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  1. I have just been searching for an extension thinking someone would have made one by now and found this thread. Hopefully replying now will bump it a bit and other users will see and click the vote button. We all need this.
  2. Thanks Bsmither works perfectly
  3. The admin screen when you click to view the customers order before printing.
  4. Is there anyway this can also be added to the order summary page?
  5. Which template file do i need to add {$item.mpn} to?
  6. Hi guys me again. Does anyone know how i can add the MPN code to the invoice? i would like it to sit at the start of the item that has sold. This will make it more simple when it comes to picking my orders. Thanks Wil
  7. Thanks bsmither will give that a try now
  8. Does anyone know of another shipping module that does similar to all in one shipping? Don't seem to be able to get this fixed after doing the update and need to make some changes to included and remove some countries from my shipping services.
  9. Any ideas anyone? Bsmither seems to have explained very well where we got upto.
  10. I have decided to start a new thread instead of keep adding to an somebody elses old one. Last week i upgraded to the lastest version of all in one shipping module and now any time i try to make a change i get a CSRF warning. Bsmither was trying to help me get this sorted but we never managed to find a solution. I really need to get this sorted. Any ideas?? Bsmither was working on the admin file not being correct but when we changed that then i was unable to login to admin side of my website. Starting to wish i never bothered with the update now Thanks for your help Wil
  11. Does anybody have any ideas? I really need to get this working again asap. Bsmither has been great offering help and advice on trying to sort it out but we havent managed to fix it yet.
  12. WSD

    Meta data

    Thanks for the replies
  13. WSD

    Meta data

    Hi everyone I have tried searching for answers to this question and cannot seem to find an answer. I have been working heavily on my meta data recently and having searched the main go to search engine i am seeing my results coming back showing the products meta data title but instead of the meta data description it is pulling information from the product description. Is there something i can change on the site settings or files to stop this happening or is this the search engine in question just pulling up this information?
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