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  1. So, would I be better off to just use paypal standard? What's the main difference between using Paypal Express and the Standard? I have been searching and reading but when it comes to Cube Cart, I am having trouble finding solid information. I want to eliminate these pending orders that never get processed! Thank you very much for your reply and hope to hear back again! But also, when they start to check out, there is no step that allows them to put in their customer information, so how is a pending order even being generated? I have tried to check out both ways, and there seems to be no way the information is ever transfered or inputed into cubecart. You can checkout two ways, one by clicking the paypal express button or google checkout button. I have removed the checkout button from the cart page! I have to admit I'm not too sure how they can have a pending order without the checkout button - stumped on that one. What if they are on the PP Express page but don't use the 'Cancel and return to XXXX' link? would that make the order as Pending?? As to your other question, PP Express is for those that have a Paypal account and it just allows them to go through checkout and payment much quicker. They just follow to login to their account, and the shipping details are pulled from their account. They then don't have to create a login or register at your store. Same with Google Checkout. To me, if you are only using those two methods for payment, you are only catering to those that either have an account or will go ahead and sign up for one. Most customers like to be able to just buy and pay, and many of them will not have accounts with Paypal or Google. If you started to use the Paypal Standard, then you can still let the customers know to select that to make payment by card, and that they don't need a Paypal account. I don't know what you do about those orders, but one idea might be to go ahead and send an email with a payment link in it, and also ask if they had any problems checking out. You might just get some feedback from that to clue you in on what's happening. If you use something like statcounter, you can follow the visitor path which might show where the problem occurred.
  2. Perhaps it's as simple as them not wanting to have to set up an account with Paypal in order to pay? I am pretty sure that when I tested my cart using the Paypal Express, the option wasn't there to pay without having an account - I was prompted to sign up. So on my page, I have a note saying this to let them know that an account is required with those ( PP Express and Google). The Paypal Standard does not require them to have an account, and there would be a link to click if they didn't have one rather than logging in.
  3. I am not sure about your first problem you mention, but I know I had the problem with the editor not showing up too. Came here and found a couple of threads on it. For me, I had to upload the files again for it, but I had to set it for binary. FTP was set at automatic which just wasn't doing the trick. Once I set it for binary upload, the editor showed up just fine. HTH!
  4. jsgypsy

    s**t Support

    thank you, but i'm new to this, could you please tell me where i actually insert the text "welcome to blah blah" please Thank you The files mentioned would be found in your /skin/YourTemplate/StyleTemplates/global folder . However it is a little more involved as the stylesheet for the header also comes into play. You could add the text, but might also need to make adjustments in the stylesheet which would be in /skin/YourTemplate/StyleSheets/ . if you don't want to dig around in the code, you could create a very basic image that has the text on it that you need. Then upload that as your logo. If you decide to have a play around in the code, be sure to have a backup of the original code in case you need to restore it back. HTH!
  5. I found a product had duplicates of the images I had assigned to it, so clicked on Manage Image to go remove the duplicates. However I am missing a huge portion of the number of images I have uploaded. If I go to Rebuild & Recount and click to update the image database, this ends up timing out on me. Is it possible to have too many images?? Any suggestions on this? or is there a way to do it from within MySql? I would need to know how to do this, but wanted to see if it would still time-out in there.
  6. ok, I think I figured it out..... I thought I'd have a look at the skin and found that the ones I made the changes to did not save in the right format - it saved it with the code in one long line. So I've sorted that out. :(
  7. I have just tried to update my site to the latest version. From admin side everything has gone fine, and I can even log in. But when I go to view my store, I get this error: (path blanked out on purpose) I have replaced all the files twice but still no luck. I have compared those files to the ones from my backup of the old version but from what I can tell they look the same, so I'm not sure where to go from here. Well actually, I'll be trying to restore my site from my backup files for now.
  8. I recently did a fresh install with a fresh download of the latest version. I have just now noticed that the option for registration is no longer showing on the registration page, nor in admin settings. It should be showing up under General Settings right? I can see the option in the code for the reg.tpl file, but I'm not sure where to look elsewhere to check. I do have a backup to compare to and just really need some guidance on which files to look in. Strange how it's ended up missing.
  9. I am showing two different versions of WPP. One must be a standard one, and the other is PayFlow edition. Does this help?
  10. I am about at my wits end with all this as my site still keeps going down and giving a 500 error. I haven't moved to a private server as of yet though - I am becoming more convinced that it won't provide a solution. I have found that if I edit my robots.txt file to block my site so that it can't be crawled, it will bring the site back up within a short amount of time after I have done that. I have done this because I have noticed that it seems to go down whenever I have bots crawling it... the ones I notice the most are google and yahoo. Obviously though, I don't want to block those, but it's just a temporary solution. I am still wondering if when the site is being crawled, if the bots are causing a script to keep running that would end up making my store go down. Is this possible? I think I have read something about it, but it's not an area I'm at all familiar with. Since I haven't seen anything like this on the forum at all, I am considering doing a fresh install of my site, and slowly adding back any necessary mods and seeing how it all goes. I am not sure though how to make sure that I get my old database back into the store. Last time I tried it I ended up with alot of areas that were duplicated such as the currencies, shipping zones, payment methods at checkout, etc. What is the best way to go about this? or does anyone have any other ideas?
  11. I had read an entry in the bug tracker about this. Al had said something about having to ugrade the FCK editor, and the original poster had asked how they should go about it. So I came back this morning to find out if there was a reply, but this issue is not showing up in the bug report any more. It would be great to know how to go about doing this.... or is it going to be a fix in the next release? I hear a new update is on it's way.
  12. ...was just going to try to find out why this has been happening for me! Mine have been stuck on Pending for a couple of days now too. Only with Paypal payments.
  13. Thanks for your reply! I have however just read a reply from my webhost..... "...your scripts have been getting automatically killed by our Process Watcher script due to your sites going over Memory limits on the shared server..." They have given me some info to read over and have also said that I might want to check into getting one of their private servers. They have also said that it might not necessarily be my store that is causing the problem, but could be one of my other sites that has high usage. Then if my store sends it over the limit, it gets 'shut down'. I do have 3 stores, a directory, a couple of blogs, so maybe I really do need to look into the private server? lol
  14. Ok, this is happening again. I was just in my store printing out some orders, adjusting some of the qty's in the products.... went to view stats, and then went back to finish my adjustments by clicking on View Products and it just hangs. The store is not responding at all. And certain pages in admin will just hang there. All my other domains, which are on the same server, are opening up just fine. I don't know alot about this stuff, I am the first to admin... is it possible that a script or command is sending my store loopy for some reason? I am starting to wonder if I should try a fresh install? Opinions and comments by our techies welcome! :D
  15. For a few days now I have been having intermittent problems with my store going down. The pages stop responding and if left long enough while waiting, I will receive the 500 error. Some pages within admin load fine, but then certain pages will not respond at all. If I go to mysql, the only database that will not load up fully in the Structure tab is the one for my CC4 site. All others load up fine. My databases are on different servers from my domains. I have put in a ticket with my host and am still awaiting their reply. However there are a couple of things that have made me start to wonder if something is wrong with my cart. First thing is I have several domains on the same server. My other sites are not having problems loading up. And as I mentioned above, it is only this particular database that will not load fully in mysql. Second thing is that when I went to my links directory for the domain in question, it loads up just fine. I am not using CC4 in any way for my links directory - it is set up using a php script, and it has a separate database. So could there be something caused by my store that is creating this problem? I don't know if it is a coincidence, but it seems that if I am able to run a repair on the database, the store will start responding. However most times I can't even run repair as that will just hang too. Today it was down for around 3 hrs straight once I found out about it. Any ideas, or things I should look for maybe, I would be very grateful.
  16. I would be very interested in knowing how to add the ship method too. I'm not sure where to look, or what to add even if I did know where! Hope someone can give some guidance here.
  17. I do have a support ticket in with my host, but thought I'd post about it here as well while I wait for a reply from them. I've been running my store since end of July without ever having this come up, but this morning I find the message about the Zend optimizer not being on the server. Worst case scenario, will I possibly need to reinstall using the Ioncube version? if so, how will this affect anything, IF anything, such as modules, database... or? Thing is, I am not even sure what either the ZO or Ioncube are, so I don't know what to expect. Will I need to do a clean install? or just overwrite existing files? Geez, what a thing to wake up to. :yeahhh:
  18. Before I pounce on one of my customers and do some interrogating, why would their email address show as an admin login attempt except for them trying to login on the admin page?? Just want to make sure I haven't got this wrong and end up red faced lol.
  19. Earlier a customer placed an order but no payment was made. I went in to view the items that were ordered but found that there was a row with all fields blank. All other fields of the order seemed fine, and it even showed the subtotal/total. I cancelled the order thinking that it might cause problems if the customer decided to come back later to pay, and I notified the customer of such. I have just seen though that the customer has come back and placed another order, this time making the payment too. So again I went in to view the order only to again find the row is blank. I have emailed the customer to find out what they ordered, but are there any ideas as to why this has happened?
  20. I'm running it on Dreamhost without any problems <_<
  21. I'm using WPP and I would say it does what you are describing. The customer never leaves my site. You can set it to either process it as a sale, or capture it for later processing - however it is authorized so you don't have to worry about that. You will need to get a ssl certificate though. I got mine through rapid ssl which are pretty cheap.
  22. I'm not so sure that you can, because it looks like the tag in the tpl file that controls it also controls the initial message of 'Please log in'. The file that controls these messages though is in includes/content/login.inc . It doesn't look to me like you can just add a font attribute and have it work.
  23. just guessing, but do you think that 'shortcut to homepage' was for the breadcrumb? If the old version of the file was showing it might be easier for me to see what you were talking about. Same with the rating too. I'm not too sure on that one as I'm not using it on my site, but I can't test it on yours without a product in there =) For the t-shirts, what about setting up options for that? have your base price be 0, set up options for S, M, L with it adding $x depending on the size. If the options in the cart are not really working for you, they have some great mods at cubecartforums.org . I think that Estelle might even have one and her mods are VERY easy to follow. I'm still quite a newbie with CC myself, but hope that brainstorming helped. lol
  24. I would be very interested in this as well. My mailing list box is near the bottom, but when the signup occurs, the user isn't dropped back to the bottom to see the message. I would prefer the custom page anyway to be honest, but just not sure which part of the code to change to get this. Hope someone has the answer :(
  25. I can confirm that I've just had a customer telling me this. When they clicked on checkout, the basket emptied. No further information I'm afriad. I'm running CC4.2.2. I think it's important that the developers test older browsers when posting fixes - Not everyone bothers or realises they need to update their software. I've mentioned this before, being told "Hardly anyone uses that browser any more". Well, hardly anyone does, but a paying customer who couldn't place their order did. Interesting that I should read these when I find out about the same problem.... I had a customer contact me a couple days ago saying she had been repeatedly trying to place an order but whenever she clicks on the checkout button her basket empties. She was able to add to basket just fine, and to view the basket just fine. From what she told me, she was using IE, and she says she cleared her cache and cookies, but it still emptied the basket when she clicked checkout. Not sure what version of IE it was though. I'm using 4.2.2 It is the only report I've had so far though so I hope it's just a one off - looks like she was using a university computer... could using a shared computer, or maybe one with higher security have something to do with it? Luckily she was willing to just post the order through email, but I'm keeping my eye on my stats for dropped carts to see if I can tell if anyone else might be having the same problem.
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