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  1. HI I've changed the phrases for desc_1 to desc_6 and name_1 to name_6 in Languages>order state/statuses. However, these changes are not seen in the 'order status' drop down when viewing a customer order under dashboard/orders - the original values remain... What have I missed? Thanks in advance.
  2. Ultim8pc

    Remove 'Add to basket' button

    bsmither Thanks - that is exactly what I was looking for. I have implemented it and it works. Cheers
  3. Ultim8pc

    Remove 'Add to basket' button

    Hi, Thanks for that reply. However, what I'm looking for is the the ability to sell some items and 'advertise' others.. (with a price and 'no add to cart' button).
  4. Hi there, I am currently setting up Cubecart for my store. The site sells motorcycles and parts. I want to be able to show the motorcycles I have for sale, but not allow someone to purchase via an 'add to basket' button (which shows if I set a stock level). Neither do I want to have an 'unavailable' button that is displayed if I set stock to zero. Ideally I'd like no button or one that says 'please contact us' and/or I can put a 'contact us' link in the product description. Anyone have a solution to this? Thanks in advance.