Anyway, the custom_oid column is present in the CubeCart_order_summary table. There is no custom_oid2 column.
  7. Running v6.2.2. I built and configured the site and then tested it. All working OK. Gone live and now have the order issue.
  8. So, I've just built a new Cubecart site. When you go through the checkout process, everything works as expected and you can successfully make your payment (I'm using Braintree). However, no order is created, but the customers details are all present/created within the 'customer list'. Interrogating the customer details shows no orders. I have noticed that when this occurs there is a entry in the error log which seems to indicate that it's not writing the order details into the database: File: [order.class.php] Line: [1350] "INSERT INTO `cc_CubeCart_order_summary` (`cart_order_id....
  9. As an update, actually built a new site and migrated the content. Thanks for everyone's input.
  10. As an update, I resolved this after some time on the phone with the hosting provider. Seems they had an issue at their end which caused the spurious results. All working as expected now using SSL. Thanks for everyones input.
  11. Thanks for the input guys. I'm still preferring a move of the site content. I'l have a think about it some more.
  12. I currently have cubecart hosted and running on Domain A. Due to a re-branding excercise, I want to move the existing site to another Domain (B). This would be to avoid having to setup a new website from scratch.. My theory is I can leave the database where it is, move all the website files to the new domain and hey presto? Once moved I just have to make some changes to logos and graphics. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  13. Havenswift, Thanks for your suggestion. I'd had similar thoughts to you, as the clue is that the log says 'not logged in'. So I changed the password for the account using a simple password and confirmed it worked on my outlook client. Then I changed the password on the email config and got the same failed result. So I then used another working email account details in the email settings and that also fails in the same way. It's almost as if the email account username and password are not being passed to the mailserver. I'm stumped at this point.
  14. Bsmither I'm using 6.2.1. I have all fields correctly filled in the email config. Using a validated email account and password. Saving between any changes. The same settings for the email account I am using, work in Outlook SMTP with TLS, port 587, No auth SERVER -> CLIENT: 220 smtp.livemail.co.uk ESMTP Postfix CLIENT -> SERVER: EHLO www.airevalleyclassics.co.uk SERVER -> CLIENT: 250-smtp.livemail.co.uk250-PIPELINING250-SIZE 51200000250-VRFY250-ETRN250-STARTTLS250-AUTH PLAIN LOGIN250-AUTH=PLAIN LOGIN250-ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES250-8BITMIME250 DSN CLIENT
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