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  1. I would take a backup of your cc3 install and transfer that to the new hosting then upgrade it to version 4, it should do everything automatically.
  2. http://forums.cubecart.com/index.php?s=&am...st&p=144128 The above post may be helpful too.
  3. Zend has to be installed on your server by your Hosting provider, Try Download your includes/global.inc file and in this line $glob['encoder'] = 'zend'; Change it to $glob['encoder'] = 'ioncube'; and try again.
  4. "Your Store" is the default logo, you can change this in admin under store config - logo. You will need to create your own logo, the dimensions are given under the logo, once you create a new one you can upload it. To see your skins folder you need an FTP program to access the files on your server. Before you alter anything there, make sure you back up. There is very good information on modifying CC4 over at Cubecartforums.org Have a look through the documentation section.
  5. Its working ok for me, items remain in basket when I continue shopping, trying other things. Update. everything I tried is working fine here. Only things I can see is you need to alter some image and text sizes :)
  6. I would try disable SSL, do you have seo enabled? if so delete the .htaccess file from your server, clear the cache via admin. After that enable SSL and seo again and install a fresh .htaccess file either from admin or manually, and test again.
  7. So is everything working ok when you dissable SSL?
  8. http://forums.cubecart.com/index.php?showtopic=25873 This will help.
  9. Are you sure you uploaded all the files correctly?
  10. Ausy

    Lightbox Problem

    Presume you added the extra images - admin, view product, manage images?
  11. Yes you can use on a local drive. After you purchase the software contact support and they should sort it for you.
  12. I would run the V4 separately and see if you like it, populate it with some of your products and try it. I am pretty sure you will prefer the added functionality. Easy just to delete it if you don’t like it. It’s very easy to run into a few problems upgrading and then downgrading your old store.
  13. Did using ioncube fail as well? If so have a word with your host and tell them zend or ioncube is not working/installed on your server. If they upgraded php recently this can happen.
  14. You will need to set up both PayPal direct and PayPal express checkout. Here are some links that may help. https://support.cubecart.com/index.php?_m=k...;kbarticleid=36 https://support.cubecart.com/index.php?_m=k...;kbarticleid=28
  15. Ausy

    New to Cube Cart

    What is error with the email? You can change the wording of emails through admin - languages - email templates.
  16. There is a free mod here http://www.cubecartforums.org/index.php?showtopic=3274 You can use it to make your own boxes with some alteration.
  17. Admin - modules - payment methods - PayPal
  18. Got a url to your site so we can see the problem?
  19. Your SSL apears to be working for me, when I view basket or login I get no errors, it just takes me to the correct secure pages. Thats in IE7 and Firefox.
  20. You will need to do it through phpmyadmin on your database. run this query TRUNCATE TABLE `CubeCart_admin_sessions` for reseting product popularity see this post. http://www.cubecart.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=921
  21. Did you upgrade your store recently? Looks like a missing field in the database. CubeCart_options_top, the field option_type is missing? You can manually add it in phpmyadmin.
  22. Ausy

    Sorting Products

    There is a mod for this. Head over to cubecartforums.org
  23. This may help https://support.cubecart.com/index.php?_m=k...24&nav=0,17
  24. Have a read through the pinned post. Your error is mentioned there. http://forums.cubecart.com/index.php?showtopic=29868
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