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  1. I don't know if this is a big deal or not - just thought I'd put it out there.

    Before when I sold something thru paypal commerce the phone field would show disabled

    I sold something yesterday thru paypal commerce and the phone field showed <a href='https://


  2. I keep getting this in my admin error log.  excel_name is something for the databases I created a long time ago and have never had a problem.  I've looked thru all my coding and can't find the problem.  I don't know where to go from here.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance

    File: [admin.dashboard.unsettled_orders.php] Line: [2] "SELECT `cart_order_id`,`excel_name`,`quantity` FROM `CubeCart_order_inventory` WHERE `cart_order_id` IN ('220904-220832-3028') ;" - Unknown column 'excel_name' in 'field list'

  3. I had the code changed for this in earlier versions of CC but now i am using CC647 and PHP 8.1

    I am the only one that uses my computer and I am in admin for some reason or other a lot.  With this new version I am constantly being logged out.  Any way to stay logged in?


  4. in the admin/skin/order.index

    Line 18




                   <td nowrap="nowrap">{$THEAD.cart_order_id}</td>





                   <td nowrap="nowrap">{$THEAD.status}</td>







    Line 50:

     <td><span class="editable" name="sold_site[{$order.order_id}]">{$order.sold_site}</span></td>

  5. "Do you have any code to process that new column?"

    In looking closer I don't think I did for this sold_site column

    "Has there been any prior discussion on the forum about customizing your admin skin to do this?"

    Yes for my stuff shown above - but nothing for the Orders tab where there is no save button

    And the info won't be coming from the "product"  like the other code.  It will all stay in the order summary.  I had this in the source customer before I removed it

      if (isset($_POST['sold_site']) && is_array($_POST['sold_site']) && Admin::getInstance()->permissions('customers', CC_PERM_EDIT)) {
            foreach ($_POST['sold_site'] as $customer_id => $sold_site) {
                $result = $result || $GLOBALS['db']->update('CubeCart_customer', array('sold_site' => $sold_site), array('customer_id' => (int)$customer_id));
                    if ($result) {
                $GLOBALS['main']->successMessage("Some or all Sold Sites updated.");
            $send_redirect = true;


  6. I don't have anything for sold_site at line 720.  What whould my full code be?

    I had my code for other stuff around line 327"


     $filemanager = new FileManager(FileManager::FM_FILETYPE_DL);
                    foreach ($inventory as $product) {
                      if ( empty($product['excel_name']) ) {
       $product_excel_name_record =
    => $product['product_id']));
       $product['excel_name'] = $product_excel_name_record[0]['excel_name'];

  7. I think this is what you want:



    This is Request Payload:   -----------------------------7665031632393229901537355182

    The cb-store is my editible column

    I had that column ajax from my admin/customer but could never get it to save to the order when I updated the customer so I removed coding from customer and removed the ajax_sold_site from the order - just have it as sold_site.  I can change the sold_site "inside" the order and it will change on the main orders tab and in the special data tab I have in the order.  I just can't change and save from the main "orders" tab where it shows all the orders.



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