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  1. Well, you need to get a working model of CubeCart up, if no any tutorial how to change the admin pass doesnt help. Server side: Php Database Sessions Client side: Well made includes/global.inc.php variables Browser cookies enabled JavaScript enabled Hope all is there LOL
  2. Thats standard behaviour because echeques are not cleared. Please have a look into your PayPal acc on payment details and you'll see the Estimated date payment will be cleared. Once cleared, PayPal call the IPN URL and your Order status goes to Processing. Your previous basket content was not cleared and current basket used the old Order ID. f this occurs, no email is sent to admin, old order data are overwritten, date/time is changed. Onle the same is the Order ID. This is very confused, occured 2 times at our store last month. Try to empty the basket before any test purchase. Sometimes happens no IPN is running from PayPal and we must change the status manually because of some time-out conenction.
  3. The quickest way to set new password up using myPhpAdmin Step1: Open the myPhpAdmin, select the appropriate database and select the admin table rows. Step2: Select the row with desidered admin username. Step3: Select MD5 from function drop down, fill your new password and save settings. Done :D
  4. This is not the best solution. If you are not able to create any folder out of www and you are able to create the .htaccess file (host running Apache), just create any folder within www and create a .htaccess file with content Deny from all in created folder. Folder will be NO http public accessible. Do some tests like direct http URL to your files you copy via FTP to this folder.
  5. Donated. Thumbs up Bill :(
  6. Not possible in current CubeCart however you can assign template variable as your PHP code result. Yes, this is possible. Remember, template is a HTML page you are able use things for HTML generated page only.
  7. Subcategories are skin independent I think no prob to use this for Killer.
  8. @tars21 This seems to be the email client issue - new line issue. There is a quick hack to prevent tildas to be in download link in email: Red marked is the "hack" */*
  9. You have to use PHP code to track the form variables in viewDoc.php file. Contact form has been made (long time ago), try to search in cubecart.org forum.
  10. What the problem? Images there.
  11. Well, my code is for standard CubeCart skins (fixed box size), own skin used just different solution ia required. :unsure:
  12. You have to use IMG tag in links like
  13. Clear cookies and use the same URL to access the admin area. There are some issues with session cookies if you use URL www.site.tld and URL site.tld to reach admin pages.
  14. Or use main counter code from your orriginal HTML page and paste at the bottom of global index.tpl ;)
  15. @theurbandog Good point. ;)
  16. This is a problem of product vs option attributes assignation. Try to assing the option attributes in order you would like.
  17. Q1 includes/content/viewCat.inc.php use $view_cat->assign("TXT_DESC",substr(strip_tags($productResults[$i]['description']),0,$config['productPrecis'])); instead of $view_cat->assign("TXT_DESC",substr(strip_tags($productResults[$i]['description']),0,$config['productPrecis'])."…");
  18. There are not serious html validation errors, only those like <BR> instead of <br /> or undefined alt for <img> tag. This cant be a source of the issues. You have made TWO serious mistakes: 1) You use non-existing css property values like float:center in .colMid. The reslut is the same as NO float property there. Float property has only TWO values right and left! Change centre to left and the layout will be almost correct. 2) The second issue is the height of your LOGO. You use different height of header block in css #topHeader height: 36px; Please use height: 150px; (or some similar height) IE is silly browser...LOL :D
  19. Did you become a ClixGalore Merchant? If so you got a clixGalore A/C No. If you want to become a CubeCart Affiliate, join the Develion CubeCart affiliate program on ClixGalore. You'll find the exact code to put the banner on your site for BOTH - affiliate (you join) and merchant (you open new program for YOUR CubeCart store).
  20. I suggest you do hire someone to install CubeCart for you.
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