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  1. OK l've gone walkabouts and looked at other carts. Coming back to CubeCart l have to say it's hands down got the best usability for the shop owner. Kudos! But the shipping? I created many posts about it, none were answered. The By Weight shipping modules allows you to set a weight range. Or something. But what about other weight ranges? And you're not allowed to just name a tariff? The other modules are worse. Plus there's no concept of continents or wide geographical regions consisting of many countries. You literally have to include countries individually. The one thing that could possibly save the day is postage aggregator integration e.g. Parcel2Go, which is in fact listed. But they don't actually support CubeCart. It was just somebody fantasising that they do support CubeCart. And zero replies to my urgent requests for help about shipping. You can make a cart, but do less than nothing - yes, less than nothing - about the shipping? And leave it for people to realise this further down the line? I get that you need to make money from plugins / extensions. So we should by a Royal Mail extension and a handful of others too. But this is bad because 1. We can't afford them all up front 2. We'd deffo need multiple extensions 3. WE NEED PROVEN SALES FIRST BEFORE WE CAN PUT MONEY DOWN. BUSINESSPEOPLE ARE C*A*U*T*I*O*U*S. If we had a successful store, we'd embellish it in our own time. What you're doing is forcing people into a stay or go situation. The All In One shipping module pretty much solves the problem but even so it is 3rd party and doesn't have pre-set continents. Verdict: Space Odyssey Monolith covered in monkey ####. You need to hand over the entire cart to the creator of the All in One Shipping plugin because that has saved your entire cart. Gosh even hand over your business suit and stationery. You owe everything to that person. Yes i'll get banned for this but l am sacrificing myself for the good of the many punters. Hopefully somebody will act. My suggestions: 1. Make All in One a native extension, we don't like 3rd party for basic setup 2. If you really can't survive without paid shipping extensions (sure, you gotta make money somehow, and a paid cart won't appear on Softaculous etc.), then how about: a subscription shipping plugin???? That way business people can PROVE SALES WITHOUT HEAVY UPFRONT OUTRIGHT PURCHASES. 3. It's not hard to think of other ways to ameliorate this. It IS hard to think how you could care so little about shipping.
  2. OK upon re-reading my posts, they seem very confused. Let me rehash what l'm trying to say. First let me explain: it seems all shopping carts are copying each other and oversimplifying shipping (by letting the owner create weight-indexed policies, which the cart then calls up at checkout, based on total weight). Sure that sounds good but it's not. What if you sell anything and everything? What if you don't mind customers just buying one thing at a time, and even anticipate that? What if you want to offer a spread of courier options that you've learnt give really good value for money, including Asendia super economy 3+ days, UPS express 24, Royal Mail special delivery 1pm, plus obscure stuff like delivery via dolphins only for Bahamas or even hiring your best friend to deliver at a rate of £0.60 / km both ways based on, say, RAC routeplanner? All these options are good for 10kg, 50kg, but for a £2000 diamond solitaire ring that weighs 0.1kg you only want to send by Royail Mail Special Delivery 1pm (UK only). For 5kg there's no point offering own courier delivery at £0.60 / km both ways for an empty flight case. This is what l suggest: Make it about the item. No, not its weight. The item itself, its qualitative aspect, its weight, its dimensions, all rolled up together. Is it a ring? Is it one tiny grub screw? Is it a giant roll of bubble wrap? Is it an empty flightcase? Is it a flightcase containing a delicate 8-track recorder? So, the solution: Add a shop inventory field called "Shipping Policy Name / Code". Just like item category, you can designate via using exact name of the auto-generated code (01, 02, 03, 04). THEN, separately, you create a load of shipping policies that are good for a few years yet. Example columns: Number: auto generated, based on order of being added to your control panel, e.g. "04" Nickname: this is the Shipping Policy Name. Name it how you wish but ideally it would tell you what it represents e.g. "0.5kg NONDELICATE hence Economy FREEPOST UK inc. £25 insurance (costs you £2.90 all inc)" Description: "Max size 35cm x 25cm x 16cm" <-- this is just for your eyes only Processing Time: 1 Business Day <--- VISIBLE TO CUSTOMER AT CHECKOUT Order Cut-Off Time: 08:00hrs National Tariff #1: "Hermes Economy (2-3 Business Days)" <--- VISIBLE TO CUSTOMER AT CHECKOUT Cost: £0.00 <--- VISIBLE TO CUSTOMER AT CHECKOUT Additional Items: £1.50 National Tariff #2: "UPS 24 (1 Business Day)" <--- VISIBLE TO CUSTOMER AT CHECKOUT Cost: £5.25 <--- VISIBLE TO CUSTOMER AT CHECKOUT Additional Items: £1.85 WorldWide Tariff #1: "Royal Mail International Tracked (7-14 Business Days)" <--- VISIBLE TO CUSTOMER AT CHECKOUT Countries: Norway, Russian Federation <--- CUBECART MUST MATCH POLICY ID WITH THIS FIELD IF LOCATION IS NOT UK, & THEREBY GIVE READOUT OF VISIBLE INFO Regions: European Union, Asia, Oceania <--- CUBECART MUST MATCH POLICY ID WITH THIS FIELD IF LOCATION IS NOT UK, & THEREBY GIVE READOUT OF VISIBLE INFO Cost: £14.50 <--- VISIBLE TO CUSTOMER AT CHECKOUT Additional Items: £6 Outlying Regions: Sicily <--- CUBECART MUST MATCH POLICY ID WITH THIS FIELD IF LOCATION IS NOT UK, & THEREBY GIVE READOUT OF VISIBLE INFO Surcharge for Outlying Regions: £4 <--- VISIBLE TO CUSTOMER AT CHECKOUT Outlying Regions: Balearic Islands <--- CUBECART MUST MATCH POLICY ID WITH THIS FIELD IF LOCATION IS NOT UK, & THEREBY GIVE READOUT OF VISIBLE INFO Surcharge for Outlying Regions: £6 <--- VISIBLE TO CUSTOMER AT CHECKOUT WorldWide Tariff #2: "Royal Mail International Tracked (10-21 Business Days)" <--- VISIBLE TO CUSTOMER AT CHECKOUT Countries: Regions: North & South America <--- CUBECART MUST MATCH POLICY ID WITH THIS FIELD IF LOCATION IS NOT UK, & THEREBY GIVE READOUT OF VISIBLE INFO Cost: £12 <--- VISIBLE TO CUSTOMER AT CHECKOUT Additional Items: £4.85 Outlying Regions: Puerot Rico, Alaska, Hawaii <--- CUBECART MUST MATCH POLICY ID WITH THIS FIELD IF LOCATION IS NOT UK, & THEREBY GIVE READOUT OF VISIBLE INFO Surcharge for Outlying Regions: £4 <--- VISIBLE TO CUSTOMER AT CHECKOUT Outlying Regions: Easter Island <--- CUBECART MUST MATCH POLICY ID WITH THIS FIELD IF LOCATION IS NOT UK, & THEREBY GIVE READOUT OF VISIBLE INFO Surcharge for Outlying Regions: £8 <--- VISIBLE TO CUSTOMER AT CHECKOUT Excluded Locations: Countries: Regions: Antarctica <--- CUBECART MUST MATCH POLICY ID WITH THIS FIELD IF LOCATION IS NOT UK, & THEREBY GIVE READOUT OF VISIBLE INFO ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anything missing from this system can be amended by putting the order on hold, and clarifying with the customer. If necessary, amending the specific policy in question, or duplicating the nearest policy and finetuning the duplicate to the specific situation. Then you get the Policy Number, and replace the old one for that advert, with this new Policy Number, et voila the new revised ad hoc policy kicks in. Refund customer, politely ask them to repurchase under new policy. Imagine doing all this based on "0.5kg"? In the name of simplicity, we're really limiting ourselves and making life harder in the long term, for our business, our customers. Better to start off with about 10 policies, expand the list of policies as you add new stock, before the new stock has even gone live you can just anticipate slight deviations from existing policies e.g. a new policy to deal with Jewellery that might just weigh 100g but can be worth £2000, so you copy your 100g policy and delete all values, amend visible descriptions to explain to the customer you're adding a heap of insurance to the cost, etc. etc. No need to be locked down to one courier either, you can shop around, you can go pricier if you think you just need a higher tier of service etc. etc. you're free at last. And as l keep saying: it is actually simpler this way, if you sell a lot of different stuff. This can be done fairly easily in a spreadsheet, so can it really be very hard to translate the entire method to PHP code? I need this so badly. No carts seem to offer it, only eBay. Oh and l forgot, you can also add an overarching multi-item rule assembled via drop-down menu: Quantity / price / weight of total items in basket over X value --> get Y percent or absolute amount off of entire basket / cheapest item.
  3. Dear CubeCart owners: If you want to create a true all-in-one ready-made national & global multi-courier extension, based on my well-wrought spreadsheet of courier data, let me know. We could overlay the type of GUI mentioned in my OP. We could use my spreadsheet as an upload template too, if the customer just doesn't like the given "managed" prices and would prefer to enter their own prices. It should make things VERY easy. Seriously l'd pay £20 for the ability to do this. Otherwise I feel like l'm being forced to offer UPS or FedEx via their own managed extensions, which absolutely willl make my shop more expensive than many online marketplaces for my stock, and thus defeat my shop's raison d'etre plus bring me back to locked-in syndrome. As for FedEx .. l feel insane just viewing their quick quote page. They refuse to tell me the cost of sending a 2kg parcel from UK to UK via their quick quote tool. They absolutely refuse. I then get channelled into downloading a rates PDF and am told about zone K in Andorra and being good for business and get there by AM and whatnot. I'm not even convinced they deal in post. Too scared to see what UPS's own website will do to me. I'm a simple Hermes and Royal Mail kind of guy, and l sometimes do use UPS and others but only the sane / sanitised versions of their tariffs a la aggregators like Parcel2Go. It shouldn't be like this. It's better if l set the prices as catch-all figures that give me flexibility whilst having a spectrum of specific courier deals in mind. Postage is one of a shopping cart's basic premises and it looks like l'm forced to abandon the entire project.
  4. Hi there, regarding the "All in one shipping" extension, aka AIOS: - I am unable to comment on it on the extension forum, l get an error - It's just plain horrible. I cannot add continents or recognised wider regions (e.g. Europe, European Union - the European Union is a column heading for the "Countries / Zones" section of the admin control panel). - I have many different weight categories --> divided into many different courier options --> divided into different countries and continents / wider regions. Some of the geographic destinations are simpler put as continents or European Union or "an outlying regions" affixed to a country. AIOS doesn't recognise any of these 3 things. Must l select every nation in Asia individually? Must l treat the Azores the same as Portugal even thought there's a huge price difference? - I want the customer to see only the courier options for their geographical location. I will hand select the applicable courier(s) for the applicable weight. Then leave it for the customer to choose, if there is a choice of multiple couriers. Think of how courier tariffs are done on eBay. Here's how it should be done. Example row on my postage spreadsheet: POLICY NICKNAME SUMMARISING THE WEIGHTS & TARIFFS & EXCLUSIONS-- UK Option 1 inc Additional Items Price Increment (Outlying Regions Surcharge?) -- UK Option 2 inc Additional Items Price Increment (Outlying Regions Surcharge?) -- UK Option 3 (Outlying Regions Surcharge?) Then continuing along the policy: -- Global Option 1 inc Additional Items Price Increment - Countries Covered - Continents / Wider Region Covered (can leave this blank and just give countries, or leave countries blank and just give continents / wider region e.g. EU, or even fill in both a few countries plus maybe a continent or EU) -- Global Option 2 inc Additional Items Price Increment - Countries Covered - Continents / Wider Region Covered (can leave this blank and just give countries, or leave countries blank and just give continents / wider region e.g. EU, or even fill in both a few countries plus maybe a continent or EU) and so on. - Then a little caveat showing the nations l don't wish to cover at all for this policy The entire policy will be based on weight. I will manually input all policies into the admin control panel (preferably via spreadsheet upload) then select the relevant policy for each shop item going by my estimation of the item's weight (should be mentioned somewhere in the policy nickname). [This would require updating CubeCart l think, to allow shopping policy name or number to be part of each item record during upload / to be affixed per item ad hoc, plus CubeCart will have to learn what all the different continents, best known outlying regions, and the European Union are, and allow people to duplicate / copy and paste tariff data to make a spectrum of minute variations] I want the software to then focus on the geographical region the customer is in. And from that, show the courier options l have made available. THAT is the only thing the customer will see. Maybe also add - via pulldown menus - an overarching multiple mixed purchase deal system e.g. quantity / price / weight of items over X --> get Y percent or absolute amount off. It does not get simpler. AIOS is very strange, and l'm hoping l misjudged that it wants me to select countries one by one e.g. for an Asia policy regarding a 450g 21 x 16 x 11cm parcel? It won't even let me duplicate a policy so Asia on an express tariff = re-select every country, and bump the prices up from economy tariff. LOL!
  5. Please may l make the following suggestions: - We need a postage policy template as a spreadsheet - We need to be able to upload the completed template direct to the cart via cart admin control panel, in the same way as bulk inventory is loaded (my postage policy spreadsheet has 66 rows and 72 columns). - We need to be able to upload categories in the same way (l have over 100 categories). This would be good (more like, essential) for: - Transferring existing online marketplace inventory - Setting up multiple carts from different cart vendors (please don't try to lock-in, it's depressing, we already had enough of that from our existing online marketplaces that we're trying to break away from!) I don't want to mess around with PHPMyAdmin by the way - but will if l must. Would be nice to get the lowdown on that. Really though, guess what ... l want to buy, list, sell, post.
  6. Nice but the colour scheme is a bit clashy. The green should be dark, and preferably blue or black or something, but whatever it is, it needs to be darker, especially seeing as it has lots of bright logos in the foreground. The idyllic scene photo needs to be higher resolution too, and perhaps more relevant e.g. show somebody cycling on the bridge. Also the turquoise background needs to be darker and preferably a dark blue or black. Also the font needs to be larger so that people can actually read the iems in the side menus and their pricing. Just saying! All the best though, seriously. Oh and in fact, make the idyllic scene way way way smaller, and vertically narrower, so that it's more like a banner, because otherwise, people will not see a bike on the first screenload, you know?
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  8. Nice, looks very tidy. If l may be so bold: l don't like the PayPal (or any) popup, may as well be part of the actual page rather than a popup but apart from that it's really cool!
  9. Hi there, I have in mind the "All in one shipping" extension but l didn't want to post under that extension in the extensions forum, because the extension itself and queries about it, are multi-faceted and so it would be hard for people to get the relevant info. Feel free to merge with the extension thread though, if you really feel it's better over there than an independent thread. SO anyway: - Can l store my shipping rates as an excel file, and hence upload the rates via admin control panel, so that they would appear in my (for example) the "All in one shipping" extension? - If so, is there a template spreadsheet l can work with? - If not then why not?! :) By the way, when l download an extension, do l only download the topmost zip folder, or am l meant to download the entire array? I thought the entire array were the releases for that version, as opposed to constituting an entire version.
  10. Thanks buddy, l think l will go with that. The pricing can't go wrong if l set them all manually, and hopefully the rate table l construct will be transferrable so that l can set up a zillion other carts. Shipping is one of the major headaches to overcome so a transferrable spreadsheet rate table would be ace.
  11. Hi there Al, l spoke with P2G and they say the don't support CubeCart any longer. For shame. Maybe you could pull a few strings and get them back onboard. I think it's best if l just manually input all my rates and update every 3 years. I shall now set about constructing a rate table. It'll certainly be more flexible than letting another company call the shots even if it's an aggregator. Just a lot of hard work that's all! But l've decided, once l have the rates in a spreadsheet, they might be transferrable. I shall now see if l can set them up via spreadsheet, to the "All in one shipping" extension instead.
  12. Any suggestions for a shipping option that you can personally vouch for? I'm looking for one that: - Works - Works - Charges reasonable rates for the end user - Prevents the end user from booking collections from my address (l'm not there 9am to 5pm, and the chances are the courier will arrive at 9:15am, l have enough trouble organising stuff when l myself book a collection from my premises, it'll be a nightmare if l let others book collections) - Works
  13. Provisionally: It would appear that Parcel2Go do not support CubeCart. Quite sad really. I shall try to ask Parcel2Go more about it in the daytime. Clearly they did once support it.
  14. Hi there, does anybody know how to make this work? It asks for an API key, how do l get the API key? Is the absence of an API key preventing the Parcel2Go shipping options from displaying? Currently l have nothing by way of shopping carts.
  15. Full disclosure: I haven't yet deployed my cart with shipping options or anything, just managed to get the inventory up that's all. Idea: secretly categorise different clubs as different parcel sizes? For each parcel size class, you can put in the actual weight of the item, and base your shipping costs on the weight alone. Just putting that out there ...
  16. >>>> Ok thanks. I have solved it your way. When exporting to CSV, l have now selected: "Quote all text cells" and that has done the trick. >>>> That has also solved the "curious bug" mentioned in my previous post in red font. >>>> As for the "Condition" labels not appearing, please let it be known that the instructional table here: https://support.cubecart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/32/41/how-do-i-use-the-bulk-product-import-tool gives the example condition "New" with a capital N. Surprised nobody's caught that. I guess you have a huge untapped market there, for people that deal with bulk uploads i.e. people mirroring their eBay inventory? Because nobody has picked up on this flaw with bulk uploading via spreadsheeet and the example showing a capital N for New.
  17. Weird, l checked and it wasn't visible. When l go here: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions It seems only the displayed extensions are the ones available. I see all the options now, thanks!!!!!!
  18. Hello, unsure about "admin, Store Settings, Features tab, Sales Mode and Global Percentage Discount. " EDIT: You mean this to be a path. OK l checked, and Sales Mode was "Per product", Global percentage discount blank, number of sale items to display: 10. It makes not a whit of difference that l do the following: Let me explain: I downloaded the sample inventory. From that, l created an inventory upload template, based on a few hints here and there to fill in the blank columns. One of the fields was "Sale Price" which is not the same as "Price". Sale Price, you may recall, refers to the promo price. I left that blank, unfilled. CubeCart said "Oh hello, this means you want to give it all away for free!" Had l entered £0.00 in that column, CubeCart could legit say that, otherwise it had no right to assume. I've had to reupload everything (not too hard actually, somehow there must have been "memory" of my previous inventory). This time, l completely omitted the "Sale Price" column, just to be sure, though maybe if l included it, l could have just left it on "Ignore" when matching it up to the options on the pulldown menu in control panel. However, l still saw on intermittent "Sale" lists on the shop storefront, that all of my items were discounted to £0.00. I reuploaded the entire inventory, including the "Sale Price" column, but l selected to ignore it via the control panel pulldown menu. Still same problem. On intermittent "Sale" lists on the shop storefront, some - presumably all - of my items were discounted to £0.00. Moreover, there's no way to access the "Sale" and "Featured" and "Newly Listed" lists via the default shop template. I have now set the Sales Mode to "Disabled". Maybe it was remembering my very very very first upload, where l had a blank Sale Price column? And subsequent reuploads (having deleted entire inventory) did not un-forget that? I believe this has solved the problem. Curious bug: Meta Description column: if there's a semicolon in this column, the row in question gets shifted to the right thereafter, because whatever is after that semicolon goes into the next column along on that row. Another problem: Condition labels aren't displaying. I have most items set to "Used" but in the "Specification" window, the condition field is blank. Please can you help?
  19. Will it ever be possible to: - Tie in to an existing courier aggregator site e.g. Parcel2Go, at checkout? - So, the customer gets an applet representing a miniaturised version of the smorgasboard of couriers that Parcel2Go offers? - That way, customer chooses their own courier and tariff (unless YOU have said no to some couriers because they are physically nowhere near you for you to drop a parcel off with them, for example) - And of course YOU get to add a premium for the labour and packaging materials - Good thing is: full transparency with costs, and instant global reach without wondering if the grass is greener on the other side, because you're now no longer tied to one courier, you have many couriers to offer your customer - Note: l haven't yet set up my payments and couriers so maybe this is an irrelevant topic
  20. Okay l bulk uploaded inventory. Left Sale Price blank. Why is CubeCart inferring this to mean l wish to offer 100% off? How do l change this from my control panel, or do l have to re-upload the inventory?
  21. Ok can l get away with leaving the Tax Class field blank? Also may l ask what the Tax Class ID for full rate of tax is?
  22. I really like it, it gets to the point. It's fast, light, l feel in control of my wallet, l don't feel like l'm being rushed or mind-tricked. This is the type of store l aim to build too.
  23. OK aside from that self contradiction, let me explain: - I was asking, not telling. - So, l wasn't telling that "this is my privacy policy, it's so cool isn't it" etc. etc. and then the response is "oh no it's not! That's not cool man" - I was asking: anybody got a privacy policy amenable to the situation described. Whether you like that situation or not. - I was asking: anybody got a privacy policy amenable to the situation described. Y'all try this: $Q1=Question $A1=Answer =IF(AND(ISTEXT($Q1,$A1),"Exact Response Goes Here",)) Imagine if Excel started giving you jip? Good point about needing to be clued up on one's own privacy policy though, because one could get caught out by not reading one's own small print. So thanks for that, seriously.
  24. See the notes column for "Tax Class" row at https://support.cubecart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/32/41/how-do-i-use-the-bulk-product-import-tool Example given: tax_type Tax Class Number Tax Class ID 2 No explanation as to what "2" means. Coming to think of it, the first row, "Status", is unexplained too. Just left at "1" by way of example. I'm guessing that means "online" or "live" or "visible" or "available", "0" being the opposite of all these synonyms. To rephrase my question: Tax Class ID is a number to be entered in the "Tax Class" column at the above link. What are the numbers? Who assigns / assigned the numbers? How?
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