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  1. Hi sachie, could you please pm me the url of your store- I'm currently working as a Labview Developer, and also have a background in Automation and are always on the lookout for good uk suppliers. Good luck with the Google indexing - personally a link from these forums is usually enough to kick things off :-) Cheers! Jason
  2. Only to echo Alans comments, CubeCart is a very worthy system. If you've got Fantasico with your hosting, you should be able to get a basic installation in about 2 minutes... Even with the traditional FTP/Install script installation, it is fairly quick - the "trickiest bit" being knowing the mySQL database details (which you'll also have on Zen/OSc etc). There is a growing documentation project at www.cubecartforums.org which describes the basics on the template system and style sheets used. This forum is to really discuss the basic functionality of CC, with the www.cubecartforums.org forum mainly discussing commercial and free 3rd party mods/skins. My advice would be to do a rough install, and check-out the functionality inside the admin panel and from a customers pov. Jason
  3. vokf


    Agreed on the above... however: I propose a vote on alternative languages that really need to be added.. Howabout: Elmer Fudd, Swedish Chef, Gansta, Chav (probably not relevant to non-UK peeps here), txt spk and I'm sure Star Trek geeks will want Klingon. Jason
  4. There is also a free "fixcatcount" script (google for it) which will update the category counts. When I do a bulk import, my code automatically appends the SQL statements on the prev post, and then I run the fixcatcounts script - all is then ok :-) Jason
  5. Hi, It sounds like you need to check out the 3rd Party resources section of this forum. Lots of skins/mods availiable in both sites. Some are free, your £50 budget should be ok, but I don't know of a shipping mod that works by postcode. Obviously, something crude could be done using the first few letters, but it does depend on how far the free shipping area covers I also run a few UK stores, and have a few fav mods. Its not really worth removing modules for the sake of a few MB, although I sometimes take out some Payment modules and languages. Jason
  6. I've been testing V4beta for the last few weeks, and it is much, much better. Many of the common gripes have been taken on board, and there are quite a few new features. However, the licencing info has not been released. I'd personally hold off until the licencing for V4 is offically announced by Al. No timescale to releasing V4 has been anounced - they have promised a secuity audit of the code, which will take a while, and I expect there will be documentation to write. My (uninformed) opinion is that there are many V3 licence holders, and to offer V4 for a free or v.v. cheap price can't really happen (V4 has cost money to develop). I would expect some kind of discount though. I doubt you'll be able to purchase a licence for at least another month, unless they run out of bugs and already have documentation complete Jason
  7. Hi, You should be able to clone the Print Order form (change the directory name..) and CC appears to use the directory name to build the reference in the database for the settings. If the Print Order Form gateway meets your requirements without any code change, you only need to clone the directory (in /admin/modules/gateways AND /modules/gateways) and enable it :-) I used this method to create a new Gateway, similar to the PayPal one, but for a different company. I had to do some simple code changes but mainly for visuals. Jason
  8. vokf

    Bye Cubecart

    Hi Guy, it sounds like you've got problems with the Pear set-up on your server. Reading your prev posts, it looks like a server problem. You do have the option of paying Devilon for support - or visiting the 3rd party forums and asking one of the experienced coders there to assist - I've done this for a PayPal issue last year. I do feel that if your hosting company can make a change that breaks your store, you'll contiune to have problems. Obviously sometimes things go wrong, but a cPanel update shouldn't mess up CubeCart - if it did, these forums would be swamped with people complaining (myself included!) If your store is about to go live, surely a better solution would be to move hosts to somewhere that is known to work well with CC. Restarting with Zen/CRE will take quite a bit of time, and the recent problems you've seen could appear again. Obviously, if you've only just started, you've got little to lose - and perhaps Zen/CRE are worth looking at. If Zen/Cre uses Pear, you could also have the same problem.. Jason
  9. vokf

    Site Re-Vamp

    Nice - I note you're using the 3rd party skin. The header and product images look really good. Lose the Language box - unless you plan to offer multiple languages. Not much else to say - but I like your products - any chance of MotoGP bikes?? Jason
  10. No - CC3 will run all mods, regardless of the license. If you've not completed installation of the mod, carry on. The 3rd party mod menu is created by some mods (so it may simply appear once you've finished). Essentially, you need to contact the mod author for support- or discuss 3rd party mods in www.cubecartforums.com Jason
  11. The mis-spelt names should be fixable, but not easily! There is a php (and mySQL) function called SOUNDEX(), which is kinda what your after (google soundex() for more info) Best ask in the 3rd party mods forum. Jason
  12. You can import using CSV files using phpMyAdmin. There is a tutorial on this on the web google; import your inventory from csv cubecart This is fine for the rare import - as its a few stages, and will require a little bit of fiddling with your CSV file. If you're not happy playing with SQL statements, there is also a 3rd party CSV mod which will do this - see the 3rd Party mod sections for information. Jason
  13. I used to use an ASP based cart, which had an affiliate module built-in - I was fairly surprised to find that CC didn't have one. Perhaps someone should ask over at cubecartforums.org - if there is enough interest, someone may code it as a commercial mod. Jason
  14. Hi, Have you upgraded CC from an older version, or edited any files? Some of the CC upgrades also require a few tweaks to the database (this .sql file is included with the download) I note you've been a member for quite a while - when did it stop working? Jason
  15. Hi! GD is a library - so basically a program that CubeCart (and other scripts) uses to manipulate images. When you upload an image via the Admin Panel (as opposed to using FTP), CubeCart will resize the image twice. The first is placed into /images/uploads, and is the main product image. The 2nd image is the thumbnail, and is placed into /images/uploads/thumbs You should try setting GD version to 2, and then uploading an image - if you get no error messages, all is ok. Otherwise, try GD try version 1. The other GD settings concern allowing GIF support. Without going into too much detail, the main compression system used by GIF was patented, and up until a few years ago, legally creating GIF files was expensive. I think the Patent is not enforced or has lapsed now. Basically, set GIF support to YES. The other settings should be fairly simple - thumbnail size, and max image size (if you upload a 2048x1024 image - what should it resize it to) The quality setting can be left at 80, a lower setting will lower graphic quality for JPG images, with the advantage of a smaller filesize. Ok. for your scenario.. You can either tweak the store, so it does not generate thumbnails, or manually FTP the images up. The thumbnail image should have the same filename as the main image, but pre-fixed with thumb_ ie: thumb_Car1.jpg I can't think why you can't upload images via FTP. What client are you using? Can you upload files to other areas of the site? Hopefully this info will help you out. Jason
  16. vokf

    New CC Lingerie Store

    Anything in your size, Brivtech? (sorry, I couldn't resist it!) Jason
  17. That is not strictly true (for UK anyway) A prior relationship (sale. or even email/phone contact) is basically enough: (taken from http://www.ico.gov.uk/what_we_cover/privac...the_basics.aspx Obviously, respecting the customers wishes is primary. Jason
  18. I'll look at this later, but this should be an SQL UPDATE - or an easy DELETE from CubeCart_history` WHERE id='1'; Jason
  19. I agree, most places (including MSN product search) appear to cater for the Google Product feed without any changes. When I looked at pricerunner etc, they all could handle Googles Froogle feed (obviously, this was a year or so ago). I hacked the current (v3) Google Base and made it into a standalone .php file, so I can just hit the file. (I also use the "brand" field which pulls in the category name - which is close enough for my needs). CC v4 has catalog export function, which will export for Google and a few other comparison sites. Jason
  20. vokf

    UK Floods

    Hi Everything, 5 years ago, I spent lots of time on a printing project at LinPac Sacks in Horncastle - It's very flat there, good job, as the company car was loaded with kit. Horncastle was a ghost town on a tuesday night, everywhere shut early :-( I hope the weather tails off for you guys soon. The BBC site reports 4 dead. It very sad that flooding is still a big problem. Jason
  21. This can be done in .htaccess - DONT USE CPANEL to password protect directories if you're using the SEO Mod, as Cpanel will overwrite it! Its only a text file, so you can edit in notepad. Failing that- make a backup of the existing .htaccess file, disable SEO mod, and then allow cPanel to password protect the directory, then merge the backup and new .htaccess file. Another method to help would be to consider one of the 3rd party mods. I think there is one that allows different pricing, depending on user (so you could have retail, drop-shippers, trade groups etc) This will save you having 2 different stores. Jason
  22. You need to download the images and tweak in your paint program. Most paint programs can tint images- and it should be fairly quick. You'll then need to edit the stylesheets, and tweak the background colours. This may take a bit longer. The colours are Red Green Blue in Hexadecimal format. ie #FF0000 is red, #00FF00 is green, #0000FF is blue ect. I advise copying the colour code to your paint program to check what colour it is- tweak to your required colour, and then change all instances in the style sheet. Its not too difficult. Its a good way to learn about Skins and the basics of Style Sheets. I do advise copying the existing skin, renaming the folder as a different name, and selecting that as the skin. If you mess things up, you're not messing up the original. Jason
  23. Hi Brivtech, Yep - I wondered if it was locked to a domain. The CCP doesn't mention a domain, only an IP address and machine name - whereas my CC3 licenses show domain names. I'll PM AL (I didn't want to hassle him) - if he can tell me where I originally installed it, I can put it back... Or preferably, revoke the old license and issue one for the test domain. Thanks, Jason
  24. Hi, I initially had CC4 running on a sub-domain, but then created a new account on a spare domain name. I've been unable to access ACP (Error 4 as below). I've doubled checked the licence key - and it matches. I've removed key.php and used a different browser to hit /admin.php (this action re-builds key.php in the root) I've also cleared out the /cache directory (although I don't think admin writes to it) The IP/Machine address for the licence (as on the CubeCart Customer CP) matches the server. The install is using Zend, although I've set it to IONCUBE with no apparent change. The front-end store works as expected. I'm still getting: License key error 4. License key doesn't match key.php file. The value of $glob['license_key'] in includes/global.inc.php may be incorrect. Please visit http://www.cubecart.com for support. CC4 did run on this server (once I fixed the functions.inc.php error), and I could access the ACP. Is the license key bound to a specific domain (or subdomain)? If so, I need to try to remember where my initial install was I don't really consider this a bug, more of an information thing - if I have to install it where to licence key is bound to, thats fine. Jason
  25. Ok.. Inside the ioncube directory, there should be 2 PHP files. Run ioncube-loader-helper.php from your browser ie: www.yourdomain.tld/ioncube/ioncube-loader-helper.php This script should verify that ioncube is running. If its not running, or you see error messages, post back here. It may be that the server is set-up to not allow this type of set-up. It may also be worth chatting to your hosting company. They should have no problems with installing Zend Optimiser - its pretty simple, and lowers server overhead for PHP files (so they can cram more sites on the server...) Let us know how you get on. Jason
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