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  1. These are the errors that were thrown for me. Fresh install using PHP 8.1 and MySQLi is not installed.
  2. The CBurst skin is not compatible with PHP 8+, most of the lines are showing deprecated or warning.
  3. Unfortunately that did not resolve the issue, However it did remove all the duplicates in the database. I hate not having to be able to use Cubecart, But I also cannot run a business with these errors.
  4. This is what was shown during debug, but I'm not exactly sure where lies the issue, As I'm not too familiar with it.
  5. After this most recent update, I cannot get the shipping methods to work. Currently using AIO but still getting that annoying error.
  6. You sir are a genius, Thank you!
  7. So I just change the Syntax and that'll resolve this issue?
  8. I am having issues with payment gateways not displaying on my website. I have tried several extensions and still getting the same results.
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