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  1. I love flashfxp it's a good ftp client @Roban, you should have .php files set to transfer in ASCII automatically, so if a couple of them need to go in binary, you'll have to do it manually You should keep the auto setting for .php set to ASCII, though, IMO
  2. WOW, so cool, Al I know you guys are very proud of this. You must know that many of us are very proud for you as well :w00t:
  3. OK I'll make it simple, here is stock CubeCart code: if($prodArray[0]['stock_level']<1 && $prodArray[0]['useStockLevel']==1 && $prodArray[0]['digital']==0){ $view_prod->assign("TXT_OUTOFSTOCK",$lang['front']['viewProd']['out_of_stock']); } else { $view_prod->assign("TXT_OUTOFSTOCK"," "); } Code you need: if($prodArray[0]['stock_level']<1 && $prodArray[0]['useStockLevel']==1 && $prodArray[0]['digital']==0){ $view_prod->assign("TXT_OUTOFSTOCK","<a href=\"mailto: [email protected]\" style='color: #000000; text-decoration: none;' >LOW STOCK - Check Availability</a>"); } else { $view_prod->assign("TXT_OUTOFSTOCK"," "); } I notice in the code I posted last I left out the closing anchor tag </a> This code will change the text when the stock is depleted. If you have added original code that is triggered when quantity is low, say last 5 widgets, then you need to also write thee corollary to program "IN STOCK" not to show when down to last 5 widgets. Otherwise, your out-of-stock message will show next to an in stock message.
  4. Well sorry, I noticed his error but was not looking at the whole code Try this: $view_prod->assign("TXT_OUTOFSTOCK","<a href=\"mailto: [email protected]\" class=\"lowStock\" >LOW STOCK - Check Availability"); You must have defined a class .lowStock in one of your stylesheets for the class to have an effect. If you get a parse error or syntax error, post the error message here.
  5. For any newbies reading this, please note that html formatting can be included in the php assignments, but watch out for the double quotes, they will break the code. You must escape the double quotes used in the class assignment, or change them to single quotes. Examples: class=\"lowStock\" good class='lowStock' good class="lowStock" bad
  6. Here is a solution, written on the fly. Untested in this case, backup your files before trying it. First, open includes/boxes/categories.inc.php Find this code: // query database Paste this code above it: if(empty($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'])) { $box_content=new XTemplate ("skins/".$config['skinDir']."/styleTemplates/boxes/categories.tpl"); $box_content->parse("categories.static_menu"); } else { Find this code near end of file: $box_content->parse("categories"); Paste this above it: } Next, open skins/xx/styleTemplates/boxes/categories.tpl Find this code: <!-- BEGIN: categories --> Below it, paste this code: <!-- BEGIN: static_menu --> Below that, paste the html for your static menu and remove it from global/index.tpl Below your static menu html that you moved from index.tpl, paste this: <!-- END: static_menu -->
  7. you cannot use an if/else conditional in template files, XTemplate system allows only html, placeholders and parsing markers in template files. Each template file has a corresponding php file, most of these are found in includes/boxes and includes/content The global .tpl files correspond to the php files in the root of your store. Look to the php files to find solutions you seek.
  8. Great stuff. I'm 100% for moving forward. If it means finding new webhosts, well, won't be the first time nor prolly the last :)
  9. A very, very nice rendering of the Legend skin. I like it alot, and I applaud your design instincts. Great colors, great header, nice home page. Hope it is very successful.
  10. :) Well, you are asking for just personal opinion I suppose in the first case, and a truly philosophical question in the second. My own preference is helpdesk, I use one at my store and it is very busy. There are surely many others who prefer email, or forums, or live chat, etc. etc. Here are some of the reasons I prefer using a helpdesk . . . 1. It is for registered users; therefore, customers and more serious potential customers 2. It keeps queries and responses in one place for ease of follow-up 3. It maintains a permanent record of conversations in the database that both admin and customer can access at any time 4. It allows more than one store admin to view the same correspondence and contribute to the conversations 5. I believe it is a more secure system than email In short, I consider both email and chat to be too ephemeral, less easily tracked and preserved, and generally less suited as a means of servicing customers than a fully-integrated helpdesk.
  11. It made for interesting reading anyway Kudos to Devellion, I hope CubeCart just continues on the path to improvement, and I would echo the comments made by everythingweb way up above. As to the current drift of this topic: I, too, have made money from third-party cubecart services, and I have also invested time and money into it - folk who think that people are making small fortunes for nothing by providing mods, skins or services for CubeCart are simply misinformed, I think. I actually work more hours for less money with CubeCart service than at anything else I do, but love (almost) every hour of it, LOL. At any rate, no worries. Al and company have just continued to do better and better with this software, and surely the continued popularity and upward development will continue. I am aware these comments may not add much of substance to this dicussion, but I had to pop in and say hello anyway. Carry on :w00t:
  12. It doesn't matter which css file, layout.css or style.css will do. just create the classes to make the tabs appear as you want them to, under the clas, .topTabLink you define how you want it to look normally, and under .currentTabLink you define how you want it to appear when it is the current category shown. In the template file, for the division that makes your tab, use this: class="{CLASS}"
  13. true, it's only a start, i also code the sale items tab and homepage tab, etc. I'll try to post more soon.
  14. I would recommend a different approach. Simply add a height dimension to the container, and make it large enough to account for longest image/longest text string
  15. Very cool js solution,thanks for sharing this I usually code that functionality into CubeCart php code, but it is a little more work i suppose . . . OTOH, instead of image swap, you can control everything by css with or without images. Code like I use in categories.inc.php: if(isset($_GET['catId']) && $_GET['catId']>0){ $currentCatQuery = "SELECT cat_name, cat_father_id, cat_id, cat_image FROM ".$glob['dbprefix']."CubeCart_category WHERE cat_id = ".$db->mySQLSafe($_GET['catId']); $currentCat = $db->select($currentCatQuery); if ($results[$i]['cat_id'] == $currentCat[0]['cat_id']) { $box_content->assign("CLASS","currentTabLink"); } else { $box_content->assign("CLASS","topTabLink"); } } else { $box_content->assign("CLASS","topTabLink"); } Then of course you will define the classes, .topTabLink and .currentTabLink in your css files, and use the placeholder {CLASS} in place of your class name in the templates.
  16. Yah yah, XTemplate system is great and powerful, but there is a definite separation between the php code and the xhtml code in the XTemplate system, like everythingweb has said your php won't get parsed there. You cannot use php code in the templates.
  17. They're set to float left. Look through all the appropriate code that makes your category buttons - tpl and css files - and remove float: left; also, use a line break, <br /> between them. just put a single line break into the code that makes the loop, this cod eis probably going to be BEGIN: li and END: li in categories.tpl <br /> <!-- END: li -->
  18. WOW, how nice to be appreciated Thank you so much for the kind words. Work has been so busy I haven't browsed here much lately, but will be back in here, scolding and helping out as called for (and as usual, LOL) in a couple weeks hopefully. This is a great community as a whole, and I am just happy to be a small part of it.
  19. Mysty, it is a very minor bug - IE peekaboo bug - not too difficult to fix. But is is not a minor problem for your customers on IE6, because they can't see any subcategory titles or the image Steve mentioned. screenshot Mysty, the page looks great! Who needs gallery view? I like the new page setup. I'm sorry to see that you are still having peekaboo issues, but will be glad to help resolve them for you.
  20. Wow, thanks for all the great feedback I got interrupted on this project today, had to go to town, and when I returned I had no internet connectivity I connect via satellite, and the problem here is thunderstorms ~ you can read in the news about all the flooding around Dallas/Fort Worth Texas recently, it's been horrible. But I digress . . . @ brooklynside, thank you for registering. I appreciate the feedback, and want Joe's site to be right for him and his customers. I was pretty sure the peekaboo issue was the main prob you were having there. Category counts are off; this is not due to design but strange inventory stuff, the fix for it is simple (thanks to Sir William here) I will get it straight for you. I am not sure about the login problem, this should not be an issue as the same database info is there from the old site. I'll send an email regarding that with some instructions for the right place to contact me about it, and we'll find what's wrong. @Brivtech, thank you for the criticisms, though nothing much will be done about the general "busy-ness" of the site itself, I am persuaded to get with the owner and do something about the subcategory appearance. I know exactly what you mean, it is the giant boxes with smallish logos in the subcategory list. By way of explanation, there are two areas where subcategories have large images, on these pages: http://www.allstarbowling.com/index.php?ac...Cat&catId=3 http://www.allstarbowling.com/index.php?ac...at&catId=52 When designing the site, I made subcat containers large enough for those subcats, at the expense of all the other subcats on the site. Alternatives would be 1. To make the height of subcat containers liquid, which I never do here because the float property will ruin the display even worse when the heights vary among subcats on a page, 2. Code different display options for certain categories into viewCat.inc.php, which is a lot of extra workand generally not a good idea in case any cats are deleted in the furutre . . . basically this options takes away from the dynamic way CubeCart works (but I am using it at this site presently in development http://www.mp3downloadsales.com ), 3. Work with the client to standardize the size and appearance of subcats throughout the store. Obviously, the third option is what I need to do. This design included quite a few new mods in development, and the area you mentioned, subcat appearance, wasn't as great a priority with me during developmennt as it should have been. As always, the devil is in the details Thanks all for your help on this one. Mark @fullt, I am thrilled to hear the page loads quickly Thanks for the heads up on the misplaced button; I have resolved that problem at the development site and will incorporate an IE-specific fix for it at the live site right away. By the way, I really need to know what you are viewing this with, you said IE which I would have known, but is this a laptop of desktop pc? Also, which OS, win 2K, XP, Vista or something else? So far only one other has had this, running IE on XP in a notebook. I can't see the problem on my desktops at all, see above posts about this.
  21. Cool, I'll just add IE specific code for it at the live site then, and <er-hum> at that thrid-party site you mentioned Thanks a million for the help! If anyone spots other troubles at this site, http://www.allstarbowling.com pleease let me know here. Am already working on the problems already mentioned above.
  22. Merrick, I think you are right, but I cannot test this since I cannot see the problem. Best way would be to hook up with you live on IM if possible so I can test some resolutions. Meantime, if you could check to see if the bug persists at the development store, I would appreciate it, http://www.allstarbowling.com/devStore/ That installation may be missing some stuff and be buggy in general, not to worry, but I am interested in knowing if the top navbar behaves differently now. Thanks. Mark PM sent with IM info
  23. OMG Merrick, I cannot reproduce that issue I have checked it in IE6 and IE7 on multiple pages and no problem with the nav bar at all, this is what frustrates hell out of me, cuz it's tough to fix problems that I can't see I am using desktops, both running XP sp2, and IE6 on one with 7 on the other. What type of system are you viewing on? And please, anyone else experience this problem? Thanks for pointing out the other issues, I can see the stepped images and will tweak it
  24. I just cleared up the IE peekaboo bug on category page, still combing over this site myself. Site has been live for a couple of weeks now, and some customers have complained to the site owner about bugs, but I don't know where they all might be specifically :)
  25. This site seems to not be working for certain systems, I'm not sure what all the problems are. I have just noticed the IE peekaboo bug prevents the product list from showing when viewing some categories, so planning to fix that right now. PLEASE check this site out, and a big thank you to anyone/everyone who has time to look thoroughly at many pages. All comments are welcome. I'd be glad to discuss anything about the site. What I am most interested in, though, is "where are any problems?" with this site, and what browser are you using to view it . . . Thanks, Mark http://www.allstarbowling.com
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