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  1. Options tutorial?

    This is all great info and I think I've got the hang of product options. However, I can't see the options matrix table. I have selected status and options matrix checkboxes and then clicked on 'save and reload' but the matrix just doesn't come up. I've tried several different configurations and it still doesn't show up. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Sorry for hijacking this thread btw but I thought the info would be useful here. Mod please delete if you disagree. T
  2. Delete unused/orphanned images

    Hi @Noodleman , Any progress on this yet? I have a client who has several years worth of redundant images in the source folder and it would be a nightmare to try and sort them manually. T
  3. Many thanks @bsmither you are a genius! :-)
  4. Hi, I have looked all over and can't seem to find a solution for this in Version 6. What I need is a way to automatically sort the product options in admin so that they are displayed alphabetically. I know we can use the 'grab handle' and move them up and down etc, but this can get complicated when there are a hundred attributes. Is there a way to have them ordered alphabetically by default?
  5. Recurring Payments?

    That's a shame because I like CubeCart. I guess I'll have to look elsewhere :-( Thanks!
  6. Recurring Payments?

    Hi, I have done some searching and can't find a suitable answer to the question of whether CubeCart can handle recurring payments. I know that Paypal has the facility so wondered whether this could be integrated? Or would another payment gateway be more suitable? The business is UK based. My client wants customers to be able to create a customised gift hamper, similar to in concept but with different products etc. The idea is that they could sign up for a regular delivery of their chosen items. Any help or advice will be much appreciated. T