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  1. My site homepage has a pr5, but a future pr3 I don't have too many inbound links - apart from links from this bb, and a few shopping directories. I'm also listed on comparestoreprices.co.uk and froogle. Jason
  2. Hi Andy, Your customers will not have to sign-up with PayPal to purchase items on your store. Customers that have not signed up with PayPal (or have deleted cookies) will see a screen that shows a credit card option and a PayPal account option. This is pretty clear for them to understand. PayPal also allow some customisation of the payment screens (colour schemes and your logo). NoChex now have a "merchant" account, which looks pretty good - but they appear to be aiming it at merchants with £2500+ turnover/month. This has lower commision (2.9%+20p), and looks like you can customise the payment page. I don't know if CC will work with this account though. There are other systems, but most will require an IMA, so unless you are very certain of your trading levels, I'd recommend PayPal. Jason
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    Hi, it looks really, really good - but there are a few problems with the left hand menu headers in Firefox See attachment for info. Otherwise, very nice! Jason
  4. vokf

    whois search

    Hi, its possible - but not an off-the-shelf mod, and you'd be better off asking in the mod request section of www.cubecart.org I imagine it will mean an additional text field (not user editable) for the product, and a whois script. This will mean you'll still have to register the domain manually. If you're looking at selling domains & hosting, have you checked out ClientExec which plugs into Cpanel/WHM and does all the client management for you? It also plugs into enom, so you get auto domain search/registration. However, its not a true shopping cart, being specifically designed for hosting. Jason
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    Hi, I'll look at it tonight. Do you know if they talking directly to the mySQL OSC database (via TCP/IP), or via a php based interface (post/get etc) If they are using a php based interface, it may be a fairly quick job (ie no change to their software) In anycase, I'll poke around their forum :-) Jason
  6. Basically, edit "/includes/global.ini.php" to reflect the new url and server path of the store: <?php $glob['dbhost' ] = 'localhost' ; $glob['dbdatabase'] = 'database name' ; $glob['dbusername'] = 'database user name' ; $glob['dbpassword'] = 'database password' ; $glob['dbprefix' ] = '' ; $glob['installed' ] = '1' ; $glob['rootDir' ] = 'Server path to the root of the store' ; $glob['rootRel' ] = '/'; $glob['storeURL' ] = 'URL of the store ie - http://www.mystore.com'; ?> However, it may be easier to do a clean install, and dump your old database into the new one and copy the images directory across. Jason
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    Paypal or other?

    I've got PayPal IPN working fine here. The shipping value is displayed correctly (separate from the product value), which I *think* was a PayPal "bug" a month or so ago. I also show my store logo on the payment screen (Paypal customer payment screen), which helps customer confidence (some people get confused when a store suddenly jumps to a different site). I've taken quite a few real orders and things are currently running smoothly... Jason
  8. vokf

    add logo

    Hi, I recommend visiting; http://www.cubecart.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=59 MarksCarts has a good tutorial on adding your logo. The cubecart.org is a good resource of 3rd party add-ons - some free/some commercial. Hope this helps, Jason
  9. Hi, I've purchased quite a few mods for my store, and providing the mod is good (ie I want/need it), then the price isn't a big problem. I usually prefer to see the mod running as a demo, or for the vendor to provide a free trial (ie SEO mod). For me, the "stop and think" price is about £10 (~$20) - but I don't have a problem paying more. I'm also a programmer (not PHP yet...), so do appreciate the work that goes into some of these mods. Jason
  10. Hi, just a quick thought - are you on a Windows(IIS) server? If this is the case, you'll probably have to ask your host to change the permissions :-( Filezilla should just work! Can you post the message log from the top window in Filezilla? Here is my message log: Command: SITE CHMOD 777 /www/includes/global.inc.php Response: 200 Permissions changed on /www/includes/global.inc.php Status: Retrieving directory listing... Command: TYPE A Response: 200 TYPE is now ASCII Jason
  11. Hi, I can't comment on turning register globals off - from what I read, there is little point in trying to do this locally, it needs to be done on the whole server (speak to your host) CPanel also has a facility to automatically back-up a mySQL database, and a complete account, this is found under the "Back up" icon. If you want to do it manually, or you don't have access to the Back-up function... To backup the CC files, simply FTP them back to your PC. Ask here again if you need help doing this, or PM me. However, this will not back-up your database files. I will assume you're using Apache+CPanel (as opposed to Windows/IIS hosting) You will probably have access to CPanel, which allows pretty good control over your account: 1. Log into this (usally, www.yourdomain.co.uk/cpanel) 2. Click on the "MySQL Databases" icon 3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "phpMyAdmin" link 4. phpMyAdmin will open in another window -ensure you don't block this pop-up! 5. Using the Database drop-down box, select your CC database (probably ending in cc1) 6. Click the EXPORT tab 7. Under the EXPORT area, click the Select All link, tick the Save as File box, and press the GO button. 8. A Save-File dialog box will appear, save the file somewhere safe :-) 9. When the file has been downloaded, you should be able to open the file in notepad/word etc. It will contain the SQL statements needed to re-create the database (its worth checking it contains this info) I hope thats clear enough :-) The attached screenshot should show you what is needed: If you need any further help, yell here, or PM me. Regards, Jason
  12. Hi - I also had this question a while ago... :-) Visit Store Admin->View Products You'll then see a list of your products, one link for each product will be "Manage Categorys", click on this and the rest should be easy (see the attached pic) I recommend adding pictures to each Cat - as it looks much better on the page. I've used this to create "£0-£10"/"£10-£20"etc items. I hope this helps, Jason
  13. I've had a similar problem but wimped out and used IE Basicalyl, I'll browse to the local file, click the UPLOAD button, then Firefox displays the "Site too busy" error. IE appeared to work fine.. If you're using FTP, make sure the transfer format is correct (ascii not binary) Firefox works sometimes - but not sure why! I'm also finding it takes a day or more for the feed to become live. On my other (non CC) store, it only used to take a few hours (that was last year though) Jason
  14. No, the user will be transfered to their secure server, and if you've got it set-up correctly, they will be returned to your store once payment is complete. If you've got a PayPal account, I suggest creating a very small value item, offering free shipping, and testing the payment system out without emptying your bank account. Jason
  15. Hi, There are many shipping options- by weight/price/per item etc. If you wanted to send an item to me in the UK, you would need to know the overseas price/kg (or lb) which your carrier can provide. I suggest using shipping by weight, add a small fee for the actual shipping and name it "International Shipping". The "Ship by weight" plug-in allows different rates for different countries and zones. I hope this is of some help, Jason
  16. vokf


    Micky, Don't you have a local cat to smash up?? If firefox is treating options.php as a downloadable file, it sounds like a server problem.. Apart from the options.php file, can you navigate the store/admin area? If you're using Fasterfox, have you reset the cache? Also, what version of are you running - the current is 3.0.8 Have you changed anything on your store (installed mods/edited any files by hand) Doe you mean you've got 300 products, or 300 different options? I'm sorry I can't help much, but it will be easier to help with more info. Jason
  17. Hi, Running CC3.0.8 I've been adding products to my store, and are currently on 80 items - not exactly a lot. I'm finding it very frustrating to locate each product image listings (I know you can upload when you create a product, but associating additional images is also hard work). Ideally it would be good to have some directory support built in - but I can't see it! I also have a project for someone that has about 1000 products, and this would be a nightmare to manage at the moment. Does anyone else have a reasonable amount of items? How do you associate images with your products? Thanks, Jason
  18. Hi, I was quoted £250 for my bus. bank - Bank of Scotland, and they wanted 6% without even asking what I was selling! However, I could not provide a turnover fiqure at the time. I've been banking with HSBC (Midland) for 18 years, so have some track record. Do they allow a seamless process, or does the customer have to visit their site (ala Paypal IPN) to pay? Thanks, Jason
  19. Agh! Thanks! I did search, but not hard enough.... Jason
  20. Hi, My cpanel allows full backup of all my sites/specific sites (web pages etc only)/and mysql databases. Obviously, you could ftp the site back down - but this will only give you the store and not the database. To backup the database manually, you'll need to run "phpmyadmin" which is a nice frontend to the mySQL database system. Inside "phpmyadmin", you'll see a drop down which allows you to select the database (mine is called _ccrt1) You'll then see an export tab appear on the main window - click this, then click "select all", leave SQL ticked. Now, tick "zipped" or "gzipped" to compress the data (databases will compress very well). Now, click the GO button. You should get a file download box appear, save this somewhere safe, as its your CC database. If it all goes very wrong, you will be able to import it back into the server using "phpmyadmin". See the attachment for more info. I hope this helps, Jason
  21. Hi, using 3.07-pl1 on the store. What would be involved with renaming/moving the /admin folder? It would be good to have the chance to change it to Myadmin123 ie- something that would be hard to find for the casual hacker. Cheers, Jason
  22. I note they have an OSCommerce module for download. You could always compare the OSC module to a fairly standard CC module, and see how you go. I did sign up, as it did say customers can stay on your site when making payment, and I wanted to see how they where doing it. Unfortunatly, they use IFrames to put their content on your page. Kinda ok for some stuff, but not for a payment system. I can also see that for their free account they have pretty high commision charges - unless you're making high profit, take care! Sorry I can't help anymore, but perhaps someone with OSC knowledge will find the module easy to hack into CC? Jason
  23. I spoke to my buisiness bank (Bank of Scotland), and they wanted £200 setup and 6% commision per transaction. This still wouldn't give me automatic processing - simply an Internet Merchant Agreement. On top of that, I'd need to either store credit card details on the site (pretty 'iffy) or get a 3rd party to process them for me (worldpay etc - but this would also hit my profits!) Needless to say, PayPals fairly low rate will do for now.... I'm also interested in PayPal Pro - from what I can see, this would hide the PayPal system, keeping the customer on your site at all times. Jason
  24. I have just installed and am setting up cube cart 3.0.7-pl1 and am having the exact same problem, so I am guessing the answer is no. Anybody have a fix for this? Pleeeeeeeese Well, after a bit of hacking, it looks like PayPal is the problem :-( Consider this bit of paypal form code: <html> <form action="https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr" method="post"> <input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="_xclick"> <input type="hidden" name="upload" value="1"> <input type="hidden" name="add" value="1"> <input type='hidden' name='no_shipping' value='1'> <input type="hidden" name="business" value="[email protected]"> <input type="hidden" name="item_name_1" value="Item Name1"> <input type="hidden" name="amount" value="1.00"> <input type="hidden" name="shipping" value="123.00"> <input type='hidden' name='currency_code' value="GBP"> <input type="submit"" value="Upload Cart"> </form> </html> This *should* work with shipping... but it doesn't! Change the currency_code variable to "USD", save the code and try again.... At this point, I'm not sure why, does the older CC still work? It would be interesting to see the page source just before PayPal takes over. It is possible to stop the browser just before it redirects to PalPal, and if you can manage this, you will see that CC is correctly loading the shipping variable. I've also checked my ASP Based store (using PD Shop Pro) and that has the same problem ie. the amount is product prices+shipping, but paypal shows shipping as Zero. Sorry I can't help more, but I strongly think its a PalPal problem. I don't have the time to change my CC currency to USD and test - but this would also confirm the above.... Jason
  25. Glad I could help, I could see a bunch of posts regarding paypal, and as I've used it successfully on my other store, it wasn't too much to get to the bottom of my problems - but as I'm still a CC newbie, I didn't know if there was a problem with the latest release. Have you tried the custom payment pages? I found a fairly cheap service that allows upload of logos for customising the checkout page on paypal. https://securelogohosting.com/ (no connection, but appears to work very well) $5USD for 2 logos for 2 years. Coupled with suitable background colour, this does help with some of the "what the ..." reaction some people get when the store suddenly sends them to another site for payment. My other annoyance is PalPal asking for the county (even though CC knows this) on the payment page - I may be able to look into this later. Unfortunately, I'm still working on ASP based projects so won't have much time to get to grips with the PHP stuff for a while yet.... I've not looked at the NoChex APC, I do have an account somewhere, but have never used it due to their strange limits and UK Only sales. (not that I do much overseas stuff) Paypal has been fine for my other store for the last year, and with PalPal Pro functionality in CC, it should be a good cheap system. Right, time for bed Jason
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