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  1. I realize that there are two French language packs and that I was using the older one, named "Français Language Pack" and which is valid up to CubeCart version 5 and hence should be considered deprecated and unpublished: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/languages/francais-language-pack The current French language pack to use is the "Pack de langue Française":https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/languages/pack-de-langue-francaise which is valid up to version 6.0.2 of CubeCart. So, I'm going to upgrade it from version 6.0.2 to the 6.2.5
  2. Just to inform other users of the French language pack (which is currently up to date for version 5.0.0 of CubeCart). I'm currently translating the new strings that were added from version 5.0.0 to the version 6.2.5.
  3. I'm new to Stripe. Can someone explain the "Capture the charge" option? After reading this page https://stripe.com/en-hk/guides/sca-payment-flows , I assume that: - Capture the charge = Yes requires instant payment - Capture the charge = No leaves 7 days to the buyer for paying, so that the can for instance recharge its debit card (prepaid Mastercard/Visa/...). I assume the easy way when selling items is setting "Capture the charge" to "Yes", even if this can make loose some potential buyers. Is my understanding correct ?
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