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  1. hi there i can't recall much about this thread but i think i was thinking about the "All In One Shipping" tool, using weight categories as a vehicle for your different deals, e.g. classifying one club as a weight band, and for that weight band, you offer the deal suitable for that club.
  2. Hi there, it seems to work for me but l'll admit l've done no live testing (l cannot use my own PayPal account as l linked the extension to that account). Have you pressed the "Clear Cache" button?
  3. I'm stuck in a houseshare with only one other person, an actual self harming lunatic, not in a cute way, just a deeply unpleasant person. Al, Nitefox, l'm in the UK too, if you have a heart, can l come and live with you for the next 12 weeks?
  4. OK i figured it out. It goes into the "Source" tab of the document editor. Thanks. Edit: It goes into the "Source" tab with NOTHING changed / substituted, then you can take it from there.
  5. Hi there, the above code is not working. All l am seeing is the code itself being displayed. Please may l have an example of its deployement e.g. how do you replace {$STORE_URL} ? I am replacing it with https://store.myexamplesite.uk/tesa31.html I'm guessing the problem isn't even with how l replace that part.
  6. Hi there, I seem to have written over the code for the slider showing a range of around 3 featured products (sliding them like a carousel). Does anybody have the code for it?
  7. 1. For the default skin (and the other free skins for that matter) you need to make it clear that there are other shipping options available, if the customer would just click on the option to activate the drop-down menu (the other free skins at least have a "down" arrow to indicate other options are available). In fact, better display all options, and have radio buttons to select which shipping option is for you. Why hide them? 2. How to calculate total shipping weight: Don't add up all the weights of multiple items. Encourage shop owners to give the UNPACKAGED weight per item
  8. UPDATE: Solved. It seems l was using a depreciated version and nobody told me. The version that doesn't work: PayPal Checkout The version that DOES work (just installed now): PayPal Commerce Platform The new plugin also solved the confusing display of PayPal button AND Secure Checkout button. NOW what l see is: Select Stripe OR PayPal THEN go to Secure Checkout It makes much more sense now.
  9. Hi, l think l need to grant CubeCart API permission in PayPal. Please may l ask your "Third Party Permission Username" in order to do this? I am going via PayPal > Settings > Account Settings > API Access > Update > PayPal API > Grant API permission OR Manage API permission (either way, CubeCart isn't listed there). UPDATE: It doesn't matter as l've already configured PayPal to accept payments from uncredentialled (with regard to API access) carts. So l really don't know what the issue with PayPal is.
  10. OK i've just deleted your "inventory_time" module before reading your response, and l still get the error message so yes i think it's a paypal module fault. I had actually seen a link like the one you just gave for the error message and yep it's as vague as the error message, basically saying "Something went wrong, look it up". I'm on a hosted WP account FWIW. Regarding offering a Secure *and* PayPal button that really needs to be explained to visitors. It means nothing to techies but may cause a customer's credit card to retract back into purse.
  11. @bsmither anything to do with the Inventory Time plugin you sent me? I need to explore all avenues my friend. I disabled the plugin of course, but the issue still remains. Should l just delete it?
  12. Hi there, 2 checkout queries: 1. Until now, my only problem was that l was trying to pay using the PayPal account of the site owner (= myself). So my transaction was declined. I came back today after a long break, and got my sister to do the transaction, but now there's a new error message when l select to "Checkout with PayPal": The following errors were detected: Error: cpp-header-back-color value exceeds maximum allowable length. Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details. (Actually, white font on red ba
  13. Hi there, l need an inventory dump (e.g. .csv file) that shows the actual URL of each item. There is at least one marketplace that allows you to direct people to your homepage, so l really need this to drive traffic to my CubeCart website. Please, has anybody got a way?
  14. I've seen similar threads but l don't quite understand them. Shouldn't there be a menu in control panel somewhere for customer signups, with 3 radio buttons: * Enforce Registration * Allow Registration and Ghost Accounts * Disallow Registration - Ghost Accounts ONLY (e.g. if bots flood you with signups) I don't see this anywhere in CubeCart. I've seen some arcane threads on here with a lot of jargon that confuses me. I was hoping for a simple GUI approach in control panel?
  15. Hi there, l noticed that page had gone missing some time ago too. You really need to bring that page back. Add a donate button to your site. Add a subscription service - all plugins for one tier, all plugins + tech support for a higher tier etc. The job of a vanilla proof of concept shop should be unobstructed - bring back the import spreadsheet explanation table!
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