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  1. Yes, I would like to see an answer to this too. It would be very useful to be able to set up user specified zones (like with Estelle's all in one shipping) in the per category shipping module. T
  2. I would be interested to hear if this worked out. Can it be done and how? T
  3. Ok, thanks. I wasn't sure if this was the best place to ask so much appreciated. T
  4. Hi, I have been asked to set up a Website to sell various products and naturally I would like to use Cubecart. However, the site needs to feature an element where the customer is able to design their own cake - very similar to that seen at www.designyourcake.co.uk but not quite so complicated. Does anybody know if it would be possible to integrate something similar yet still use Cubecart as the basis for the store? Any help or advice will be much appreciated. T
  5. Hi, My store is not going to have a lot of products so I want to add them without putting them in categories. This way the products will show up in the menu instead of the categories. Is this possible? Thanks in advance, T
  6. I tried hard coding the link into the sidebar, but still no luck. Cubecart keeps adding the http://www.sitename.com to the front of the link. Anybody know if I can code the link into the lang.inc.php file and reference it from there? Or is there another way? Beer offered (via Paypal) to anybody with a working solution. T
  7. Hi All, I'm trying to add a "Skype" link to the home page. Unfortunately I'm not having much luck despite following the online advice from Skype to the letter. The problem seems to be that skype is a protocol, therefore the link will look like "skype:username?call". However, the Cubecart CMS precedes it with http://www.sitename.com thus rendering it useless. Has anybody successfully added a Skype button and if so, how can I? Any help much appreciated as I'm pulling my hair out here T
  8. Thanks for the replies so far. I have found a lower limit patch at http://www.cubecartforums.org/index.php?showtopic=84 - Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working properly in V3.0.17 [] T
  9. Hi, I need to set a minimum purchase value, so that a customer cannot check out until they have £50 worth of items in their basket. I know there was a mod for V2 but I can't find one for V3.xx Plus all of the links for the V2 mod are dead. How can I do this? Does a mod exist? Can I hack the files? Any help very gratefully received. T
  10. Just a quick update to say that I have now solved this problem. It was due to a change I had made in the 'cart.tpl' file in the template contents folder (I had commented out the product code, but closed the comment after the </form> element when it should have been before).
  11. Hi, I have almost completed my first Cubecart project at www.little-treasures.co.uk and overall I have been very impressed with how easy it has been to customise the look and feel. However, after setting up the shipping gateway (I have used the 'by weight' option) I find that the site 'hangs' at step 3 of the checkout process when I enable the customer to change the delivery address. If I disable this option then the checkout seems to work fine. Any idea what might be wrong? I've spent most of the morning searching previous posts but can find no explanation that solves my problem. Any help and advice would be very welcome. Thanks in advance, T
  12. Doh! That link doesn't work :(
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