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  1. We are currently only using Paypal to accept payments through our online shop but am wondering if we should have another option available and if so, which one. We operate in Australia but sell worldwide. What are the best and/or most popular gateways to use that others on here have had success with. We are considering Square Payments or Stripe. Thanks.
  2. This is a screenshot of the checkout.
  3. Thanks for the replay. The only other one I have enabled is Paypal Checkout. I have just set Paypal to Priority 1 and the Bank Transfer to Priority 2 but the Bank Transfer isn't able to be de-selected. Am I misunderstanding how it works?
  4. We have looked at and tried a lot of different shopping cart solutions and decided on Cubecart due to simplicity and the fact that most of the required features are free, unlike most of the other shopping carts. We are using Noodleman V6 skin. Kurraglen Industries Farm and Livestock Equipment Plans
  5. Hi all, I have installed the bank transfer module but have a couple of questions and am using V6.2.2 1. On the checkout page, the bank transfer button is selected by default even with default not selected in the config page. Can I show this as de-selected? 2. In the config page, there is Priority. What is this for? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks mate, I will keep experimenting and let you know if and when I find a solution.
  7. Thanks bsmithers, I will do some playing around. Odd that on every other static website that I have done, that css for the footer worked. Thanks again.
  8. No it actually has a lot of white space as shown on this login page.
  9. It would be good if it didn't cover up the bottom of the page because there is the register button that a user cannot click on. It won't scroll past what I showed on the first screen shot. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the help, bsmither, I think you are correct in that the Noodleman skin is based on the Foundation skin. I did as you suggested and it does have the desired effect but the problem is that it then covers up some of the bottom of the pages. I have attached an image. Regards, Bruce
  11. Hi, I am trying to get the footer to stick to bottom of screen but after trying all of the methods that I know and some more Googling, no luck. Maybe I am too fussy but.... I am using the latest version of Cubecart with Noodleman skin. Thanks, Bruce
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