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  1. Your link is incorrect should be http://www.pittsburghfallenheroes.com/ Has this just started to happen, has it happened after an upgrade?
  2. It looks definately to be a wrong user name or password for the database. The user name might need to be entered as "database_yourusername" you can change this in includes/global.inc.php file
  3. I can't reproduce this error on my v 4.3.1 store. How did you carry out the upgrade, were all the files uploaded or did you make alterations to each changed file? can you link us to your site so we can try it.
  4. Just upload and overwrite all the files, navigate to yourstore.com/setup/ and choose upgrade.
  5. The message top left is normal, use the request password feature just above the login button.
  6. You could try to re upload classes\cart\order.php How did you upgrade by the way, did you upload the entire new version or just make changes to existing files?
  7. Sorry yes the folder is setup, my mistake. Thats strange as I had the same error and I thought this fixed it, I will have another think.
  8. Upload the install folder then navigate to your store/install and carry out the upgrade process to update your database. Delete the install folder when finished
  9. If no one can help you here, why not open a support ticket. This forum is for customer to customer support/discussions. https://support.cubecart.com/index.php?_m=t...s&_a=submit Can you provide a link to your store so we can try it?
  10. There is a cheap mod for this, Google for "Ajax add to cart" and you will find it. Although this type of thing works very well there is no indication that an item has succesfully been added to the basket if the cart box is out of view, customers sometimes have to scroll up and down your webpage (depending on where the basket is situated) to check its been added. Thats a bit of a pain IMHO, better to see something happen or be directed to the basket after adding an item. A lot of massive online retailers direct you to the basket after adding a product.
  11. Its not possible without making modifications to your files, it may be better to ask here http://www.cubecartforums.org/index.php?
  12. Nice design and easy navigation. The font size in the product options is a little small and not that easy to read, thats the only thing I can see for now.
  13. Ausy

    Payment Gatway

    Its not one of the payment gateways pre installed in CC4. It could be done but you would need to integrate it yourself or hire some one to do it.
  14. Your Absolute URL should be http://domain.com/store
  15. Admin - languages - your language - email templates
  16. Re Upload the following files again in binary mode. index_enc_zend.php admin_enc_zend.php
  17. Ausy

    Please Help

    The path to you catagories looks wrong, it has shop.php in the middle like so http://www.buyingreloaded.com/shop.php/computers/c_2.html Check your includes/global.inc file and make sure the paths are set right.
  18. Ausy

    Please Help

    Got a link to your store so we can see?
  19. Admin - view products and under the master catagory there is a link to manage catagories
  20. Its working so have another go. https://support.cubecart.com/index.php?_m=d...=85&nav=0,5
  21. Some info on customising CC here. http://www.cubecartforums.org/docs/CubeCar...g-CubeCart.html
  22. Check your paths are correct in the includes/global.inc file as it seems to be directing to http://www.trax.arnclan.info/trax/admin.php when it should be http://www.trax.arnclan.info/admin.php
  23. I would think this is something else, I always upload in binary. I have two CC 3.018 stores on different hosting both with php 5.2.9 and they both have no strange characters aywhere. Perhaps this is something to do with php but down to the way its configured. Someone will shed some light on this I am sure as there are bound to be many people trying to sort this out.
  24. Good luck Alan, I haven't been around that long but all the times I saw you on the forum you helped people a lot.
  25. If that is a problem because of php 5.2.9 I am sure there will be a fix that someone can find. I would not worry about the change to CC4 and the upgrade is easy, you wont loose any data if done correctly. If you have a custom skin it needs converting to be compatable with CC4 but thats pretty easy too. Just ensure you have full backups and make a test store to see how it goes. Edit. I just checked my test CC3 store with PHP 5.2.9 server and there are no characters like that so it must be another issue.
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