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  1. i and maybe more have a problem the site is compromised i used the latest upgrade 5,2.15 now i have enclosed the log file from the provider , please find a solution as there might be more problems btw now upgraded to 5.216 cc5216log.txt
  2. I am getting reviews on my products and they are not related to my products but ordinary spam promoting webstes etc i am just deleting them , bulk delete is no good as the ip addresses are different any time , is there a way to have that spam not in the reviews ? any help is apprieciated i am getting sick and tired as it are not a few but many every day, the captcha is on so i do not know how they do it and it is useless as i have to aprove the review
  3. willl do that , but what comes out of the all in one shipping should be e14,30 and there is coming out e14.- that has not much to do with a coma or period ? i think or am i wrong
  4. it has worked ok , but suddenly now the shipping and totals a wrong amount , and the total in the order is also wrong counted in cc5, what is this problem ? please any help would be apriciated 1 x Saucy Shingle scale 1:5,2 kit - SAUIHQE099 (E69.00)E69.00 1 x Fooling racer 1:5,2 outboard racer - FOO9KJHV99 (E39.00)E39.00 2 x Steering Rope outboard racers - STEB0ENM99 (E0.90)E1.80 Subtotal:E109.00 Total Discount :E0.00 Shipping:E14.00 Total:E123.00 the total should be e123,80, but the shipping price should be E14,30 then the total should be e124,10 btw paypal refuses the order as the amount is wrong ...
  5. for now no problem , but it is sure a cc5 problem , maybe i am the only one suffering it , it is just a lot of work again when i have to do it grts Rob
  6. cc5 renamed the images when upgrading , some failed ,most fortunatly worked ok had to do failures by hand or by reloading them in the product description section cc admin /shop/images/source/152vo/fooling/SH103559%20(Medium).JPG cc renamed it to SH103559__Medium_.JPG but reloading them in some folders did not work as the folders are not accesable by cc . what happends.. making a new folder .. put in the contains of the non accesable folder ... does not work also , rest only one thing is to make new folder and upload the images again in the new folder for the products it is not a really big problem as all is working , it will become a problem if i have to ad new pictures for that product , then i have to make new folders , so for now it works , but it is sure a cc5 problem
  7. well there are subfolders in this folder also and not so many images 10 or so small , but... the shop shows the images in the products .. (i have manualy renamed the images in the admin ) so it is a ok image i think ? but should it not just work in v4 i did not had this problem , i can not see any strange thing in the direct admin or ftp i have more folders with just as much images so.. no errors in php log as far as i can see size .. i have folders that are just as large no problem there in the image manager , i can klick on the folder , it opens,, or it shows open , but see nothing what to check ? btw when i rename this folders i can open them .. but still see nothing , copying the images etc to a new folder is also not helping , images are renamed by cc 5 ..so it is something with the images or folder names what i can not see... how to increase php memory , just to try ? grts
  8. here some images 1 shows the screen as normal , 2 a folder with subfolders , 3 the non accesable folder, 152vo , this folder has images and subfolders i hope it shows ..
  9. so far so good i had to change the image names in cc by hand , the spaces were replaced by %20( etc in the folders like Change: http://www.rbckits.c...847 (Large).JPG To: http://www.rbckits.c...847__Large_.JPG so most of the images work now no problems with that..... but... i still can not acces some image maps when i try in cc admain... file manager...image , the screen with folders appear.. then most folder are to be opened no problem, some however can not be openened the screen goes blank , no tabs showing for uploading etc .i only can go back with the browser back button so i think this is a cc problem ,.. dirty butter.. i have full acces to the problem folders in ftp or direct admin there is no problem showing, i can do all usual things with them also the folders are the same labeled (eg 711)as the other olders only problem is in cc i do not have acces to this folders to upload or select a image .. strange very strange as the folder contains images ... and the images are loaded in the matching products page (i have changed the broken images names by hand in the products page) but i can not select the image in the product page as the folder is not accesable ..... so i can not ad any product image in this folder i have to make new folders and subfolders of this articles outside the folder that should do it if i rename the folder in ftp , i can see the folder in cc but nothing shows up of the subfolders and images .. well i am not really good in websites etc etc i just design airplanes , but this folder problem is really very strange, and i can not solve it , fortunatly the shop works fine outside the problems , but cc should consider this renaming the image names as in v4 all worked ok so the upgrading is not 100% proof well anyone can shine a light on the non accessable folder problem ? Thans for the help btw the page is www.rbckits.com Rob
  10. never had this problem also not with V4 as we did all with v4 , even ... if we copy the folder is not accesable , even if we make a new folder with the same name it is not accesable , in direct admin no problem , renaming does help sometimes but then we have to do all again we have this on some subfolders , we have corrected picture filenames on non accesable folders and in the product page by hand so the pictures shows up , but i can not ad a new picture in this folders with cc the folders are normal accesable with direct admin i do not see any funny thing there , but i am just a amateur for this so what could be the problem ? we have this with folders 152vo , springertugs , if i do .. in the description tab : picture . the popup comes , klick on the picture in server tab, the the screen comes up with the image folders , i klick on a folder , when it is ok then the screen gives the tabs for uploading etc , if the folder is not ok , the screen goes blank with only a top url and url in the white border , nothing else i only can go baxk by closing the screen.. if you like i give you the pass etc you can look for yourselve as i do not understand it grt Rob
  11. yes this works , but a lot of work , should not be neccesary i think and .... more importand i do not have acces to some folders from withing cc the folders are ok what is this problem ? is there a work around ? this are image folders btw thanks rob
  12. well ... i have changed to my old server , and upgrading went without problems... but some pictures are dissapeared.. i have some manualy replaced this went ok another part i have folders for the pictures, i have again a folder with pictures and a subfolder i can not acces it in cc admin ( to upload a picture) it shows a blank screen, but in the shop some pictures are showing, but not all they are in the folder that i can not acces..via product / description then ad a picture ..the screen comes (picture settings) i choose the folder containing the pictures, then the screen that should show the contains of the map stays blank , now , i renamed the folder , then it shows the subfolder .. but no pictures .. they are there what is this problem ? i have more folders with the same problem, the file manager screen goes blank no tabs are showing only in the screen can it be the size of the folder ? http://www.rbckits.com/shop/admin.php?_g=filemanager&mode=fck&CKEditor=description&CKEditorFuncNum=2&langCode=nl&subdir=152vo i found out that it has renamed pictures wrong this is the code form the cc admin /shop/images/source/152vo/fooling/SH103559%20(Medium).JPG this is the direct admin SH103559__Medium_.JPG renaming to SH103559Medium.JPG makes the pictures vissible again but i still can not acces the folder from the admin or images part of cc ?? why not , the folders are not different than others ..? Any help ?
  13. changed the db should work then the images i found out is also a space issue, replaced with a _ it sometimes works when i have acces to the folders , i really do not know why and in what i have to change the settings for the folders strange i can not see the contents of some folders and i can not upload images to them , even in direct admin uploaded images do not show ... what is wrong ?
  14. hello images thumbnails and some products not showing up after upgrade 4 to 5 (they are there ) i have tried to get some permissions changed, but it doe s not seem to work, even for example the frontpage placing a new picture does not work , what are the options ? most of the upgrading went really ok i found out that i can upload a image in the main image folder , but i can not acces the folders that were created with the images setting permissions does not help any help is apprieciated www.rbckits.com thanks Rob btw get this error warnings File: [database.class.php] Line: [576] "SELECT COUNT(*) AS Count FROM ``CubeCart_inventory` AS `I` LEFT JOIN `CubeCart_option_matrix` AS `M` on `I`.`product_id` = `M`.`product_id`` WHERE use_stock_level = 1 AND (((I.stock_warning > 0 AND M.stock_level <= I.stock_warning) OR (I.stock_warning <= 0 AND M.stock_level <= 2)) OR ((I.stock_warning > 0 AND I.stock_level <= I.stock_warning) OR (I.stock_warning <= 0 AND I.stock_level <= 2)));" - Incorrect table name ''
  15. unfortunatly it does not work for me what to do ? any help , thanks
  16. anyone willing to help ? Thanks in advance Rob
  17. This is not working for me , is there any other way to get my logo showing thanks Rob
  18. Nobody has this problem encountered ??? , i have searched but can only find in cc3 something , i have tried that but it does not work had the cc5 installed , and it did work , but i can not use cc5 yet any help ?
  19. hello Everybody i am trying to install cc on a server wich has a msql server i get the error Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061) in E:\balsahout.eu\wwwroot\classes\db\db.php on line 45 Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061) i am not putting in localhost as this is not working , i can dial in a ip address or a mysql52.balsahout.eu but i keep getting the error and installing setting up stops , it looks like the setup does not take the other mysql as localhost anyone any thoughts about this Thanks in advance rob
  20. hello and the best wishes for all How can i add 1 or more extra zones to the shipping by weight module ? Any help is appricieated greets Rob
  21. So nobody knows to handle this in a normal manner ? Greets Rob
  22. Hello Robsta no double clicking just adding them in the menu with the product as a option and it really comes double , but it is not double in the ad product menu , and i can delet them cause in the menu the options are showing just as normal deleting them works ok no doubles then , i have not tried yet , but i am afraid after deleting and then put them in again it will be tripled , yes i click all buttons saving etc so i did not had this problem before until i started with assigning the options from 1 model to another ?? Thanks Rob
  23. anybody knows ? it is a problem even when addding by hand the extra options it is doubled many thanks Rob
  24. yep same problem , the problem came btw when i assigned product options from 1 model which had all , to other models , deleting the options has no use cause assigning them again have them doubled strange
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