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  1. I am having the same problems, IPN for digital downloads is not working on my site. I get order failed after a transaction seemingly goes through. Emails are setup correctly and matching in both Paypal and CC. This is a fresh install... no strange codes have been added or anything that I am aware of. And it won't let me do a "Live transaction" because it says I can't use the same email addresses from CC and PP. lol any other possibilities?
  2. I am having the exact same problem. I am using Paypal IPN as I have digital downloads, and I can not get paypal to return to the store without "order failed" and leaving the order status pending inside the admin control area. I have both my emails matching in Paypal and CC. I have multiple accounts in Paypal and confirmed the correct email that I used in CC and still a no go. I was also doing "test mode" for paypal, but I can't test a live transaction because paypal says I can't use the same email addresses from cubecart/paypal for a transaction. How do you do a live transaction? lol
  3. I have been looking at services for more 'high risk' or 'adult' type payment plans. I sell photographs that may or may not have nudity and paypal recently declared it as a violation of TOS even though it's classified as Art. Anyway, eMerchantpay seems like a possible choice but CC doesn't support it. Does anyone know if a module exists for this?? I did a search on google with no luck.
  4. I am uploading some digital downloads for my store. Basically they are photo sets and video sets of different types of media. For example, I have photo sets that include different amounts of pictures of a set. And the videos are in different formats. I want to be able to allow customers to choose whcih option they'd like to download, but the prices will be different depending on which format or photo set amounts. How can I set up different download links depending on which option they choose to go with??
  5. To save time, here is the updated KILLER skin .TPL file. This should work in replacement of your own. I don't have time right now to look at the backup file and this file to go step by step, but this file will now remove the "BUY" button, "MORE" button, and the "PRICE" as well as the "$$$$$" amount next to the buy button/more button. Remember, the "MORE" button simply acts as a link, was always kind of pointless in my opinion. This also lines everything up just right so it doesn't look like something's missing. <!-- BEGIN: view_cat --> <div class="boxContent"> <span class="txtContentTitle">{TXT_CAT_TITLE}</span> <br clear="all" /> <!-- BEGIN: sub_cats --> <div id="subCats"> <!-- BEGIN: sub_cats_loop --> <span class="subCat"> <a href="index.php?act=viewCat&amp;catId={TXT_LINK_CATID}" class="txtDefault"><img src="{IMG_CATEGORY}" alt="{TXT_CATEGORY}" border="0" title="{TXT_CATEGORY}" /></a><br /> <a href="index.php?act=viewCat&amp;catId={TXT_LINK_CATID}" class="txtDefault">{TXT_CATEGORY}</a> ({NO_PRODUCTS}) </span> <!-- END: sub_cats_loop --> </div> <!-- END: sub_cats --> <br clear="left" /> <!-- BEGIN: cat_img --> <img src="{IMG_CURENT_CATEGORY}" alt="{TXT_CURENT_CATEGORY}" border="0" title="{TXT_CURENT_CATEGORY}" /> <!-- END: cat_img --> <div><strong>{LANG_CURRENT_DIR}</strong> {CURRENT_DIR}</div> <div class="pagination">{PAGINATION}</div> <!-- BEGIN: productTable --> <table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="3" class="tblList"> <tr> <td class="tdListTitle"><strong>{LANG_IMAGE}</strong></td> <td class="tdListTitle"><strong>{LANG_DESC}</strong></td> <td class="tdListTitle">&nbsp;</td> </tr> <!-- BEGIN: products --> <tr> <td align="center" class="{CLASS}"><a href="index.php?act=viewProd&amp;productId={PRODUCT_ID}" target="_self"><img src="{SRC_PROD_THUMB}" alt="{TXT_TITLE}" border="0" title="{TXT_TITLE" /></a></td> <td valign="top" class="{CLASS}"><a href="index.php?act=viewProd&amp;productId={PRODUCT_ID}" target="_self" class="txtDefault"><strong>{TXT_TITLE}</strong></a><br /> {TXT_DESC}<div class="txtOutOfStock">{TXT_OUTOFSTOCK}</div></td> </tr> <!-- END: products --> </table> <!-- END: productTable --> <!-- BEGIN: noProducts --> <div>{TXT_NO_PRODUCTS}</div> <!-- END: noProducts --> <div class="pagination">{PAGINATION}</div> </div> <!-- END: view_cat -->
  6. I have actually looked there, and i couldn't find anything. I was hoping it was an easy template edit... :wacko:
  7. Okay, I want to use only the options feature for my products. Each product has different options, and I do not want customers being confused by the base price that is listed next to each product when they click on a category. How do I remove these "Buy" and "More" buttons, as well as "Price" and the actual $$$ amount next to the item listing? (See picture) KILLER SKIN
  8. is plain as day to me, besides, if anyone had any doubt, there would be nothing stoping them from contacting support for clarification. I've done this in the past when I've not been sure about things. Apparently, there was some doubt, hence the reason I posted. The confusion was that this says "eligibility", which is not a guarantee. I just wanted to make sure, because " * Never expires (True one time cost)" is much more clear. I've been caught off guard before with some forum software that the license expires and soon after the expiration an entirely new version came out which changed practically everything. It would be similar to cc3 to cc4 update. So, I just wanted to verify. Thanks
  9. What about this?? http://www.cubecart.com/features Go to the "Cost" section at the bottom. Cost Software Licence $129.95 Copyright Removal Key (Optional) $89.95 Software Licence + 1 Copyright Removal Key Bundle $179.95 Save $39.95 Installation Service (Optional) $59.95 Upgrade Service (Optional) $59.95 Upgrade Eligibility All Releases of v4 30 Day Unlimited Trial (Expires after 30 Days) I think CUBECART should clarify the licensing and upgrade options better. This statement is rather confusing as it does not specifically say what expires after 30 days. And it's just my opinion they might get more sales if they say the license is non-expiring BEFORE someone goes through the steps to make an actual order. Hmm...
  10. If you're doing a "deal a day" try doing an archive of what you've done in the past. I would want to see what other "deals" you've done. This will make it seem less like a scam. I don't want to visit a site each day to see what the "deal" is only to find that it's the same stuff repeated or unchanged.
  11. If you purchase CC4, how long does the license last? For instance, with some software, you purchase a license, and you only get 1 year of updates (IF, they update). How is the CC4 license setup? I couldn't find a specific term related to this in the license agreement.
  12. I am looking to upgrade to Cubecart 4, however, I have CC 3.0.13 currently running on dreamhost just fine. However, I noticed that the requirements have changed for cubecart 4. My admin window in CC3 says: PHP Version: 4.4.8 MySQL Version: 5.0.67-log Server Software: Apache/1.3.37 (Unix) mod_throttle/3.1.2 DAV/1.0.3 mod_fastcgi/2.4.2 mod_gzip/ PHP/4.4.8 mod_ssl/2.8.22 OpenSSL/0.9.7e Client Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20080702 Firefox/ But somewhere on my dreamhost page it said they do support PHP 5, why does it not show this on my CC3 admin? Am I capable of running CC4? How can I find out for sure??
  13. For some reason I have stopped receiving emails when orders are placed. Luckily, PAYPAL emails me when payments have been made. I've checked the cart and sure enough orders are there, but I am not getting my order emails anymore. Is there a way to check and see if they're being sent at all?? It might be my server, but I doubt it because my message forum is on the same server and I get my emails when people post new topics and such. Just not from the cart. Thanks in advance!!
  14. no I really dont need that route, need something more local for my store to basically block them from having a buy option.
  15. Okay, I got some A-hole who purchased from my store last month and now did a charge back a month later after it was delivered. He's now claiming it was unauthorized, yet it was sent to his house and everything. So I am going through a dispute with Paypal.... Anyway, here is my problem. This is the second time a similar situation has occured, and there is nothing I can do, except get the satisfaction of banning these fraudulent terds. Is there a way to BAN them from placing an order, or have a catagory that we as ADMIN's can place them in? Like a category that says "banned" and if the buyer is in this category they're not allowed to view the store or add items to the basket? I don't need to ban his IP address because it's pointless to even attempt. I need him banned within the store by his address. So if he gets smart and tries to sign up again it will not work because his shipping address is banned or put into a log file that shows banned addresses or something!!!! If there isn't a way to do this, there really needs to be, admins are powerless in their own stores! I've also checked cubecart.org! I would have paid big bucks for something like this! Thanks guys!!
  16. yeah i uploaded all the files.... I did however reupload the "cart.php" in the root directory because the sizes were not matching up and it is now proceeding through. Have to say, this has been the hardest upgrade i've done out of the handful this year...not because of cubecart, but because of my darn ftp program or server. LOL Thanks peeps!
  17. When a customer or myself clicks on "View Basket", we get a blank page. We can not get to step2 The URL shows: http://www.store.net/store/cart.php?act=step2 but nothing shows up. What's the problem?? What's the fix? 3.0.13
  18. Just a little heads up since this was NOT in any instructions on the upgrade, nor is it readily available. I wanted to let everyone know I had gotten an error message using the AUTO method of the upgrade (using upgrade.php) Fatal error: Call to undefined function: blocker() in /home/.chat/site/site.net/store/admin/login.php on line 67 This error does not allow you to access your login and some even had to reinstall their entire store because of this error. This is because the /classes/db.inc.php file did not upload or overwrite properly for some reason. So BEFORE you panic, RE-UPLOAD this file!! Do NOT freak out and remove your store all together. I paniced but luckily was able to fix the problem. It did however take several uploads to get it to finally overwrite.... I am using SmartFTP 2.0 also for those curious.
  19. do you know which table or whatever it is that i need to edit?
  20. Okay, I am trying to edit the customer information. Customers are asking me to change their delivery address. When I go to customers, I can edit their invoice information (if it lets me), but there is no option to change the delivery address. Is there an option to do this, or a file I can edit??? This is becoming a problem for some reason as many of the users are complaining that they're not able to change their address, and an ADMIN should be able to do this fairly easily.... hmmmm Thanks in advance!!!
  21. Latest version of CC and some orders that are "processing" still don't update the stock count. The payment gateway also does not always work. I use PAYPAL Standard only. I get payments sometimes and it still says "Pending".
  22. I just recently discovered an error with zip codes. Here is the error message I received from a customer: Request XML: <RateV2Request USERID="5LADYS62" PASSWORD="o"><Package ID="0"><Service>PRIORITY</Service><ZipOrigination>77450</ZipOrigination><ZipDestination>77450-1234</ZipDestination><Pounds>0</Pounds><Ounces>1</Ounces><Container>Flat Rate Envelope</Container><Size>Regular</Size></Package></RateV2Request>Return XML:<?xml version="1.0"?> Response XML: <RateV2Response><Package ID="0"><Error><Number>-2147219497</Number><Source>DomesticRatesV2;RateEngineV2.ProcessRequest</Source><Description>Please enter a valid ZIP Code for the recipient. </Description><HelpFile></HelpFile><HelpContext>1000440</HelpContext></Error></Package></RateV2Response> Now, I created a test account with a zip code 90210-1234 and discovered the problem is the "-1234" portion. When it is removed, the error stops and processes the order like normal. before then, the order is not placed and that error message is displayed. Is there a fix for this error as I do not want to lose impatient customers because they added their entire zip and post office codes?? Thanks!!
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