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  1. Hi, When viewing the System Error Log I am noticing lots of errors like the following: File: [seo.class.php] Line: [723] "INSERT INTO `CubeCart_seo_urls` (`redirect`,`type`,`item_id`,`path`,`custom`) VALUES ('0','prod','3795','london-transport-bus-timetables/london-transport-road-and-rail-timetable-1947-gravesend-and-district.html','0');" - Duplicate entry 'london-transport-bus-timetables/london-transport-road-and-rai...' for key 'PRIMARY' Any idea why this is happening? I have upgraded to version 6.4.2 cleared the cache etc.
  2. Fixed! I reinstalled the email templates and that did it. Don't know how I missed that but thanks very much for your help. THANK YOU bsmither!!!!!
  3. Ok, I did that and then attempted a password recovery. This is what I got (my asterisks): [11-Mar-2021 09:34:46 UTC] PHP Notice: Email content for account.password_recovery doesn't exist in default lamguage. in /home/sites/5b/6/**********/public_html/classes/mailer.class.php on line 132 [11-Mar-2021 09:34:46 UTC] PHP Notice: Email content for account.password_recovery doesn't exist in any lamguage. in /home/sites/5b/6/**********/public_html/classes/mailer.class.php on line 129 I guess that means the language file is corrupted?
  4. I've searched the forum and can't find a suitable answer to this, so: All other emails are being sent except for customer password recovery emails. I recently upgraded to 6.4.2 and thought that might fix it but regrettably not. For info: I have another site with an almost identical setup and that one works fine. Any suggestions? I'm really puzzled as to why this might be. Thanks! T
  5. I'm having the same issue. When I checked the email log it was empty, yet I know the site is sending order emails ok. Any ideas?
  6. That's very helpful, thanks. I am aware of the separate function to clear the image cache but still get time outs. I guess this is because of the huge number of images. Perhaps I should increase the max_execution_time ??? I have contacted my hosting provider regarding https://support.cubecart.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360003831737-How-do-I-enable-APC-Memcached-Redis-or-xCache- so they can advise the best setup. Is there an .htaccess in the image cache folder too? If so, I think if I was using SSH then I should enter something like $ rm -v !(".htaccess")
  7. This might be a silly question, but I thought I would ask before doing any damage Anyway... My client has a site which has thousands of products, all with associated images. Clearing the cache in admin can often take a long time and very often will time out before it has finished. My question is: Will it do any harm if I log into the server with SSH and manually delete everything in the 'cache' folder? Or is there anything in there that needs to be kept? It seems to me that this would be a lot quicker.
  8. Yes, that's it. My stupid error. I was concerned at losing the latest product details which had been added since and tried to be clever but failed miserably. Thanks again for your expert advice bsmither!
  9. Further investigation of the table shows: #1062 - Duplicate entry '17942' for key 'PRIMARY'
  10. After my issues with missing images I had to restore the CubeCart_filemanager table in the database by merging two backup files. However, this has created duplicate entries with the result that there is no primary key etc. Images can no longer be allocated to products in admin. I have located the duplicates using the query: SELECT filename, COUNT(filename) FROM CubeCart_filemanager GROUP BY filename HAVING COUNT(filename) > 1; But some images are used twice; once by a product and once by a category - as seen when I search for a particular image filename which is duplicated (see db-image1.jpg below) They also have identical md5hash entries. The phpmyadmin screenshot taken from a healthy CubeCart_filemanager table should have the structure seen in db-image2.jpg below: Any idea how can I remove the unnecessary duplicates and restore the integrity of the CubeCart_filemanager table????
  11. Fantastic! That appears to have fixed it Thank you VERY MUCH!!!!!
  12. Ok, done that. The only file_id number shown in the result was 15725 . When I tried to find 15725 in Cubecart_filemanager there was nothing:
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