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  1. Hi there, it seems to work for me but l'll admit l've done no live testing (l cannot use my own PayPal account as l linked the extension to that account). Have you pressed the "Clear Cache" button?
  2. I'm stuck in a houseshare with only one other person, an actual self harming lunatic, not in a cute way, just a deeply unpleasant person. Al, Nitefox, l'm in the UK too, if you have a heart, can l come and live with you for the next 12 weeks?
  3. OK i figured it out. It goes into the "Source" tab of the document editor. Thanks. Edit: It goes into the "Source" tab with NOTHING changed / substituted, then you can take it from there.
  4. Hi there, the above code is not working. All l am seeing is the code itself being displayed. Please may l have an example of its deployement e.g. how do you replace {$STORE_URL} ? I am replacing it with https://store.myexamplesite.uk/tesa31.html I'm guessing the problem isn't even with how l replace that part.
  5. Hi there, I seem to have written over the code for the slider showing a range of around 3 featured products (sliding them like a carousel). Does anybody have the code for it?
  6. 1. For the default skin (and the other free skins for that matter) you need to make it clear that there are other shipping options available, if the customer would just click on the option to activate the drop-down menu (the other free skins at least have a "down" arrow to indicate other options are available). In fact, better display all options, and have radio buttons to select which shipping option is for you. Why hide them? 2. How to calculate total shipping weight: Don't add up all the weights of multiple items. Encourage shop owners to give the UNPACKAGED weight per item and ALSO supply a calculation formula for TOTAL weight e.g.: Total shipment weight (in grammes, kg, lb, or oz) = (Unpackaged weight + [ENTER BOX WEIGHT: 55 or whatever]) * [ENTER GENERAL FACTOR: 1.12 or whatever] Example: Widget + Widget Ultra + Widget New Latest = 20 grammes + 30 grammes + 40 grammes Total shipment weight would therefore be: (90 grammes + 55 grammes) * 1.12 = 162 grammes CURRENTLY what l'm doing is: bumping up actual weights by, say, 1.16, to give packaged weight per item. Obviously l need to make the formula more complex to add the weight of a cardboard box that is irrespective of the item weight, but that's not CubeCart's problem. The problem is that at checkout, l'm just totalling already-boxed weights for the individual items and therefore giving a moderately higher estimate of total boxed weight for a multi-buy. I'll admit it isn't a major issue either way as total weight will still likely be less than 1kg for my stock, plus l rarely get multi-buys anyway. It could be a problem for others?
  7. UPDATE: Solved. It seems l was using a depreciated version and nobody told me. The version that doesn't work: PayPal Checkout The version that DOES work (just installed now): PayPal Commerce Platform The new plugin also solved the confusing display of PayPal button AND Secure Checkout button. NOW what l see is: Select Stripe OR PayPal THEN go to Secure Checkout It makes much more sense now.
  8. Hi, l think l need to grant CubeCart API permission in PayPal. Please may l ask your "Third Party Permission Username" in order to do this? I am going via PayPal > Settings > Account Settings > API Access > Update > PayPal API > Grant API permission OR Manage API permission (either way, CubeCart isn't listed there). UPDATE: It doesn't matter as l've already configured PayPal to accept payments from uncredentialled (with regard to API access) carts. So l really don't know what the issue with PayPal is.
  9. OK i've just deleted your "inventory_time" module before reading your response, and l still get the error message so yes i think it's a paypal module fault. I had actually seen a link like the one you just gave for the error message and yep it's as vague as the error message, basically saying "Something went wrong, look it up". I'm on a hosted WP account FWIW. Regarding offering a Secure *and* PayPal button that really needs to be explained to visitors. It means nothing to techies but may cause a customer's credit card to retract back into purse. Update: Stripe seems to be working. It is likely to be a PayPal module issue as you suggested.
  10. @bsmither anything to do with the Inventory Time plugin you sent me? I need to explore all avenues my friend. I disabled the plugin of course, but the issue still remains. Should l just delete it?
  11. Hi there, 2 checkout queries: 1. Until now, my only problem was that l was trying to pay using the PayPal account of the site owner (= myself). So my transaction was declined. I came back today after a long break, and got my sister to do the transaction, but now there's a new error message when l select to "Checkout with PayPal": The following errors were detected: Error: cpp-header-back-color value exceeds maximum allowable length. Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details. (Actually, white font on red background). 2. What's the difference between the "Secure Checkout" button and the "Checkout with PayPal" button? It will confuse my customers and make them think PayPal is other than a secure option.
  12. Hi there, l need an inventory dump (e.g. .csv file) that shows the actual URL of each item. There is at least one marketplace that allows you to direct people to your homepage, so l really need this to drive traffic to my CubeCart website. Please, has anybody got a way?
  13. I've seen similar threads but l don't quite understand them. Shouldn't there be a menu in control panel somewhere for customer signups, with 3 radio buttons: * Enforce Registration * Allow Registration and Ghost Accounts * Disallow Registration - Ghost Accounts ONLY (e.g. if bots flood you with signups) I don't see this anywhere in CubeCart. I've seen some arcane threads on here with a lot of jargon that confuses me. I was hoping for a simple GUI approach in control panel?
  14. Hi there, l noticed that page had gone missing some time ago too. You really need to bring that page back. Add a donate button to your site. Add a subscription service - all plugins for one tier, all plugins + tech support for a higher tier etc. The job of a vanilla proof of concept shop should be unobstructed - bring back the import spreadsheet explanation table!
  15. One more idea: the functionality (mentioned in this thread) that l had proposed to be set via the inventory upload spreadsheet (e.g. muting some carriers, soloing some, making some free, making some free and reducing all other available carriers by a percentage too) could *also* be set via a grid of carrier data within the cart itself. Call this "Shipping Profile Mode". To create a new shipping profile, you press the "Create new shipping profile button" (put this new button somewhere in the AIOS module interface). The resulting display would be: >>> For each zone, show the avilable carriers, the cost, the weight, just as CubeCart currently displays them in the All In One Shopping module. As if you have copied and pasted into a spreadsheet the display the AIOS module produces. >>> Display all zones in one page. >>> Do this every time a new shipping profile is set up. So, it's the entire AIOS module's data, all on one page, each time "Create new shipping profile" is clicked. >>> So far, nothing new except that all of the zones are on one page, and the display is definitively a grid now, not just a table. >>> Now, for each row (each row has shipping tariff, and price and weight band, as you recall - that's how the AIOS module displays the data), have further columns represented by radio buttons. Columns include: "Free","Mute", "Solo", "Empathy percent" (if nothing entered, then no empathy setting applied, if "10" input, then all other prices i.e. all other rows, in that grid are reduced by 10%, unless they also have "Free" selected) >>> Do this zone by zone, all on the same page >>> Accidentally closed window? Or navigated away? Saved without naming it? Don't worry, it will auto save as "Un-named Shipping Profile 2020 01 14 time 150343" etc. >>> To invoke this profile, name it in the CubeCart inventory upload spreadsheet. If you rename a profile, a warning comes up to tell you you must change it on any still-current inventory upload spreadsheet that you may have waiting in the eaves, too. >>> Naming a shipping profile in the inventory uploads spreadsheet overrules any other shipping settings for that specific inventory item that have already been set e.g. via module interface based on weight, or even shipping settings already within the upload spreadsheet >>> Finally, rename "spreadsheet" as "spreadhseet" as it is typically how it comes out. Seriously though, just checking you're awake There you have it, best of all worlds: Shipping calculated by weight AND Set by profile Also: Shipping data arranged in two-dimensional grid AND Data arranged serially AND Manual overrides set via inventory upload spreadsheet Sorry if that doesn't make sense. Please re-read or ask for clarification if it's unclear.
  16. Edit: eek! One more thing: We can combine a few of my previous suggestions about muting and making free some courier methods, with another idea about displaying only a named courier (= soloing that tariff) via product upload spreadsheet: have "Shipping Tariff mute/solo/free?" column, where you name a tariff for the inventory stock item that you are selling. Example: UPS Next Day, free,Royal Mail 2nd Class Tracked, free Result: will make UPS Next Day *and* Royal Mail 2nd Class Tracked tariffs free of charge for THAT inventory item. Example: UPS Next Day,solo,Hermes 48,solo Result: will show ONLY the UPS Next Day and Hermes 48 tariffs. Example: UPS Next Day,free,UPS Next Day,solo Result: will show ONLY the UPS Next Day tariff ... and it will be free of charge - for THAT inventory item. Example: Royal Mail 1st Class Standard,mute,UPS Next Day,free Result: Displays all your tariffs applicable for that 756g (boxed weight) pair of binoculars as follows: Hermes 24 @ £5 Asendia @ £16 Royal Mail 2nd Class Standard @ £5 UPS Next Day @ £6 @ £0 (FREEE!) [Royal Mail 1st Class Standard doesn't get a look in, it's been muted] Finally, maybe add an "EMPATHY" term to the syntax, so that if one named courier is made FREE, then a commensurate amount is deducted from the cost all other couriers, with the minimum price being £0. Further tweak, maybe specify a slightly lower amount to be deducted e.g. 90% of the now-free tariff. Example: Royal Mail 2nd Class Standard was £5, but now it's FREE. So, with EMPATHY, l deduct £5 from all other couriers to a minimum resulting value of £0. Alternatively, l can set EMPATHY to deduct a percentage of that £5, i.e. 90%, i.e. £4.50, from all other couriers. Example: UPS Next Day,solo,Royal Mail 2nd Class Standard,solo,free,empathy90% Result: Displays only the following, ignoring all other tariffs available for that weight: UPS Next Day @ £5 Royal Mail 2nd Class Standard @ £5 @ £0 (FREE!) BUT because l aded empathy, at 90%, it will actually display: UPS Next Day @ £6 @ £1.50 (i.e. £6 minus £4.50, i.e. £6 minus 90% of £5, the £5 being the cost of the Royal Mail 2nd Class tariff that was made free and empathied-up) Royal Mail 2nd Class Standard @ £5 @ £0 (FREE!) The good thing about adding these features to the inventory upload spreadsheet is that we now have 3 controls over Shipping: - Linear / Serial (the way a tariff is split into segments and arranged down a column in the shipping rates table) - Tabular (the cross referencing with weights and prices, and the weights don't even have to be serially arranged, no tantrum thrown by software for not arranging things serially, unlike with at least one other cart l've tried) - Personalised (the way you have new syntax so that you can add the aforementioned adjustments specific to one item's available shipping methods, via the product upload spreadsheet - it's no longer just blindly done by weight, it's weight-based AND personally tweaked to override the weight based rules if required - the new syntax enables this) All this can be done around the existing All In One Shipping plugin, no need for shop owners to re-do their data. Mic drop. [Picks up damaged mic and sheepishly replaces it on stand]
  17. Thanks Al. I know this topic is finished now but for completeness l want to add some more suggestions: - Also allow mute / solo / add countries (not just courier tariff) via the product upload spreadsheet. Multiple items separated by commas. Why countries? Well, we all want to exclude some countries universally via the Zone setup or Localisation. But for some specific items, specific countries must be excluded. Example: Cuban and Persian philatelic items are embargoes by USA. If your stamp album has any stamps from these areas, no matter how old, it will be a potential international incident to post them to a US buyer. - Display instructions alongside the shipping module - Re: marketplace being embryonic at present: Not a big deal. Extensions would typically be a quick effective way of what can be done manually anyway right? So that's okay. My main priority is proof of concept of putting existing inventory from an existing marketplace, onto a shopping cart, hence opening up a second channel, so l'd prefer to set everything up manually to begin with anyway. edit: - Also if you want to re-make the All In One Shipping module: further to existing suggestions on this thread, that "Add shipping zone" tab needs to be pushed waaaaay to one side, you won't believe how much data l've lost and had to re-input due to accidentally pressing that tab. Also maybe clarify the correct sequence for applying edits: Save *then* clear cache. I think that's it for now. Any further suggestions will over-complicate it.
  18. I feel a bit bad about slanging off CubeCart in my OP by the way. It was a backhanded compliment actually if you read carefully - it's the best cart to set up. The problem was basically solved anyway, by the All In One Shipping plugin. I had thought it was 3rd party but CubeCart are saying in this thread that it's core. So that ends that. Still, please look at my suggestions in this thread. Shipping is supremely difficult. I need to ship anything anywhere.
  19. Also need a way of, PER PRODUCT for the shipping info: - Enable shipping insurance on / off at set percentage of item price e.g. up to £20 add 5%, or up to £400 add 10% [l mean: set the rates pyramid up separately, toggle the entire rate pyramid on / off via the product upload spreadsheet, on a per item basis] - Enable Tax / VAT (inc. or surcharge) on / off - Make a named courier tariff (e.g. Royal Mail International Tracked) FREE, the implication being that all of the others will still cost the stated price. I mean, have a column on the product upload spreadsheet called "Free Tariffs:" where you copy and paste verbatim the tariff name already in your existing shipping tab, and automatically that tariff costs zero, for that product. Comma to separate tariff names if multiple tariffs. - Mute a named courier tariff (see above for how to do this). Maybe also restrict to a named courier tariff. - Maybe also, for that product, offer a price for multiple copies - some carts let you do this by formula input The only alternative is eBay's method: you base it off the type of product sold and its weight e.g. "0.5kg Jewellery UK COSTS rest of world pays" or "1kg Non Delicate FREE MYHERMES for UK", and thus your prices will reflect insurance levels and whether one or more of the couriers costs for the local buyer in the UK - as per the rubric of your makeshift postage scheme. The downside there is that you end up with about 70 schemes instead of about 8 (to cover minute variations e.g. expensive that needs insurance, non delicate that doesn't need extra insurance, free for the UK, free for the world, not free for the UK, etc. etc.) that need annual updating or futureproofing at expense of buyers. Check my suggestions out and if you can implement them but just won't, then you are saying no to money and no to potential cart users. We will recognise how important these tweaks are, even if some ppl think they can tell us we don't need them and we are, perhaps, just selling the wrong product, we must sell the right product to keep the cart happy etc etc With my suggestions above, no need to translate eBay postage schemes into a grid, then retroactively figure out base prices, prices with insurance etc. etc. Instead, the resulting rates grid will be the source of all derivative postage schemes, from Carts to Marketplaces. Finally, if it can thus be reduced to one rates table, then of course it can be uploaded. At last, an uploadable postage policy. I don't think many ppl appreciate what an immense pain point this is to sellers of miscellanea that need myriad postage schemes. As long as we know the basic figures, e.g. from a rates table, we can spin off bespoke postage schemes e.g. with / without insrance, for delicate / non delicate. free for this courier, but not for THAT one because l have to travel to drop off location for that one etc. etc. As long as we can keep a tight grip on the basic figures we can take our pricing to the bone. Maybe it wasn't important 15 years ago but now, people compare prices. We want to be confident in our final total price, we don't want to be subsidising postage, we want to be keeping it slim, competitive, so that we know we are offering the cheapest price we can actually afford to offer. Or at least we know where that cheapest price is should we need to lower ourselves. And we can translate that price grid into other carts and marketplaces as l say. Also rates table layouts will finally have uniformity (because we finally nailed down all the data columns needed) so we can one day transfer postage rates between different cart manufacturers. At the moment i'm in immense difficulty. Never known anything quite like this pain in about 20 years! It's like a multidimensional Rubik's Cube. So now you see why the native shipping modules are such an affront. All in One, however, almost does it all in one. Good job Mz. Winterflood!
  20. I can only dream of 10-30 orders a day. But if l did get that many, Parcel2Go would be a necessity for me. Unless the things you are selling have uniformity - just pick one, any one, pop it in jiffy bag, add sticky postage label, job done. With me, it's different, 15 mins just to pick and pack the order. I do accounts manually too - l input into a speadsheet accounting system l made myself. Coming to think of it, l don't know why l don't just use my PayPal's ready made accounts. Anything done outside PayPal l could just relegate to manually inputting into spreadsheet, but there'd be hardly anything outside of PayPal. Anyway, accounting at my level isn't a bother, l don't have high volume sales. As for the Parcel2Go add-on needing development, l'm sure it's already partly done hence it's in the repository. It just needs updating l think. I'm not sure whom the task falls to, l suspect it needs Parcel2Go's participation because they told me via live chat that THEY don't support CubeCart anymore. Gosh just give them a £100 note and tell them to support it again. Only 2 ppl on it? Okay but the theme of this entire thread is, there's no point in even having the cart if you leave out the shipping considerations! And l'm sorry but l'm not going to use UPS to post a 495g parcel to Isle of Skye. The available extensions won't be a complete solution and thus l'll need multiple extensions and still need a direct manual patch (= a rate table of my own devising). Nah, an aggregator like Parcel2Go is an ideal fallback solution, or even a sole solution. Also, it solves the MAIN issue: newbie wants eBay inventory transferred and up in the interwebs quickly and smoothly. The devs may lose sight of this need. Still love CubeCart, but oh man, if you could just [insert demand] you'd be THE BEST.
  21. Finally, you really need a Parcel2Go extension. Let me just nail your reply: "That's just YOU. Most of us don't POST THINGS. We are REAL men. We just LOOK at things. Maybe use HORSE and CART. You are an IDIOT." OK you're right. But in some instances l did find Parcel2Go helpful. Other carts offer it too. Your repo even officially offers it. Just saying.
  22. Why is there no way to just delete a skin in admin, i don't get it.
  23. Dude. How about a compromise. I'm not a complete ass, and neither are you. OK? So if l'm making a point about something, please try to consider that l've tried to work around it and it either hasn't worked or the workaround has worked but that only highlights that there's a stumbling block out there. Likewise l've conceded (even in the OP, by saying CubeCart is quite well wrought) that you guys (meaning the CC team) aren't completely daft. And you've left shipping as an afterthought because you're too cool for that
  24. Hi there, l've searched high and low for an answer. There's even a thread somewhere that asks the exact question l'm asking ... but strangely, the OP of that thread doesn't actually ask the question and the answers don't answer that question. Seems a bit of an obvious question: How do l delete a skin? I would have expected the function to delete it or upgrade it wouldbe in the Manage Extensions section, where the skins themselves are listed.
  25. Hi there, Setting up continents was painstaking, truly. Also, as you say, it's open to debate, with Turkey and Russia sometimes being in Europe for example. Yep, even Vladivostok, right on top of Japan. Then there's the islands in the middle of nowhere. BUT at least they could have a stock version of continents that you can then make minor changes to. They should also allow you to copy and paste continents and plans. PAID EXTENSIONS: Yes there are some paid shipping ones. For some reason l was thinking of the costly Royal Mail extension, but it turns out CubeCart doesn't even offer that. Also, with another cart it's free but another prices it highly. But evenso, regardless the extension, it'll never be the last word, you'd need other options etc. The mind boggles. That's the reason l would want a highly configurable manual solution because any niggles can be ironed out manually just as l want them. I want to explain something. I am coming from eBay and so l have a way of doing postage plans that is much the way the brain organises itself (l think): along streets dotted with info. The street is the policy name that pertains to a quality not a quantity - l mean: jewellery, not 100g. This has caused me a huge amount of confusion and distress. I am not joking, l literally went crazy about 10 days ago, as a culmination of about 3 months of stress. Something happened with another cart's WYSIYG editor, and it was the closest l had come to a total nervous breakdown in a long time. The pea under the mattress was the whole postage things, the way carts do them is different and it even differs cart to cart. The mattress itself would be the entire concept of carts versus ready-made online marketplaces. Plus l was trying to set up multiple carts. So l'm ashamed to say l pretty much near lost it. I don't really get my anger in the OP either, tbh. Feel bad about it now. The fact is, l'm making this work, l'm happy with All in One Shipping more or less. I'm glad that you have explained it's maintained and developed by CubeCart, l hope you point this out in marketplace because the author's name seems like a pseudonym hence worrying. That means a lot to me that you explained it though. Personally, l don't mind the small extension marketplace. Let me give another insight: I'm just a small business, and all l want is to prove sales. Regardless how others are doing, they aren't selling the same thing plus they aren't me. So for me, it all comes down to this: Getting my existing inventory bulk uploaded quick quick - with sane postage rates. The bells and whistles can come later once sales are proven. Regarding getting you guys money, here are some ideas: - A subscription plan for "all of our extensions" - pay monthly, minimum block: 1 month - Donation button ? - Affiliate developer links if a person can't be bothered in the end and just wants someone to do it for them? Explan what special treats the developers can offer e.g. automated marketing and order line updates for customers, comprehensively backing your site for you, malware detection etc. - Show people how to upload a spreadsheet for anything i.e. make all available column headings clear, and give an example e.g. the all elusive shipping spreadsheet (yes it's too complex but the cart recognises it at the end of the day so it does end up getting databased somehow, therefore it can be uploaded somehow, so show us the column headings for that). - And so on etc. etc. etc. Really though, l like what you're doing. I've still not opened my shop but the structurally, as a cart admin, l really like CubeCart. It's obviously made by people that use their own software. That was my entire point really. The shipping or lack of it, put EVERYTHING into a death spiral for me. The other native shipping add-ons were less than useful, they were, frankly, an insult. All the more harsh because l'd come so far only to fall at the last hurdle: Shipping. And what a fall: to be met with shipping plugins that made a mockery of everything l had done. Well, l've finally gotten my teeth into All In One, and pasted the values into a spreadsheet (another nifty aspect of CubeCart, you can copy and paste the finished array of rates from All In One Shipping plugin into .txt file, then copy and paste that direct into a spreadsheet). I like this new format. It's easy to update it now. All In One Shipping retains some of the linearity that the brain uses: i break one tariff (e.g. Royal Mail International Tracked) into a series of segments for each weight band, and l can also then arrange multiple tariffs in one serial column. It also has the easily cross-referenced tabular aspect: find weight band, reference price. Go one level up, see array of geographical zones. This joint tabular and linear aspect allows you to quickly flit around checking rates when you are contructing or updating your rates, drawing upon multiple couriers. Hope that makes sense.
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