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  1. That creates a problem for my customers. I don't see the problem with Cubecart internally keeping everything in the base currency (in fact, this would probably be preferred), but using Stripes multi-currency function to charge in the customers selected currency. If I make the store base currency US$, everything looks fine. If the customer changes to Australian Dollars, everything is displayed as A$. So far, so good. Then, they come to checkout, and the charging silently reverts to US$, but Stripe only shows as $. This is not unexpected for a US company, but, terrible for the cus
  2. I am still in test mode for stripe payments, in case this has any bearing. Stripe warns that if the payment is made in a currency different to the cardholders card, they will be subject to additional charges. I set up multi currencies in Cubecart, but when it comes to making the payment through Stripe, it reverts to the base currency instead of the currency the purchaser has selected. How can I make Stripe payment in the same currency as the cart currency? Thanks
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