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  1. Hi there, according to my notes, the original template upload spreadsheet that used to be available, allowed you to specify spatial dimension units. I too am unsure why it'd be needed except that some sophisticated shipping modules may use that info to give very precise shipping costs (taking into account volume and weight, i.e. volumetric weight). By the way l just saw your solution for forcing weight to be g rather than kg i.e. post #4 at https://forums.cubecart.com/topic/56313-need-help-on-how-to-change-the-default-product-weight/
  2. # There needs to be a way of assigning a product option group (created via control panel > Inventory > Product Options) to each product in the product upload spreadsheet, thus making the inventory csv more transferrable between marketplaces / shopping carts.
  3. By the way, l don't know why there were no explanatory notes for these 4 column headings in the product upload spreasdheet notes at https://support.cubecart.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360003831277-How-do-I-use-the-bulk-product-import-tool- (nor for that matter, why the template product upload spreadsheet is no longer available for download)
  4. Hi there Al, I've written up a list of pain points that l would hope could help make inventory transferable between eBay and CubeCart etc. etc.: I'd really like to see at least some of these features native, and maybe some of these features left to bespoke solutions that you pay extra for. In the case of the latter, at least make it clear up front that these extra features must be paid for. (None of them seem to be doable via the existing CC marketplace tools. I am aware that Noodleman has a few tools dealing with Buy X get Y FREE, but as you may recall, it messed up my databases as he didn't specify the Php version needed.)
  5. Add: 6. A way to duplicate shipping zones (e.g. Ireland ---> Copy of Ireland ---> rename "France" ---> insert prices for France, without tedium of again setting up 5 courier options each with 6 weight bands) 7. A way to assign a pre-designed product options group (pre-designed via CubeCart control panel > Inventory > Product Options) to a product at the stage of filling in the product upload spreadsheet. In other words, if your product upload spreadsheet has an item called "T-shirt", allow the product option group called "T-shirt colours" to be specified for that product, within the upload spreadsheet. Then when the product is uploaded, your "T-shirt" item will automatically show a pulldown menu for "Red" "Green" "Blue" as specified when you created the "T-shirt colours" option group.
  6. Hi there, I notice you've created a new page (after old page went missing) giving explanatory notes (i.e. a "cheat sheet") for creating a CubeCart product upload spreadsheet, here: https://support.cubecart.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360003831277-How-do-I-use-the-bulk-product-import-tool- I would like to add: # For product_weight, l feel the following explanation may be necessary: I believe this is set to be kg or lb via your CubeCart control panel > Settings > Store Settings > General > scroll down to "Locale Settings" # Coming to think of it, l think you should have an override via the product upload spreadsheet, similar to the spatial dimensions column headings (see next point, below) whereby you can specify the weight unit for each product, with the extra caveat that you can specify any unit you please, with a list of suggested SI units (to ensure compatibility with extensions) in the explanatory notes. So now, you can finally set the weight to "g" or "oz", no longer the "kg"/"lb" dichotomy, or if you feel like it, could also use silly made up units but this would make your "weight" field unreadable by postage extension apps purchased via the marketplace. # Also, l feel you need to account for the following column headings, explain how they work, because it seems to me we are allowed to use any units we please for the product's spatial dimensions via these column headings - is that true?: Product Width Product Height Product Depth Dimension Unit I believe they are the only template upload spreadsheet headings that are unaccounted for in your explanatory notes. # Coming to think of it, l got the above 4 column headings from my copy of the template product upload spreadsheet, but in your revised explanatory page (linked to above) there is no longer a downloadable template product upload spreadsheet. May l ask where it is? And why those 4 headings have been left out of your explanatory page?
  7. Update: I think you can at least specify spatial dimensions via your CubeCart upload spreadsheet, using the following column headings: Product Width Product Height Product Depth Dimension Unit That will allow you to specify the dimenion unit as m, cm, mm, inches, etc. - at least l think so.
  8. I would have thought: Settings > Store Settings > General > scroll down to "Locale Settings" but: 1. That only gives settings for weight 2. As such, it only permits kg / lb Therefore l've no idea
  9. Hi there, thanks, l just changed the name to .user.ini and it appears to be working. The Core table gives the Max. Input Vars as: Local: 25,000 Master: 1,000 I guess it worked then? Am i okay to leave it like this or would i be better off removing this .user.ini file once l'm done updating postage rates?
  10. Hi there thanks! Local and Master values are now 1000 I'm guessing it therefore didn't work, because we're trying to raise it to 2500
  11. Hi there, phpinfo.php just has one line: <?php phpinfo(); ?> There's no Core Table, l don't know how access that. I can only browse the file directories. It's a hosted WP account.
  12. OK thanks, l've done it. I was using a hosted WordPress server but it was still possible to upload the file as you directed. The login screen appears as normal. Hopefully when l return to editing postage rates, there will be no more , or fewer , cross site forgery false positives.
  13. Blah, i just got a 500 internal server error instead of my shop login screen (l inserted php_value max_input_vars 25000 at the end of the .htaccess file). Sigh.
  14. Thanks guys. Is there any workaround l can implement as a mere end user? I was hoping for something l could tweak directly, as Al Brookbanks suggested. However l don't know how to do that specific tweak, and it looks like a database tweak, which creeps me out. Do you have a foolproof step by step guide to do it?
  15. Hi there, I'm trying to set up courier rates but keep having all my input undone when l save it and end up with the following alert: "Security Alert: Possible Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF). Please do not use multiple tabs/windows or the browser back button. Learn more." Even when l have just one tab open. Even when l log out, log back in. Even when l restart computer. It's preventing me from inputting courier rates via the All-in-One Shipping extension (which l otherwise love btw).
  16. Hi there, does anybody have a bare bones template refund policy for digitally delivered goods sold by a UK seller?
  17. Ahhh sorry l just realised l can add countries Countries/Zones ---> Add Country ---> [your suggestion: https://www.genuki.org.uk/big/Regions/Codes ] It made me chuckle that highlanders would still opt for mainland, worth a try l guess. Thankfully it doesn't usually matter (anyone remember Initial CityLink? As l recall, they made a proper mess of outlying regions, too complicated, it may have been their downfall).
  18. Hi there, l feel it'd be nice to show upfront what you can do with CubeCart yourself as a novice, and what the novice would need a hosted account to achieve. Otherwise it would create abrupt situations and make people think certain things just aren't doable, or make them give up in panic and try elsewhere. Just showing a nice development roadmap upfront would help people plan their growth (most people wouldn't mind that the developers would like you to get a hosted bespoke cart or a tech support package, it's understandable). Speaking for myself at least. Edit: of course there is this page: https://hosted.cubecart.com/ ... but it'd be good to know examples of what "Minor coding tweaks & changes" you could arrange under a fully hosted package. E.g. if it turns out that something isn't do-able in a forum thread, could you do it via a hosted package?
  19. Hi there, l feel we need to have the following UK / UK-ish regions to put into our own bespoke postal zones: 1. Mainland UK 2. Isle of Man, Scottish Isles, Scottish Highlands (all together in one grouping, but you can have them as separates if you want?) 3. Northern Ireland 4. Channel Islands (to preserve sanity l'm refusing to Wiki the exact political status of this area and the Isle of Man too for that matter) The costs can vary quite wildly depending on the courier service. I'm unsure how UK-centric CubeCart is, and doubtless every nation on earth has its regional variations in courier costs. But this is the regional variation for the UK anyway.
  20. Personally, l think a developer could get rich if you create the following tools for sellers of mass-produced low price stock: 1. Import postal zones 2. Import categories 3. Export orders: I would want customer name, address, and also product name, SKU, and the product packaged weight, as per the corresponding column in the CubeCart upload spreadsheet. That vital info would allow me to organise the Export Orders csv into weight categories, and then divert each weight category to a courier l know to be doing the best deal at the moment, for that weight category. The savings would be huge, if this is scaled up to thousands of orders per week. 4. Discount tool offering: "Buy [Quantity] Get Cheapest [1,2,3,4 etc.] in a Category or Entire Inventory, FREE!" 5. Postage and Packaging discounts for additional units of an item, e.g. 1 widget = £5 + £2.50 P&P, buy 5 widgets = formula that gives £2.50 + £0.50 per additional widget = £2.50 + (4*£0.50)
  21. Nice clean storefront. However l would avoid using ALL CAPS for some products e.g. DOUBLE LAYERED NYLON/ CHAIN LEAD and HELLCAT MAXX FDE EDITION etc.
  22. I'm curious, would the payment gateway(s) a shopping site uses, be able to output a CSV? Then you could take that CSV to your RM business account, and from there l guess the customs forms would be a doddle, especially if you can have the HS codes as part of the CSV (added manually). Just speculating - l've only done the electronic customs form manually ...
  23. Hi there, here is what l wrote about that, it's a weak spot of my post: "(ASSUMPTIONS: presumably you can use OSS even if you are below the EU VAT registration threshold, and apparently you won't need to even be UK VAT registered)" And yes, if you don't use an IOSS number, then your customers will get their items later, and they'll have a customs clearance fee on top of the tax and duties to pay. With IOSS, they'd get it faster, with tax and duties having already been paid at P.O.S., and there won't be a customs clearance fee.
  24. Thanks. What do you forsee happening if l reassigned my existing cubecart shop (no products yet, just categories, T&C docs, reCaptcha IPN, etc.) to a new URL with my managed hosting company's help? Could l get off to a running start with the "new" shop (= old shop, under a new domain name)?
  25. Hi there, I want to create another CubeCart installation. The category tree was very time consuming, and so it's daunting to do that all over again. Any hints on how to quickly replicate the tree? Ideas l'm toying with: 1. Upload my inventory spreadsheet, which mentions the categories of each item. Would that auto-create those categories, seeing as they don't actually exist in the new CubeCart instance l'm setting up? 2. Copy ---> paste a file containing the category tree. Where would such a file be located?
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