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  1. yes why hassle.. i voted metric simple because it has been official standards here in Sweden since 22 november 1878.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metric_system
  2. Hi.. i'm using the gateways print order form and a cod mod now and would like to know if its possible to give them different names (in my language) which will then be shown in all the reciepts and vieworder.php thx..
  3. Hi guys.. i need some template related help here.. take a look at my site at the bottom i have 2 white horizontal rows/lines, is there a quick easy (html or any other) fix to make these rows transparent with the rest of the background? thx for your help!
  4. .. i have 2 questions concerning the background image.. ..how do i fix the background images so it won't move when i scroll? ..i found a solution... ..first make a backup and then open up skin/styleSheets/layout.css: find: body { margin: 5px 0; replace with: body { background-image: url(../styleImages/backgrounds/name_of_image.jpg); background-attachment:fixed; margin: 5px 0; ..save and close, and there you have it... ..however my other question is unsolved.. ..would it be possible to add a background image that automatically changes every month? thx... :yeahhh:
  5. ... nice touch.. how did u get the dark background to stick and not move with the store when you scroll? thx..
  6. ... ..thx Robsta now it looks nicer :unsure:
  7. .. ..in the left bottom corner on My Website i've got some letters i would like to have removed it doesn't matter if i change skin, it's still there.. anyone who knows what could have caused it and how to remove it? ..this thing doesn't look especially nice or professional.. thankful for any help..
  8. ... thx bsmither how is admin section touched by adding a skin to the front? would it be possible to add something, and then what, to all custom skinfiles to get it sorted? thx...
  9. .... how and where do i change both the name of the day and the way the date is displayed to anothe language in upper right corner in admin section.. as it is now the name of the days are displayed in english.. thx...
  10. ... i know there's a tweak out here somewhere, but with no less then 30 pages to check i gave up ..i want the info to 'save' in the textbox when a customer registers, if they miss something and continues they have to start all over.. anyone know about this?
  11. ... hmmm.. ..now that i see this i'm happy i didn't make such a big effort finding those 2 last changes... .. i feel with you specially when i know how much work some of you are putting into this.. ..and wreckless of those who hurried to release a complete set of new files instead of some lines changed.. .....
  12. ... i have a little problem here... when i'm trying to update any of my (test) products, the update fails - i don't know why maybe it's the folder permission or something but then, shouldn't this work without changing permissions manually everytime i want to update? ..i'm lost here.. someone with similar problems that has any solution? summer greets..
  13. ... i've searched, with different words and criterias the entire forum for a CubeCart_3.0.17_ChangedFiledOnly.zip file without any success, because i'm not swapping entire files and/or folders from the 3.0.17 release just like that especially when i have some mods installed.. - so!, can any kind soul that have come across the file just direct me to it? thx the greatest
  14. ... ..thx ossweb ..and where should this code be implemented into.. :cry:
  15. .. ..thanx bsmither the only thing i would have been more than satisified with would be to remove the #@%&^¤ frames that contains all the info and then give the reciept a little 'cleaner' look both in the one generated in the screen and then the confirmation email the customers receive... ..btw.. i googled that ETS, the only thing i found was some older posts in CC forum do you know where i could get my hands on that mod, or any similar..?? ..thanx..
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