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  1. I'm not too sure... I've got a customer who is having PayPal problems, but I've yet to find out what is happening. Its hard to work out if I'm getting an abandoned cart (customer worried about paypal screen and closing the browser), or there is a tech problem with PayPal/CC. Either way I don't get a paid order, but if the reason for order failure is a technical issue it needs addressing... This 3005 error - is there some kind of error log, or is it only displayed on the paypal purchase page? I can't find a detailed log on the paypal site. Jason
  2. vokf

    Firefox Problem

    I suspect your code is slightly wrong, Wimpy runs fine on FF (providing you have flash installed) - I've just visited the site. There are some differences in your code, and of course, we can't see wimpy.php - which I think is also important. Trim out everything you don't need (skins and other options)- just leave the essentials. I'd recommend creating a single page (no cubecart) and getting that running first. The Wimpy site's homepage has their player running, and I note you're missing the following parameter; <embed src=" Jason ps- love the store so far, I might be tempted to buy a track when you get the samples running!
  3. vokf


    There is a "related products" mod on .org This currently won't do what you want, but will display a list of products that are related the one being viewed. This can automatically "guess" related products, or you can manually add them. With a mod to that mod (The author should be able to help), you should be able to get it going.. I use the related products mod on my gear4mobiles.co.uk store in automatic mode. Hope this helps, Jason
  4. Edit /language/en/lang.inc.php (or what ever your store language is) Find 'no_prods_in_cat' , this should read as : 'no_prods_in_cat' => "There are no products in this category.", Edit the text in the quotes (or just make into "" for no message), and upload. Remember to back-up any changed files. Most store and admin messages are stored in this file, so if there are any other messages, you tweak to suit. Hope this helps, Jason
  5. Not easily.. there is a shareware tool named NaviCat that will allow XML import to mySQL databases. Its a on 30-day trial, so if its a one-off import, its worth a go. Note, you will need to know your way around database tables and sql statements.. Otherwise, if you can convert XML to CSV, there is a commercial mod on .org. I've also recently uploaded 1400+ products to a store using CSV - however, this involved lots of spreadsheet work to get the categories semi-right. If you're getting a regular feed from a supplier, you may want to request a mod in .org , or pay for someone to write it for you. Jason
  6. Hi Zev, please re-read your post of today @ 4.03pm - all the info is there. You'll need to FTP into the site, and download the following file: /skins/Killer/styleSheets/layout.css Edit on your PC (as my last post) and upload via FTP, overwriting the original file. Let us know how you get on, Jason OK i transfered the layout .css on to the desk top,the only way i can open it is in notepad (codes),is that what i need? i can't open in photo shop ,is that correct? thanks Z Yes - its a text file, notepad is fine. Change the height as previously mentioned, and save the file. Upload to your server, refresh your browser and you should be done. Jason
  7. Hi Zev, please re-read your post of today @ 4.03pm - all the info is there. You'll need to FTP into the site, and download the following file: /skins/Killer/styleSheets/layout.css Edit on your PC (as my last post) and upload via FTP, overwriting the original file. Let us know how you get on, Jason
  8. Its a one-off fee. You can run a store without licencing- but this will mean keeping the copyright messages on the page title and footer. I'd recommend getting your store up and running, and once you're happy with CubeCart, then pay the small reg fee which will automatically remove the copyright messages. Jason
  9. It sounds like your host has enabled safe mode for PHP. If you google for "open_basedir restriction in effect", you'll see that its a common error (not a cubecart problem), and the main answer is to contact your webhost and ask them to tweak the server. Jason
  10. great jason, so do i have to be locked in to the same size? suppose i like to put some text logo,what do i need to change? and can you help show me where to insert this? please ,i just started this two days ago and i have done quiet a bit. thanks z Hi Zev, To edit the logo size, you need to edit the layout.css file (as the instructions above) At the moment, you'll find something like this: #topHeader { text-align: right; height: 100px; background-image: url(../styleImages/backgrounds/topHeader.gif); background-repeat: no-repeat; } Ok... The width is fairly unimportant, but the height does need to be specified. The image is actually a background image, so if you don't set the height correctly, the store will be laid over the top of your logo. The height is expressed in pixels - the CC logo is 100 pixels high. If your new logo is 145 pixels high, change height to read; #topHeader { text-align: right; height: 145px; background-image: url(../styleImages/backgrounds/topHeader.gif); background-repeat: no-repeat; } Hope this helps, Jason
  11. Find the "topHeader.gif": /skins/Killer/styleImages/backgrounds/ (I assume you can FTP into the site?) Download topHeader.gif and edit in your graphics program. Keep the same size (otherwise you'll have to change some code). Upload over the top of the old "topHeader.gif". Then, visit your site, you may have to re-load the page (CTRL-F5 or just F5), and your new logo should appear... If this doesn't work, post back Hope this helps, Jason
  12. You may be able to get it to 2% using a merchant account, but you'll have set-up fees, and may also have a monthly charge. If you include these fees in your transaction costs, you may find the actual costs are higher than PayPal. BTW. PayPal is actually 3.4% + £0.20, so for a £5 transaction, you'll pay £0.37 - the US PayPal site appears to offer 2.9% + $0.30USD For low value items, the £0.20 is a killer. If you're UK based, then NoChex offer 2.9% + £0.20 per transaction, so for a £5 transaction, you'll pay £0.345 This won't help low value goods that much, but its a start.. Other choices could be to use Mals Gateway to take (and hold) credit card details for you to process offline. With PayPal and other processors, it does get cheaper as you process more sales. Jason
  13. vokf

    Stock system

    Google appears to throw up mainly shopping carts with stock control. This looks interesting: http://officetrio.com/um-stock.php However, its not free, but I guess if you need a decent stock control system you must be prepared to part with some cash - or write your own. For me, CubeCart keeps track of my limited stock fine, others may opt to use an accounting package with a stock control module. Jason
  14. Hi - I also think this would be a good idea. Some people get confused by the jump to PayPal, and sometimes a quick email is enough to re-assure them to purchase. Currently, I have to ask them to re-order.... Pretty pointless when they have their order on the system. Jason
  15. Hmm, it works here. I don't have the Information Box, so I've used the Mailing List ... 'mailing_list' => "<img src='/images/logos/ccLogo.gif' alt='Store information'>", I didn't get an error, and the ccLogo was shown as the title of the Mailing list box. I'm using the current release of CC3, on an Apache server. Make sure you locate the correct line, and include the trailing comma. I'm guessing your store is in English, so make sure you're editing; /www/language/en/lang.inc.php and you've put no extra characters on the line. Jason
  16. You won't be able to download the database tables from the Store admin area. You'll need a tool such as phpMyadmin, which normally runs on the server (see Database if you have CPanel) Databases usually comprise of a number of tables, and you can download each table as a CSV. I've used them in spreadsheets before, and you should be able to import to MS Access. Depending on what you need to us MS Access for, you may still have problems as tables are linked to others. Why do you need to import/export into MS Access? There is a Windows based mySQL front-end at http://www.webyog.com/en/ that may help. Sorry I can't help anymore, how doeable it is depends on what you need from the MS Access version of the database - if its just customer details, its pretty simple, but if you want to edit products etc, you will have lots of problems. Jason
  17. vokf

    Paypal IGN

    Hi, Check that you're using the correct URL for your stores config; /includes/global.inc.php Check the StoreURL value is correct; $glob['storeURL' ] = 'http://www.inspectourgadgets.co.uk' ; By default, Fantastico will install as below; $glob['storeURL' ] = 'http://inspectourgadgets.co.uk' ; I'm currently running the latest 3.0.12 release, and can confirm it works fine on PayPal - however, if you installed using Fantasico, you'll probably need to edit the above file, and add the www. into the URL. Hope this helps, Jason
  18. Hi, a quick hack would be to edit lanuage/yourlanguage/lang_inc.php find the box title - ie; 'information' => "Information", change to; 'information' => "<img src='/images/yourimage.gif' alt='Store information'>", (not too sure about the single quotes - and can't test from here...) Jason
  19. Brooky, I also found this bug last night - I *was* running Beta 2 of FF. I've since downgraded to, and its still crashing. I had to resort to IE which worked fine. Jason
  20. It sounds like your server doesn't have the GD image libs installed. Check you have a "GD" entry in your Server Info listing in the CubeCart admin area. If you can't see it, contact your web host and ask them to install it. Also... check the permissions on images/uploads and images/uploads/thumbs are set to 777 - but this doesn't sound like a permission problem. Jason
  21. If you have "access" to PHPmyAdmin (mySQL frontend), then you can export the database in CSV format. You should be able to import a CSV file into an MS Access database. I can't check from here, but you should be able to export an MS Access database to CSV.. Then, you can use a csv import util. found in ww.cubecart.org to import back into CubeCart... Also... I think you can use remote databases on Modern versions of Access.. If so, you may be able to use a mySQL connector: http://www.mysql.com/products/connector/odbc/ If you add this as a datasource in your ODBC, you may be able to use MS Access as a front end. Jason
  22. vokf


    I *think* there are a few people hosted with GoDaddy here. I use my own server, so can't really help much (I've not seen the GoDaddy control Panel) You can put in a support request, but help here in the forum is quicker - and helps others (they can search) If you search for GoDaddy in these forums, you'll see lots of posts. I think you'll need to create a database on your GoDaddy account, then copy the Cubecart files across, and follow the install guide. However, read the other posts on GoDaddy and have a go. Regards Jason
  23. vokf

    My Store

    First impressions: Nice and clean logo I can't really see what you're selling at first glance. (I had to read!) If you're only taking UK orders, lose the Currency box It would be nice to see a montage on products on the front page, and perhaps a nice little "tux" so Linux people will know what you're about. If you're selling products to the public, your T&C is in breach of the distance selling act, see HERE If you will only sell to companies, not a problem. I also note you don't have much information for the laptops I viewed (it looked like the spec was all on 1 line) However, it does look nice and clean, and whilst I'd like to see a few more hints at what you're selling, it all looks good to me! Best wishes, Jason
  24. vokf


    Hi Zev, I've found this one of the easiest stores to use (over OScommerce, Zen Cart and a few others) You don't need to know html/java etc to install or use it. You may need to learn about FTP (transfering files from your PC to the server - ask here for help). However, your webhost (see below) may have a system (called Fanstasico) that allows quick installation. CubeCart runs on a web server, and uses a database to store the products/settings etc. You will need to pay for a web host who will give you an account on a server. Prices and performance vary so don't sign up for a 1yr account! Quote these requirements: PHP 4.1.1 + (Scripting Language) MySQL 3.23 + (Database Server) GD 1.6 + (Image Library) Optional in v3 Linux / Unix recommended You'll also need a domain name. I recommend registering your domain name with a separate company than your web host. In case of any disputes, its easier to move away to a new host. PM me if you need more info. Basically, once its installed, all config and store management is through your web browser. You'll also find this forum *very* helpful if you have any questions. Just remember to search for a previous answer first (it will save you time). I hope this helps, Jason
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