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  1. Lots of png/gif/ie6 stuff on Google.... A google search for: ie6 transparency fix Should help..
  2. Very pleased with it so far. I'm also moving servers, so busy. The Zend/IonCube documentation needs a bit of a tweek. It wasn't immediently apparent which IonCube .so file was needed (the IonCube helper files provide this info, if you run them). I've spotted a few problems on the store skins, but love the new ones! The Caching system works well. I've noticed customers no longer need to log in - the Checkout process looks much better, and we should be able to hide any buttons not required. However, things like alternative checkouts (Google and PayPal) threw me, most unexpected! One of my stores has 1500+ products, so I'm looking forward to importing those to see how it fares. Jason
  3. Your username/password/database name is incorrect. If you set-up the database yourself, double-check they are correct, if your host set up the database give them a call and ask them for the info. The database server is normally localhost - so that is one variable less to worry about! Jason
  4. Hi, Ok, a quick look at Readyhosting tells me that they offer Windows hosting. Installing CC on a Windows server is possible, but can be a bit tricky. The main problem is that you can't change file/directory permissions via FTP (you can do this on Linux hosting). CubeCart requires: PHP and mySQL installed on the server. Readyhost mention mySQL databases, but not PHP (although I may have missed this from checking out their site) For a typical install, you'll need to create a mySQL database and note down the username & password. You'll then ftp the files to the server and run the install script. The install will need the username & password for the mySQL database, and will then write these values to a file (global.inc.php). I'm not familar with dump.sql, but its probably a list of database commands to create the tables needed by CC. I'm an ex-Windows guy, I used to develop Windows web apps. However, I've been using Linux hosting for a few years now and prefer it to Windows. To be totally honest, unless you really, really need Windows hosting (for ASP, .net etc), then Linux hosting is best for CubeCart (although V4 is supposed to play well with Windows) Fantasico is a plug-in for cPanel. cPanel is a hosting control panel (google it). Fantastico provides a list of many web based applications (Cubecart being one) that you can install very quickly. Not FTP, no manual database creation, no install script. Quick and easy :-) If you have a control panel for your Windows hosting, and can create a mySQL database, and change file/directory permissions, it is possible to run CubeCart. This difficulty will be the same for most other PHP/mySQL carts, ie Zen and OSc will also have the same problem (if not worse!) People do get CC running under Windows, and if you find out some more info on your hosting you may get a better answer. Jason
  5. You'll have to be a bit more specific than that.... Also, your CAPS keys is stuck on. To get help, you need to describe what is happening (or not). -Error messages? -Site URL? -Is it a new install, or upgrade? If you're doing a new install, and you have CPanel hosting, you can probably use "Fantastico" to install. If you don't have this feature on your hosting, there are some installation instructions from the download section of this site. You'll also find the search facility helpful in answering many new questions - they've probably be asked, and answered before. I hope this is helpful, Jason
  6. Hi, CubeCart can be used for much more than a simple 2-product cart. Using the SiteDocs, you can create new content easliy, without messing about with FTP. If you ever need to add more products, or options, or want to offer multiple payment systems, CubeCart is a great place to start. Check out some of the free and commercial skins and mods on the 3rd Party Sites (listed in this forum). However, if you only every want to sell 2 products (ie no variants. Ever.), it might be easier to use the built-in PayPal/NoChex/Google Payment shopping cart. This will mean you'll have to build your own site, so any updates will require editing the page, updating links, and FTPing the files up to the server. You could go down the CMS route which makes management easier-but again, this could be overkill, depending on what you're selling. I can personally recommend "CMS Made Simple" as a fairly easy to use system - but again, possibly overkill for a rarely changing site of a few pages. However, if the main aim of your site is to sell your products, CC is a good choice. Jason
  7. Its not a stupid question. I guess you used to write cheques - they had all the info on them. Companies often pay suppliers/staff via BAX (not to sure if this is international - but common in the uk) If you became a supplier typical UK company, they would probably request your bank details to pay you direct. Customers need your sort code, account number and possibly your bank address (international customers may need the Swift code) I don't know how people could get money out of your account just by knowing your bank details. I'd be interested to know what the banks say about this though.... Jason
  8. I've just modified the "Print Order form" template to include info on Bank Transfer. You include your bank details, and if the customer opts to pay in this manner, the page prints out with all the info they need. Jason
  9. Very nice site, but you do need to make the copyright message the correct size and colour (or contrast). The style is named "txtCopyright". Better still - pay to have it removed. The cost of CC vs hosting, stock etc is pretty minimal considering how much it does. Jason
  10. From my untrained eye, it looks like CubeCart 2 (or even earlier) Support for CC2 looks to have been dropped from this site (we're on the verge of CC4!) However, someone should be able to tell you what cart its using, and if some kind of transfer is possible. If its CC2, there are people that offer CC2 to CC3 conversion -this would be a 3rd party service, so check out the sites under "Hacks, Modifications, Skins and 3rd Party Services" If you have FTP access, more info should be in the php files. Jason
  11. LOL! It's only a 4 hour drive for me 20 mins from here... Although I don't fancy staggering home down the M11!
  12. Do your own research. You can install and test CubeCart for free. It looks like ClickCart Pro don't offer a free trial (you could contact them and ask though..) However, they do have a demo. If you're only selling one product, a PayPal link may be enough on a simple web page. One thing to bear in mind - search for ClickCart on google - I'm getting just over 14,000 pages. Try CubeCart, and I get 1,790,000. You can install CubeCart, and use it for free. In fact, if you have hosting using CPanel, you can probably install it using Fantastico, which will get you up and running very quickly. If you decide to trial CubeCart, post back if you get stuck (in the relavant forum) and you should get help. There is also a commercial mod to convert osC to CubeCart. Visit cubecart.org for an example of 3rd party mods. I've used Zen, oSC and other carts. CubeCart is easy to use and install. It does have a few shortcomings, but the new V4 is looking great. Jason
  13. vokf


    What options have you tried? You have SMTP and mail() Select SMTP and set the server to localhost Ensure the port is 25 Leave username/password blank for now.. If its not working, you'll need to enter your email login details: username: [email protected] & password. This should work. If Zen worked out of the box, you shouldn't need username/password. Jason
  14. Hi, You need to continue promotion of your store as normal. Google will pick up the change in content and it will be fine. Change/add your signature for this (and any other forums that allow it) to include your store URL as a link. If you look at your logs/stats, you'll see that google is continuing to crawl your site, and if you dig deep into your raw logs, you should see GOOGLEBOT hitting some of the pages. If you've not done so, consider setting up a sitemap. Visit sitemaps.org for a bit more info. There are web-based sitemap generators (free, but you'll have to re-run every time you make a change) or commercial cc sitemap generators (visit one of the 3rd party cc sites for info) The sitemap will assist google/msn/yahoo to crawl deeper inside your site, and from what I've seen of your store (many products), it will be a big help. Jason
  15. It depends, you can either have it compulsory (include it in the shipping price), or add it as a product option. I try to stay clear of product options, simply because its not that easy to use as a store owner. However, if you only have one or two "add-on" options, you should be ok. Incidentally, are you aware that Royal Mail will offer compensation for "lost" post, up to ~£30 providing you have proof of posting (ask for this when at the post office - its free) Jason
  16. PayPal: Log into the PayPal account, Profile->Website Payment Preferences. Change Encrypted Website Payments to OFF. Store location: Edit /includes/config.inc.php , you need to change the store URL and the physical location. Adding HTML to product descriptions: When editing a product, click the HTML button on the RTE. Editing the front page: You'll need to change the file permissions for this file. The home page is stored as a file, but the other site documents are stored in the database (so no permission change is required) Change the permissions on /language/en/home.inc.php to 777, then change back to 644 You'll find more help by searching these forums. Most basic questions have already been asked. Jason
  17. I guess you've not checked the 3rd party mods that I suggested a few days ago? There is a commercial mod on cubecart.org to do exactly what you want. http://www.cubecart.org/directory/index.ph...1-s&reset=1 Jason
  18. There are mods to allow different prices, depending on the customer logged into the store, ie Retail customers see retail prices, and wholesalers see another. Check out one of the 3rd party sites listed for details. Jason
  19. That will require a mod. Depending on how deep you want to go, it could a few changes. The actual change is fairly simple - just adding a condition to query, but there are category views, latest product view, search results, random product (featured product) listings to take care of. Its probably best to check out the 3rd party forums - if its not a mod, someone should be able to help you or code it for you. Jason
  20. Hi, Have the products been added via CSV (or direct into the database?), ie not using the CC admin? The duplicate products have the same ID. If you view the products in CC Admin, filtering by Category "Gender Neutral", do you see the same product duplicates - and do they have the same values? It could also be a mod gone wrong :-) Have you changed "view_cat.php" in the includes directory? if so, could you back it up, and swap back the original as a test? Jason
  21. Hi, It sounds like the GD library's are not installed on the server. In the CC admin, click on Misc>Server Info There should be a section named "GD", and it should be marked as Enabled. If you can't see it - ask your web host to install it: Details are; http://www.boutell.com/gd/ GD is used by many scripts (not just CC) to perform various image manipulations on the server. Its pretty easy to install (so your web host shouldn't complain!) In the meantime, you *may* be able to set CC so that it doesn't us GD. Check General Settings>GD Settings>GD Version = N/A You'll have to create your own thumbs, but Irfanview etc will do batch resize, and just upload to the thumbs directory (rename the files as "thumb_mainfilename.jpg"). Hope this helps, Jason
  22. vokf

    New store

    pshawny: The UK Policy is different; https://www.paypal.com/uk/cgi-bin/webscr?cm...e&ed=mature I'm not too sure why - I was always under the impression they shyed away from Adult stuff because of fraud. If the OP does find PayPal are ok, or find a different Payment procesor, it would be interesting if he could post back. I gave up a while ago- my business bank wanted stupid (7% +£200 setup) commission rates for a merchant account (this was without telling them what I'd be selling). The setup fee was acceptable though. Jason
  23. vokf

    New store

    I just thought it should be pointed out. Not many people read the small print. The other store is probably not aware either. Just be aware that if PayPal find out, and don't approve, they can close your account. If not - I'm afraid there are not many low costs options for taking payment for adult gear (short of Cheque/PO etc). Jason
  24. vokf

    New store

    Hi, Doesn't PayPal close accounts on stores selling Adult gear? I'm asking as I was close to doing one a while ago, but reading their Mature AUP, its a no-no: "You may not use PayPal in the purchase or sale of, or receipt of donations for, any obscene or sexually oriented goods or services." If you've not cleared your store through PayPal, make sure you don't annoy any customers... Jason
  25. Hi, You should be able to use a normal email client on your Mac. Being a PC heathen <grin>, I've got no idea what you'd use, but anything that supports POP3 or IMAP will be fine. Normally the mail server is mail.yourdomain.com (SMTP and POP3/IMAP) and you should have your own email address and password. If not, go into CPanel and create a new email address. On the store, the Email settings depend on your host. Normally localhost is fine for the SMTP server. You may need to enter the username and password for your email account - but try it without it first. Hope this helps, Jason
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