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  1. 4 minutes ago, havenswift-hosting said:

    There are multiple reasons for people wanting to gain access to websites, and especially those that take payments :

    1) Install keyloggers or other software to capture credit card transaction information

    2) Redirect payments, either full or partial away from the store owner to another source

    3) Redirect traffic to other websites

    Thanks, it all seems obvious now.

    I just thought a hacked cart would be a broken cart but evidently not so.



    So what do you think of my [obvious-as-hell] Snapshot button, as a means for counteracting these things?


    Obviously it'd be wholly or partly dependent on the use of a very long checksum

  2. OK i think i have an idea what it entails now. I just googled a specific cart software and what happened when it got hacked.

    I gather in a recent famous example (with another cart software), it's something to do with SQL databases being injected with code that steals card details.

    So, my next question, apart from further pending answers to the first question:

    Can't somebody create a Snapshot button so that when you're done uploading new inventory items, you press Snapshot, and that takes a snapshot of your entire shop's backend filing system, including the databases, so that anything new is rejected?


    The risk would be, l suppose:

    - Losing an entire inventory creation session because you forgot to Snapshot

    - Hacker snapshotting what they have added (but at least it'd be easier to roll back the changes. In fact, every day you might be able to roll back to your last inventory creation session, so that anything not legit in between then and now, gets rolled back)



    1 minute ago, bsmither said:

    "What exactly tends to go wrong?"

    Additional code gets added to the application. This added code can <insert your worse nightmare scenario here>.

    Thank you, just seen your reply

  3. Hi there,

    I'm unable to leave suggestions in the suggestions forum, l'm unsure why. I'm being asked to create a new account. I feel l've created enough logins so far, really don't want to make yet another one for a forum l've already registered for!

    Here are my suggestions:

    - Must be possible for buyers to request the total for a group of items in one basket. That's an approximate way of giving bulk buy / combined shipping to my buyers on the fly.
    - SKU should be made invisible to buyers, but visible to the seller in all eMails sent to the seller about any item
    - Must be possible to specifiy a completely different route for the images, instead of the cart's own dedicated images folder. I already have a very large amount of images on my allocated server space. They are used by my eBay adverts (inline, within the HTML).

    - And finally: allow people to post in the suggestions forum without having to make yet another account. Suggestions are your lifeblood!

  4. On 8/21/2019 at 9:31 PM, bsmither said:

    I don't understand how the "basket total" question is asking about anything different that an eCommerce app (including CubeCart) is supposed to do anyway.

    Hi there, with that suggestion, l was saying: request total, because it won't be the calculated cost.

    It will be me offering a special unique deal to the person.

    It cuts out the need for programming the basket to automatically give multiple purchase deals and whatnot. Instead, l decide there and then what the total to pay shall be.

    On 8/21/2019 at 9:39 PM, Dirty Butter said:

    It's SemperFi's AskAbout a Product plugin that makes it possible to let people Make an Offer if you choose that to be available. BUT that's all it does. It just provides a good way to identify exactly what they are asking about. Nothing automatic about the offer acceptance, counter offer, or rejection at all. And there seems to be a support issue on SemperFi's plugins which may not have been resolved - hope I'm wrong about that.


    Thank you for this information.

  5. Hi guys. Thanks for the copious replies, l really appreciate it.

    I must confess l never knew this suggested URL existed: https://support.cubecart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/32/41/how-do-i-use-the-bulk-product-import-tool

    That URL basically answers my questions.

    Regarding meta keywords, l'm *G*L*A*D* l can give that a miss. It's so 2008, totally reaching for the ***t all that mindnumbing keyword stuff. However, if you do decide to completely phase the column out, l hope you explain why because newcomers like me will otherwise see it as something your software lacks.


    OK more posts forthcoming. But for now, back to the upload spreadsheet. I hope it doesn't fail lol! By the way, some things about the explanatory URL you showed me:


    1. Erratum:

    Instead of "Document root relative path from the images/source folder. Before CSV import all images much have been uploaded to this folder"

    Why not: "Document root relative path from the images/source folder. Before CSV import all images will have been uploaded to this folder"

    2. Also, an alternative explanation as l see it: Just give the filenames as they appear in your images/source folder (so, if you have a separate folder full of images for each item, and then put all of those folders into the images/source folder, include the entire filepath after images/source i.e. to upload three images of one of the many deckchairs you are selling, you might input: deckchair_orange/01.jpg,deckchair_orange/02.jpg,deckchair_orange/03.jpg,). Make sure to have all images uploaded before the CSV file of your inventory is uploaded. You may wish to use FTP if you have a lot of images to upload, especially if they exist in many separate folders.

    3. Also quick question: will the images specified in the CSV be arranged in alphanum order of filename, or simply in the order in which they appear on the upload CSV file?

    4. Some dude asked you a question at the bottom of that URL





    Quick followup question as promised:

    Can l specifiy a completely different route for the images, instead of "images/source"? I already have a very large amount of images on my allocated server space. They are used by my eBay adverts (inline, within the HTML).

    It would be horrible in many ways (effort, space, inelegant) to have to duplicate all the image folders and images therein, to CubeCart's "images/source" directory as part of my grand plan to copy my eBay inventory across to my website shop.

    Already at 30% of allocated quantity of files for my hosting plan with my provider. They say it's unlimited storage but they limit the no. of files l can store.




    Remaining questions for tonight:

    - Is there a way to make the Product Code private, so that it is displayed on all communication to me, but the online shoppers themselves never see it? Example: The Product Code might contain info about the first listing date of an item. That's not something l'd want shoppers to know.

    - Is it possible to add "Best Offer" to my listings, along with offer thresholds, and what to do with when the threshold is reached (instant accept, or allow to be forwarded to myself for consideration)?

    - Is it advisable to set up a Google category from the pulldown menu for each product? Or can l get equally far by sticking to my own bespoke categories?

    - Is it possible for buyers to request the total for a group of items in one basket? That's an approximate way of giving bulk buy / combined shipping to my buyers.


  6. Hi there,

    In order to check out the likely layout of any homemade bulk upload spreadsheet that l design, I bulk downloaded the default CubeCart inventory, the initial one with only one item on display.

    I have some outstanding questions, and l am now aware that some of them can be semi guessed-at by browsing the admin control panel (e.g. the tax stuff), but l still don't really have a clue, so here goes, please please please elaborate on all of the following columns if you can:



    Weight ---> Defaults to "4" which is a mere example weight for the default item on sale. HOWEVER: The bulk download spreadsheet doesn't have a column to specify units for weight! The specifications on the example advert referring to the example CubeCart stock item gives Kg, so that item is 4kg. Fair enough but is there any way to specify a different unit, e.g. grammes / g, rather than kg?
    Tax Class ---> Defaults to "1" but what does it mean?
    Tax Inclusive ---> Defaults to "0" which l guess means NOT INCLUDED? With "1" meaning INCLUDED?    
    Main Image ---> HEEEEEEELP!!!! How do l attach a title image to my listings via this column? Can l attach multiple images? Will they be displayed as a carousel of images?
    Master Category ID ---> HEEEEELP!!!! Defaults to "1". How do l use this? Does this relate to eBay shop categories? Can't l add subcategories too? And sub-sub-categories?
    Manufacturer ---> Can l leave this blank?
    UPC Code ---> Can l leave this blank?    
    EAN Code ---> Can l leave this blank?    
    JAN Code ---> Can l leave this blank?    
    ISBN Code ---> Can l leave this blank?    
    Brand ---> Can l leave this blank?    
    MPN Code ---> Can l leave this blank?    
    GTIN Code ---> Can l leave this blank?    
    Meta Title ---> Shall l make this a shortened version of my item title, such that it looks good a search engine results page (rather than Product Name on your shop advert)?
    Meta Description ---> I guess this would be the description as you'd want it to appear under the title on the search engine results page (rather than Short Description on your shop advert)?    
    Meta Keywords ---> HEEEEEEEELP!!!! I absolutely need a free tool to extract keywords from a spreadsheet column containing all of my advert descriptions, and to output the keywords as a parallel column. ANY SUGGESTIONS?    
    Condition --->    Defaults to "new". Are there a set range of terms l can use here? Or can l use my own special terms e.g. "New oldstock" "New - other" "For spares only"?
    Digital Path (Legacy) --->    Can l actually use this to specify a file location for digital downloads?
    Product Width ---> Can l leave this blank?    Will it cause problems if l add a courier shipping calculator tool to my basket?
    Product Height ---> Can l leave this blank?    Will it cause problems if l add a courier shipping calculator tool to my basket?    
    Product Depth ---> Can l leave this blank?    Will it cause problems if l add a courier shipping calculator tool to my basket?    
    Dimension Unit ---> Can l leave this blank? (It defaults to "cm") Will it cause problems if l add a courier shipping calculator tool to my basket?

  7. Hello,

    Please may l ask if CubeCart offers the following features, and how they can be implemented:
    - Give option of Guest purchases, i.e. purchases without a signup
    - Give option to reject all cookies, and still function as usual i.e. still allow customer to buy things
    - Add promotional rules to the cart (e.g. 5% discount if you purchase more than 1 item in one go, 10% discount if you purchase more than 5 items)
    - Add a promotional postage rule (e.g. buy 5 items together, postage to within the United Kingdom is free)
    - Add other postage rules e.g. postage to Scottish Islands requires an extra £1 surcharge

    - Also, please can you recommend an eBay listing import tool? I already have an eBay shop, and am aware that there is at least one tool for CubeCart that l can purchase as an add-on, but does it actually work? Can it completely copy your eBay shop, categories and all, to your new CubeCart shop? Can it sync your CubeCart shop to any changes in the eBay shop e.g. on your eBay shop: you manually delete an item or somebody purchase an item. I need this change to be instantly reflected in my CubeCart shop.
    - Can l even transfer my eBay auction items to my CubeCart shop? I mean, does CubeCart support auctions? If so, when somebody bids via my eBay shop, can l automatically close down the parallel auction on my CubeCart shop, provided nobody has already bid on the same item on the CubeCart shop?
    - Finally, is there a way to access the entire CubeCart shop as one file, so that l can search and delete the copious front- and end-matter of my eBay adverts when they are copied across to the CubeCart shop? The front- and end-matter references the same thing for each advert, and l would rather have it just stated once in my CubeCart shop's T&Cs area. Besides, some of the material references eBay-specific matters, so l really need to strip that away when the eBay ads are migrated to CubeCart.

    Please help in any way you can :)


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