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  1. I have a fresh install of CC 5.1.0. No modifications except to the skin css. The print order gateway in Firefox Mac shows a blank page (indicating a fatal php script error). Chrome on Mac shows this error message: Server error HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request. I emptied all caches, reloaded the files, checked the forums and bug tracker and it just doesn't work. Any suggestions to get this to happen?
  2. KirkM

    Tax on USPS

    Anybody? No one has this issue?
  3. I could really use this too. Anyone?
  4. My client is using UPS and USPS for shipping. In California, you must charge tax on shipping if it isn't an actual pass-through cost to the customer. In other words, if you add a handling fee, the whole thing is considered a service charge and is taxable. In the UPS module, you have the option to tax the UPS methods using the standard tax from the drop-down menu. In USPS, the handling fee box is there, but not the choice of the tax-ability of that shipping method. So it is not taxing the USPS shipping. Am I missing something?
  5. KirkM

    Customer Emails

    One of my store customers just reported the same thing. I have many stores with CC 4 and started way back in the early CC3 days. This thing is getting really buggy - I have all kinds of different problems with every store. Time to just give up and switch?
  6. My store clients want to allow purchases of out of stock items and then show backorder on items when they do partial shipments. I haven't dealt with this and haven't been able to find a good way to do it. Anyone have a method for this that they like and would share? Thanks much.
  7. Got it figured out. My server won't correctly use mail() and localhost for sending that registration email (although it is fine for bulk email and order status ???). When I switched to SMTP and the actual mailserver with authentication it worked.
  8. For some reason, the new registration emails have stopped being sent. All other email functions of the store are fine - order confirmations, order status changes, forgot password, bulk email customers, etc. All of them work. Just the registration emails don't go. I did an upgrade to 4.2.3 from 4.2.2 to see if that would fix it, but it didn't. Anybody else have this issue and, hopefully, a solution? Thanks.
  9. OK, I found a mistake on my end for the skipping part but now it says the Authorize.net ID or Password are not valid and I know they are. That gateway was one of the updated files. Somehow the module info isn't getting to the Authorize_AIM output. When I look at it in debug, it shows blanks for the send info and also shows auth_capture when the AIM module is set for auth_only. So it is apparently not seeing the info. So it appears that in 4.2.3, test mode does not work from the store to Authorize.net. If I go live in the store and turn on test mode at Authorize.net, it works. If you try test mode from the store, Authorize.net does not accept the login ID. Looks like an issue I need to put in Bug Tracker.
  10. OK, I found a mistake on my end for the skipping part but now it says the Authorize.net ID or Password are not valid and I know they are. That gateway was one of the updated files. Somehow the module info isn't getting to the Authorize_AIM output. When I look at it in debug, it shows blanks for the send info and also shows auth_capture when the AIM module is set for auth_only. So it is apparently not seeing the info.
  11. After going from 4.2.2 to 4.2.3, if you buy something at the store and try to checkout, it goes from the view of your basket right to the confirmation screen and skips all payment options. Nothing goes to the gateway (Authorize AIM) but the order is registered in the store as successfully processed when it isn't. I have gone over and over the updated files listed and can't find the issue. I do have some mods in the store but have very carefully checked the code in the changed 4.2.3 files and it seems OK. Any help here would be appreciated.
  12. That's what I originally thought, but it seems that every month, the base number changes. You could be right, though, since the lowest sales could change if they have a low month or the lowest month gets pushed out of the 12 months assessed (this store is over a year old). I still would like to figure out how to get it to just relate to zero instead of the lowest month.
  13. I am confused about the monthly statistics. It starts not from 0, but from a random dollar amount. I know it must have some logic to it and come from somewhere, but it doesn't make sense to me. Can anyone explain this and perhaps tell me how to get it to start with 0 (as my clients are requesting for their stores)? Thanks
  14. The stats on the store for the year lists each month sales with a relative starting point of $4827 as the baseline. The client just wants the bar graphs for each month to be relative to zero as the base line. How can I change admin/sources/sales.year.inc.php so that it does this? I looked around at it and don't quite understand the process. Thanks.
  15. Actually, you may find that it is: if your server looks like it supports dual php versions (There are 2 versions listed), and in this case, it may be set to the default of version 4 php. In order to get it working with php5 in this instance, you'll need to do a small .HTACCESS hack, to tell the server to use php5 as the default, and php4 as the exception. Your hosting company will be able to tell you what to do here. I can't help thinking that you may need a different version of the ioncube loader. When you say you have another working store on the same server, do you mean the exact same server, with the same domain? No, I mean www.anabol.com domain on the same server. Where do you see 2 versions of php listed? I've been running php 5.x for quite a while now and don't see any evidence of php 4 anywhere. The line "... PHP ≥ 4.3.0: 5.2.5" is from compat-test.php output meaning "is you php 4.3 or above: it is 5.2.5" I see no evidence of php 4 running on this box.
  16. Where did you get that? Actually, I'm running 5.2.5 so that isn't it. I also have another store V 4.1.1 on the same server and it works fine. www.anabol.com If you do www.nasports.com/store/compat-test.php you will get this: CubeCart 4 Requirements Test Ioncube Loader: Installed Zend Optimizer: Not Available GD Image Library: Version 2 PHP ≥ 4.3.0: 5.2.5 MySQL ≥ 4.1.0: 4.1.22 Congratulations. Your server is compatible with CubeCart v4 If all tests have a green result on the right, then your server should run CubeCart 4 without any problems.
  17. I did a fresh install of 4.1.1 and all looks good except that the slug page that is up when the store is off has a Warning on it: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/vhosts/nasports.com/httpdocs/store/index_enc_ion.php on line 52 Got all green lights on compat-test.php and encoder is set to ioncube. I also re-uploaded every relevant file in binary. You can see for yourself at www.nasports.com/store Thanks for any help on this.
  18. I need to have some sub categories that parent to multiple top level categories. For example, for a vitamin and supplement site, there are top level categories that are designed to allow customers to shop according to objective, kits or the type of product. Each of these has sub categories that contain groups of products and the products themselves are inside each of these sub categories. Since many of the sub category groups belong in the tree of sub categories in multiple other categories or sub categories, I need to be able to assign multiple categories to a sub category the same way you can assign multiple categories to a product. Anybody know how to do this? Thanks.
  19. KirkM

    Customer Emails

    I have that problem also. Any answers out there?
  20. See, it WAS a stupid question. There is no response page setting for CC4. You don't need to do that for Authorize.net version 3.1.
  21. Sorry if this is a really stupid question, but in version 3 with Authorize.net, the direct response page was confirmed.php. Since that doesn't exist in CC4, what is the valid response page to put in my Authorize.net settings?
  22. No. I did the sub-category as the product description and then each product is the size of the same thing. It is a little clunky, but it will work. The store isn't online yet, but the site is www.anabol.com. We hope to go live in the next couple of weeks. He has a LOT of products.
  23. Is it the default configuration for the Category descriptions NOT to show up? My fresh install of CC4.0.3 is not showing them either. That doesn't seem very logical. Why would you not have that in the template? If you don't want a description showing, you simply wouldn't put one in. Something is fishy here. EDIT: I just looked closely at the viewCat.tpl file and noticed something. There is an illegal tag in the page: <select class="dropDown" id="sortMethod" class="textbox"> See the problem? there are two class attributes. That's a no-no. I think this page needs tweaking. However, this is not the problem. There was a bug in the Categories in < 4.0.3 Kita Blue skin. My store skin was a custom mod of Kita Blue I took from a test install of 4.0.2 so it shows this flaw. If you upload the styleTemplates folder from 4.0.3, it will work. It solved it for me.
  24. I'm looking for some help from the talented minds out there. I'll try to make this clear and concise: I have a client who sells vitamins, supplements and body building amino acids, etc. He has each product in many different sizes, 60 tablets, 120 tablets, 240, tablets, 500 tablets, etc. AND also offers it in powders of all sizes. As you can guess, that makes a lot of combinations. I wish the options feature had one little additional parameter. I'll try to explain - Each product sold online is discounted from the list price and he wants to show the list price and the sale price FOR EACH SIZE OF EACH PRODUCT. CC4 does that, but only if you list each product size as a separate product. He (and I) don't want to do that. Waaay too much clutter and redundancy. If you use the options, then the price is listed for the smallest size and then you can add an option for each size and the additional cost. The problem is there is no way to indicate the discount being received off of normal list price in each of the additional sizes. What is needed is a Product with full description and a sort of hybrid option that is more of a sub-product that lists each size as a product to add to the basket and has the list price strikeout with discount price showing for each option within the product itself. Realizing this isn't really possible, anybody have a clever workaround to do something to sort of simulate this? Maybe someone has written a mod to address this type of situation? Maybe I'm an idiot and it is right in front of my face? I would be happy if any of these were true (I know the idiot part is). I can't imagine that this sort of thing isn't an issue with other stores selling clothes or packaged foods like candies or something where there would be different sizes and all and the full price needs to be listed for each instead of an option with an additional cost. I can only come up with doing sub-categories that are actually the product full description and the products attached to the sub-category (which is now a pseudo-prod desc) as just the name and size. I think it will work OK, but it isn't really as elegant a solution as I would like and adds an extra drill-down for the customer that I would like to avoid. All suggestions welcomed! Thanks.
  25. I now have this issue with CC3. Can you tell me where this mod is? I searched all over cubecart.org and can't seem to find it. I also checked Estelle's site and it doesn't appear to be there either. Thanks.
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