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  1. Unfortunately version 2 is not supported. Unfortunately. PM me and I'll try to help you.
  2. roban

    What Do You Think?

    The category tabs are images and to change them you have to open them in an image editor. They are located in Killer/styleImages/backgrounds. The text is controlled from skins/Killer/styleSheets/style.css and the code for this is: .txtCat { font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; font-weight: bold; color: #FFFFFF; text-decoration: none; As to making the store your main page, please post the contents of your includes/global.inc file. You can move the contents of your shop folder to the root directory.
  3. roban

    Its s**t, I know..

    I am saddened that you think it's s**t. Try to be kinder to yourself. I think you've done a great job. The only thing that needs work IMO is the header. You need a better logo. The header is a great place to put things like phone number and other messages you want your customers to see.
  4. Try Root SECURE Public HTML Folder to store: /shop Also can you post your includes/global.inc
  5. roban

    What Do You Think?

    I am not a fan of portal pages especially ones I have to scroll.. I think you would be better served to go directly to the store. Your background is too busy for me and doesn't really 'fit' the Killer skin graphics IMO.
  6. All colors are called from style.css in the skin you are using. You can't open your site in Dreamweaver, it has to be edited with a text editor such as notepad. Also in the future please give us a URL to your site so we can see what you are talking about.
  7. roban

    Homepage issue

    Try CHMOD lang.inc to 777
  8. You're talking about Express Checkout but you still have to register.
  9. It means what it says. The table exists. If you want to remove the error, either remove the table from the database and it will install again or remove the table info from the upgrade script.
  10. This is a simple code for this but it depends on the situation. You can also do this in layout.css. <div align="center">Logo</div>
  11. roban

    Homepage issue

    This is a 3rd party issue and not a CC issue.
  12. roban

    tax rate

    How do you have your currency set up. For dollars it should be 1.000
  13. Answer to all your questions is 'Yes'
  14. In your hosting control panel navigate to mysql databases/phpmyadmin. Open your databse and choose the 'Export' function. Select 'All' and check the box that says 'Save as file'. Then download it to your server as a SQL file. You can then create a new empty database on the new server and import the file you have exported.
  15. Open /includes/contents/viewCat.inc.php Find somewhere @ line 158 $productListQuery = "SELECT ".$glob['dbprefix']."CubeCart_cats_idx.cat_id, ".$glob['dbprefix']."CubeCart_cats_idx.productId, productCode, quantity, description, image, price, name, popularity, sale_price, stock_level, useStockLevel FROM ".$glob['dbprefix']."CubeCart_cats_idx INNER JOIN ".$glob['dbprefix']."CubeCart_inventory ON ".$glob['dbprefix']."CubeCart_cats_idx.productId = ".$glob['dbprefix']."CubeCart_inventory.productId WHERE ".$glob['dbprefix']."CubeCart_cats_idx.cat_id = ".$db->mySQLSafe($_GET['catId']); Replace it with $productListQuery = "SELECT ".$glob['dbprefix']."CubeCart_cats_idx.cat_id, ".$glob['dbprefix']."CubeCart_cats_idx.productId, productCode, quantity, description, image, price, name, popularity, sale_price, stock_level, useStockLevel FROM ".$glob['dbprefix']."CubeCart_cats_idx INNER JOIN ".$glob['dbprefix']."CubeCart_inventory ON ".$glob['dbprefix']."CubeCart_cats_idx.productId = ".$glob['dbprefix']."CubeCart_inventory.productId WHERE ".$glob['dbprefix']."CubeCart_cats_idx.cat_id = ".$db->mySQLSafe($_GET['catId'])." ORDER BY name ASC";
  16. It's not recognizing your sql password. When you changed servers did you edit your global.inc file to reflect any changes?
  17. roban


    what are your ssl settings in admin
  18. I think we're splitting bloody hairs here. What is wrong with suggesting a Google search? Not a damned thing!
  19. If we are to help members then let's help them. I agree we should not be aiding in the potential sale of 3rd party mods but why not direct the user and let them make up their own minds. I think a simple link to cubecart.org is sufficient. They are on their own from there on.
  20. There is a quick edit product options mod. PM me for information.
  21. language/en/lang.inc Search for your term and change it.
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