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  1. Angie

    You tube link

    Well it stayed off until I made another change sorting the site out, It isn't just one particular change as it is doing it whenever I change anything and I dont have to be in that area of the admin panel to have this happen. I have no idea how to stop it happening. I am on Chrome but cannot find it in there at all even in the autofill section
  2. Angie

    You tube link

    Thank you Ian. It seems to of stayed off for now so will see how it goes I have that many logins that a lot are saved but will take the site one out individually and see if that helps
  3. Angie

    You tube link

    I have Julien, least have got your name right this time lol, it stays away for so long then turns back up again will see if it does it again
  4. Thank you for this has helped me
  5. I am using the foundation template, I keep taking out my name on the youtube link in the store settings and saving and it removes this from the links at the bottom of my page, but for some reason it keeps putting it back itself, is there anyway to stop this as when it does this its not even to any part of youtube that I have.
  6. Thank you Justin, I managed to figure it out it was where to find the info for the different fields. My paypal was already set up.
  7. Hi am new here and this is the first time have used Cubecart and its many years since have set a shopping cart up, but have attached a picture where do I find the information to fill out this to set up the checkout for paypal ? Thank you Angie
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