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  1. it seems to be not reading your skin files if you ask me - in particular the style sheets. Did you have any mods put in recently or did you edit or upload the skin files? If you've not touched them at all, you might want to try just uploading them again, in binary. Otherwise contact the designer where you bought the skin and ask them for support on it.
  2. Not sure if this is what you need, but this hack might help: http://www.cubecartforums.org/index.php?sh...hl=secure+admin Look at the second post in particular.
  3. is the new store using a prefix added on to the tables? same database, different tables maybe? Your includes/global.inc.php file will show if it is. If so, you can remove the value for the prefix. Then you can see how the fresh install functions with all your products in it. If it still runs poorly, then it's not the cart or database. If it's running better, then it's something to do with the coding in your current cart. At which point you might want to decide if it's worth the trouble trying to find the problem, or if you should rebuild in the fresh install.
  4. If I'm lucky to get to another page, it is generally a 500 error page. I can get into most of the categories, but not any products so far. What if you set up a fresh install in a separate test folder, had it use the same database, and see if you stil hav the problems. If you did, I would start to wonder about server resources.
  5. I think I sorted out my own problem In modules>gateway>PayOffline>transfer.inc.php, the urls for the form action should have https Once I changed it, I was able to complete the transaction successfully.
  6. I just found out today from a customer that they could not get to the page that gives the barcode for PayOffline. I tested it and found that after selecting PayOffline and clicking to make payment, I first get a box come up saying that although my site's page was encrypted, the information was being sent over an unencrypted page. I clicked Ok to continue.The next page was to this URL: http://secure.payoffline.com/CubeCart/Invoice.aspx And the error message I received on this page is this: If I add an 's' to the http, the invoice page then comes up, but it incomplete and there are errors. So far the people at PayOffline have said this happens if I'm not using the latest version. However I did a fresh install of 4.3.6 back in Nov. As soon as I finished it, I saw there was a 4.3.7. But I applied the manual change as per the post for 4.3.7 as I didn't want to have to start over again with the mods. I have uploaded the PayOffline file again with no effect. I even removed a mod for a quick checkout but still that has not solved the problem. So far I am unsure of where to look, or which files I should try to replace to see if it fixes it. I suspect this problem has been happening at least since the upgrade to 4.3.6 as I've had some customers select to use it, but never followed through. If anything, if anyone else is using this mod, AND have the same version, could you test yours to see if it is working? Thanks in advance.
  7. can you give me some items to check to see if I get the same result? also, have you added any new mods of late, or made any changes anywhere? I'm not saying I can fix it but I can try to help you troubleshoot if you want.
  8. Well, I had a couple issues. When I viewed a product in Firefox, the Add to Cart and View Cart buttons were there. But for me, I could not add to cart. The button flashed that I had, but nothing showed in the list, and if I clicked to View Cart the basket was empty. When I view in IE8, the Add to Cart button was missing for the same product. I was seeing the View Cart button though without problem - I just couldn't try adding to it. Would it have anything to do with working in frames? no idea, but hope the info helps.
  9. Yes, I've done that and double-checked it before. Have you been able to get it to work? I've had someone else report in the bug tracker that they had the same results as me. I haven't had a chance to try it again with a fresh install.
  10. Is there some way that one of the staff could contact me about this? I've put in a bug report, and I had even been in touch with Cardinal about it. But they are now telling me I should contact CC directly. Of course I can't do that without buying support credits which to be honest I don't feel I should have to do in this case, nor can I afford right now. I've applied the latest files released on the 15th, but I still end up with the same results. You can read what I put in the bug tracker here: http://bugs.cubecart.com/view.php?id=1834 AND, before I decided to start this thread, I even tried setting up a clean install on a subdomain so I could test the 3d secure on that with my settings. But I've been having so many problems just trying to get it to work, that I give up. I've wasted my whole day just trying to get it to allow me to log into the admin, I've installed and re-installed and re-installed again, only to find that it now won't allow me to login as a customer either nor add items to the basket. :)
  11. jsgypsy

    Sales Prices

    Have you checked the CSS to make sure the sale price color isn't the same as your background? Does your template have the coding in it to show the css? Without being able to see the page, that is the best I can do. Silly things, I know. But beyond that, I really wouldn't know why.
  12. I just noticed today that in admin, the sale prices are not being displayed. Only when I go in to edit a product is the sale price shown. But then I went out into the store and clicked on my On Sale link and there are no products at all showing on that page. Sale Prices are also not showing in the view product page. I did recently upgrade my store to the latest version, so I don't know if I've got a wonky uploaded page or if a mod has done this? Does anyone have any ideas on where I can check, as in which files I should try replacing first? UPDATE DOH! I spoke too soon. As soon as I made my post I remember I was checking out the settings for the sale mode. Boy do I feel like a newbie, and I've had my CC store for over 2 years now! ;)
  13. I have been using the Payflow edition for awhile now. Occasionally the customers seem to have bad patches where it keeps giving them errors, and occassionally of late the order will be marked as cancelled when the payment has gone through and I even get the payment email from the store. So I am getting ready to upgrade everything anyway, but I wanted to ask about using the regular WPP. I noticed that it uses API settings. Would this be better to use than the Payflow edition which just uses a username and password? would it possibly sort some of these issues? I'm not real sure what benefits the API would have... does it allow a better connection between my site and Paypal? Thanks for any help!
  14. I can't say I ever noticed this before, which is why I am asking now that I've seen it. But when I go to log in to the front end of CC4 I noticed that the padlock had a red exclamation mark on it. After clicking that, this is what I am reading: Connection Partially Encrypted Parts of the page you are viewing were not encrypted before transmitting over the internet.Information sent over the internet without encryption can be seen by other people while in transit. Here is the link: https://www.creative-fabrics.co.uk/index.php?_a=login So I guess the main question is, is it suppose to be like this and I just never noticed? If it's not how it's suppose to be, how can it be fixed??
  15. The template looks fine in the index.tpl, but when I went to view cart, I found that the cart table is spilling out below the divs. In the image, the green border is the main content div. The bottom is a footer div, just to show the bottom image of the design. I've tried everything I can think of or find on the internet to try to get this div to expand vertically. Any ideas or anyone else have this problem? if so, how did you sort it? This is happening in both FF and IE. RESOLVED!! I found that the form was using the same ID as a box I had set up :whistle:
  16. I don't know the reason behind it, but I was having the same problems and tried the same as you. The only way I found that worked for me was to go in the frontend and use the Forgot Password link to reset it. Have you tried that?
  17. I've had some customers of late, especially today, notify me they were having the same problem. Hope we get some insight from someone!
  18. What version of CC you use? Could you pack and attach or give link on files from folder /includes (if it present in your version of CC)? I am using 4.3.0. Exactly which files would you need to look at for the includes? Alternatively, my includes files would be http://www.creative-fabrics.co.uk/includes/ I seem to be having more problems like this of late for some reason and I really hope it can be fixed. I've put enough time and money into this cart to where I don't want to give it up, but the customer just wants an easy shopping experience. So I'm on the edge right now of giving this one up and finding one that will work.
  19. I am still having problems with this issue, and I don't know if it is worse or just a coincidence but I've been having more reports lately since trying one of the fixes above. I would like to try this one here, but I need to know exactly where to look and what to change as I don't know anything about php.
  20. I had an issue with a customer where they were having a problem logging into their account. They kept trying but were receiving the error that they needed to wait X minutes to try again, only this message never changed. But, long story short, they had created an account at my site and so were logged in when they placed their order. Then, they decided at checkout to use Paypal Express. So when they did this, Paypal Express then created the temporary login for them as it normally does. However it seems that because they were already logged in, this temporary login that the order was assigned to would never let them log in. Even when I tried changing the password for them we couldn't ever get it to work. I ended up having to reassign that order to their original login account they started with in order for them to be able to see it in their account. So is it possible to have the Paypal Express/GoogleCheckout NOT show up when the customer is logged in? I also noticed that it is still there on step 2. I don't think it should be there especially if it is going to create this conflict with being able to log in. I have added some wording to let the customer know to NOT use those if they are logged into the site, but you know, customers being as they are and not reading, it is bound to happen again.
  21. I am currently having this problem with a customer not being able to log in. I tried the fix as above, but it is only changing the amount of time she has to wait. She only just put in an order without problem over the weekend, but now she wants to log in to view the status of her order but it's not letting her. What is actually causing the problem? a cookie? the store? her browser? Would changing the time between logins to zero help anything? I LOVE cubecart, but sometimes these little issues really bug the heck out of me. :wacko:
  22. wow... I didn't even realize there was a fix put out for this. I've just applied it so we'll see how it goes. Seems I've been hearing more and more about problems with the basket emptying, so fingers crossed!
  23. Back in November my site kept going down as well - large blocks of downtime throughout the day. I had just updated to the latest version, but I had also put in a new mod or two. However I wasn't told anything from my host about any bad scripts - they kept telling me it was the search bots, and they had put blocks on them. I sort of figured out the problem for myself after I sold a domain and move it, tidied up a few other things and couldn't get any results. So I decided to completely reinstall the store again, and only started adding back my mods that I knew were working fine beforehand. Since then, I've not had any problems. I've only this weekend just been able to try and apply the mod that I think was the issue just to see if it would happen again - this was a mod to make the advanced search better - but after I applied it and tried the search, I came up with a mysql error. So for now I've taken it out until I have some time to contact the developer. But I do think it had something to do when the search bots were on the site, possibly this mod sending things wacky. Sorry, don't know the proper lingo :)
  24. Thanks for the info - do you know if this can be done the same way with CC4? I like the idea of the mod too Estelle - will it be for CC4 too? This was something I had wanted to do with my store when I was first setting it up. I've worked around not being able to, but I might make a change now. I do have a question for you both though.... First, how does using the decimal value affect inventory control? Will it still keep track of the inventory and deduct the purchases appropriately? Estelle.... I am using your Quantity discount mod so that the buyer will get the fabric a little cheaper when they purchase 4 fat quarters(1 yard) versus buying it just by the Fat Quarter. Would I still be able to use that mod with this mod you mention? Thanks for your help.
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