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  1. Thank you so much. To be honest I would have to look as all of my products are currently in my Etsy shop and most are square with some being 4:3 ratio. The square ones are typically 2048x2048. I have a resize app and a compress app on my iPad. I will see if those will let me do them in batches. If not I think I will try what you suggested.
  2. I am adding product images but am having to resize every one first as it states the max file size is 350kb. Is there a way to increase that max size limit? If not I have over 400 images to resize. thank you, Shannon
  3. Ok so I think I figured it out. I had an emoji in the text content. I removed that and it now stays.
  4. I wanted to add a shipping info page. So I created a new document named shipping and in the content screen I put in my shipping details. I hit save and clear cache but the info doesn’t stay. What am I missing?
  5. I use Mailchimp for my newsletter and have sign up on my main part of my site and my blog. Is there a way to integrate it into the newsletter sign up in the cart? Or if not how do I remove the mailing list sign up box from my cart? I don’t want to have two separate lists.
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