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  1. Rename the folder name :dizzy:
  2. Any side box style skins/SKINNAME/styleSheets/layout.css box content behaviour .boxContentLeft, .boxContentRight { border: 1px solid #000000; background-color: #EBEDFE; padding-left: 5px; margin-bottom: 10px; padding-top: 3px; padding-bottom: 5px; } box title area .boxTitleLeft, .boxTitleRight { font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 75%; color: #FFFFFF; background-color: #031074; background-image: url(../styleImages/backgrounds/boxTitleBg.gif); height: 15px; border-top: 1px solid #000000; border-left: 1px solid #000000; border-right: 1px solid #000000; padding-left: 5px; } box font .txtDefault, a.txtDefault, a.txtLink, a.txtLocation { font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color: #070F72; text-decoration:none; } a.txtDefault:hover, a.txtLink:hover, a.txtLocation:hover { font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color: #FF6600; text-decoration:none; }
  3. All you need is written in installation package. The upgrade matters need some experiences. If you dont know what to do it is strongly recomended to hire someone to do it for you. Try to contact Develion - you are cubecart registered user, or someone like me We cannot promote any 3rd Party related services the only place is cubecart.org forum for. Please drop me a PM if you interested.
  4. modules/shipping/By_Weight/calc.php SEARCH FOR if($sum == 0){ $sum = 0.00; } REPLACE WITH /* if($sum == 0){ $sum = 0.00; } */ // Free ship if weight = 0 by convict --> if($sumClass1 == 0 && $sumClass2 == 0 && isset($shipZone)){ $shippingPrice .= "<option value='".$shipKey."'"; if($shipKey ==$basket['shipKey']){ $shippingPrice .= " selected='selected'"; $basket = $cart->setVar("Free","shipMethod"); $basket = $cart->setVar(sprintf("%.2f","0.00"),"shipCost"); } $shippingPrice .= ">".priceFormat("0.00")." Free</option>\r\n"; $shippingAvailable = TRUE; $shipKey++; } // <-- Free ship if weight = 0 by convict Have fun! ;)
  5. Simple method - "edit and try". You have to add appropriate HTML to move desired data to the right position. Do use print preview as first to be sure the coordinates are approximate. There are some print driver working as print preview mode showing the exact coordinates of print blocks but commercial. Really dont remember who is the manufacturer, try googling.
  6. Such behaviour is because of OLD basket order id. If payment is NOT sucessful OR payment is sucessful but no redirection to store Order status remains Pending and basket is not emty. Customer MUST empty the basket not delete products from previous order because of old order id relaed to the previous order. If payment is successfull and customer is redirected to store Order status becomes Processing and basket is empty by default.
  7. You asked me the same i our helpdesk and I responded ;)
  8. convict

    Double Emails

    Please read this bug report i sent to Al. Try this fix: includes/content/gateway.inc.php SEARCH FOR if(!isset($basket['cart_order_id']) && empty($basket['cart_order_id'])){ REPLACE WITH if(!isset($basket['cart_order_id']) || (isset($basket['cart_order_id']) && empty($basket['cart_order_id']))){ SEARCH FOR $cart->setVar(1,"mailSent"); REPLACE WITH $basket = $cart->setVar(1,"mailSent");
  9. I wrote CubeCart3 LinkPoint API gateway half a year ago however LinkPoint API seems to me strange (LinkPoint helpdesk staff too ), there is an issue to repeat payment within 5-10 minutes ;)
  10. Well, mods are FREE or COMMERCIAL. As far as I know there are 3 mods doing exatcly what you are after - 2 free and one commercial. Any MOD has an installation notice, free mod package is mostly a text file HOW TO MODIFY. Just download free mod(s) (free means NO payment) to see how the mod writter did it. The side efect is you will see what files are modified One free mod and commercial you find in cubecart.org forums. Second free mod you find if you ask me, we are not allowed to post link to 3rd Party sites. ;)
  11. Nothing else than PEBKAC or server issue. If you dont know what to do let it do someone else (as Sir William suggested) second way doesnt exist. I am willing to do it however you have to hire me.
  12. Shipping and tax always visible, please visit cubecart.org If you dont find it please leave me a PM.
  13. Path to digital products is independent to payment gateway. Cutomer will get download link email once order status is processing - order failed means order status is still pending. You have to solve the order status change. There are many reasons order remains in pending status please visit anoter forum to solve your issue.
  14. You have to add the Netaxept cubecart gateway to your cubecart. Netaxept is NOT CubeCart built-in gateway however it is developed and published I sent you a PM.
  15. I think you meant 3.1 instead of 1.1. Wondering how do you want to uprade to 3.1 if you are scared of losing all your content 3 general ways: - manual upgrade using change logs + old DB upgrade - latest files (3.0.14) upload (you have unmodified 3.0.12) + old DB upgrade - clean latest version installation + old DB export + new DB import + mods application (if any)
  16. @pagoda This issue is NOT product count related but categories count. It seems server resources are weak. Function caused such issue is categories count dependent as well but few seconds NOT half a minute. I tested 2500 categories in 6 levels, took 2-4 seconds (related to available resources) on some hosting co. public server. BTW "issued" function (whole routine) is almost the same since 3.0.4 and the same since 3.0.6. The source of issue is somewhere else. Some paranoid / strong setting of SQL engine causes neverending troubles.
  17. Try another server. It seems current server resources are very weak.
  18. All depends to various conditions. If you want to have fresh files you dont need to do whole installation. As always do a backup of DB and file area. Copy the fresh files from package upload folder to new site folder. Do use old includes/content/global.inc.php + change the paths/URL in global.inc.php manualy (add/change new folder you use for fresh files) Run three upgrade scripts from following folders: upgrade\scripts\3.0.{6-10}-3.0.11 upgrade\scripts\3.0.11-3.0.12 upgrade\scripts\3.0.12-3.0.13 Well, fresh cubecart is ready to use upgraded DB just try it (dont try the SSL apges if you use it). Once the new, latest cubecart is prepared do remove old folder/file, move the fresh folder content to the old used folder and overwrite the inlcudes/global.inc.php with the old one (there are correct paths and URL). You saved the DB EXPORT/IMPORT step.
  19. All depends to good you sell. Digital goods is most sensitive. We use PayPal, we sell digital goods however we always check the UNKNOWN BUYER. First time buyer will NEVER GET the downloadable link without manual approval. Approved/checked buyer is the one who get the instant download ONLY. PayPal offers the buyer VERIFIED/UNVERIFIED status. Verification is made for PayPal account holder only. We see in our order details in CubeCart admin area what is the buyer status, buyer name and primary paypal address however any buyer status purchased by Credit Cards (user is not registered) is always UNVERIFIED. Unregistered paypal buyer can use verified address anyway, if he/she use stolen credit card data using verified address and cc holder data in cubecart registration you are lost to check it. The best for merchant: buyer has paypal account verified status, registered with primary paypal email address invoice & delivery address is the same as his/her paypal. You are sure 99.9999% buyer is eligible.
  20. You use some php varible in the SQL question probably which is empty. Missing condition WHERE. Just remove WHERE word in SQL question to see 10 lowest price products. Dont know if this is what you want to show.
  21. Oh i know what you mean now. Your issue is totally different to what I have mentioned and NOT CubeCart related. BTW you dont need to write it to any of files (not modules) you listed. Just place the code to includes/ini.inc.php. This file is included always as first and you save the time in any of upgrade.
  22. Well I am still wondering what do you meant "several modules" :dizzy:
  23. Did you mean session.cookie_path? This parameter is presents since v3.0.5 and doesnt mean where to locate the cookie but differentiate the sessions in different php applications on the same site stored as parameter into session cookie. The only difference in 3.0.14 is location of this code. It is located just below the session_name() and not above in admin/login.php. Try do the same in admin/includes/auth.inc.php - move ini_set("session.cookie_path",$sessionDomain); below session_name($sessionName); Do you have the same issue by accessing front-end? If no, this is a issue for you admin/includes/auth.inc.php uses the old structure.
  24. It depends to gateway you use. All is about sensitive data like Credit Cards data. Some sites used shared SSL which belongs to host company mainly and you dont need to purchase it. Dedicated one is related to YOUR domain name only and you have to purchase it. Its a good investition to purchase SSL certificate anyway because of customers "trust".
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