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  1. Thanks. For some reason the update from admin didn't work and I had to download V6.2.5 and upgrade manually. Once I had overwritten the files everything was working correctly again T
  2. Hi, I have the same problem. After updating to 6.2.4 the 'clear cache' button disappeared. I have since reinstalled and updated to 6.2.5 but the button still isn't there. Any idea why that might be? T
  3. Yes @keat I agree. My hosting company (20i.com, who are excellent btw) had instructions for connecting to the server using Putty for Windows. They also have instructions for Mac users but I have a PC. Anyway, the first port of call was to download the software from https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/latest.html and get it installed. I then followed the instructions from 20i to create a key and connect to the server. Once connected it was a very simple process of entering a few commands (I found a very useful reference for basic SSH commands at https://www.hostinger.co.uk/tutorials/ssh/basic-ssh-commands#gref) So, for example; to move all images in the 'source' folder to a new folder called 'pictures' the commands once connected would be: cd public_html/images/source/ (move to the 'source' folder) mkdir pictures (create the 'pictures' folder) mv -t pictures pic1.jpg pic2.jpg pic3.jpg etc.jpg (move list of image filenames to the 'pictures' folder) exit I had previously compiled my list of orphaned images using Store Health Check and Notepad++ which I copied and pasted into the command line by right clicking. And that was it! I am now a convert to SSH T
  4. Update: I got to grips with SSH and wish I had done it sooner. Moving the orphaned images from the 'pictures' folder into a temp folder ready for deleting took about a minute; and there were thousands of them! My process in future will be to identify the orphaned images using Store Health Check, then use SSH to get rid of them. Simples
  5. Thanks @keat that's a great solution. It took over an hour to move the images into the 'pictures' directory but now the Image Picker is working at normal speed again which has solved the main issue I would still like to delete the orphaned images but don't fancy FTPing them all off the server and back again as it would take an eternity. However, I believe a similar script would work directly on the server using SSH ???? Anyway, thanks again.
  6. Adding new products is currently taking over 12 minutes per product as the Image Picker listing taking an age to load due to there being an excess of images. I have compiled a list of several thousand unassigned / orphaned images using the Store Health Check plugin. After much searching for a solution I'm guessing that the only way to bulk delete these orphaned images is with SSH ??? However, I must admit that I have never used SSH so I know nothing of the process. Can somebody tell me if there is another way or perhaps give me a clue as to how to go about it and can I use a text file list of the orphaned images? Any help or advice will be very gratefully received. T
  7. Thanks for that @bsmither, Yes, I am looking to override the arbitrary sort and list categories in alphabetical order permanently. So I have edited the file and cleared the cache but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be working, either in admin or on the front end. Any idea why? T
  8. Hi, I realise that categories can be dragged and dropped into order in the admin, but my client has literally hundreds (not an exaggeration) of sub-categories. Is there a way of sorting product categories in alphabetical order by default? If I remember rightly, I installed a mod for version 3 but there doesn't seem to be anything available for V6.2.2 Thanks, T
  9. Ok, thanks for that. Yes, I'm aware of the mods and skin upgrade. Thankfully the store isn't heavily modded and only has a product display order mod installed which I think is included by default in version 6. I'll get my lucky rabbit's foot out, cross my fingers and give it a go one evening this week.
  10. Hi, I am planning on upgrading a site from 3.0.20 to 6.2.2 very soon following the instructions at https://support.cubecart.com/knowledgebase/article/View/231/43/how-do-i-upgrade-from-cubecart-v3-to-v6. The site is currently running on PHP 5.3.29 but the latest version of Cubecart won't work with this. My question is: Will it work if I delete the files and folders, upload the new Cubecart and then update my PHP version so I can run the installer? Any help or tips would be gratefully received. T
  11. Hi bsmither, One of my clients is still running with a V5 skin (although the site itself is V6.1.14) so I would be very interested to read your instructions. Can you let me know how to get them? Thanks!
  12. Hi @Noodleman , Any progress on this yet? I have a client who has several years worth of redundant images in the source folder and it would be a nightmare to try and sort them manually. T
  13. That's a shame because I like CubeCart. I guess I'll have to look elsewhere :-( Thanks!
  14. Hi, I have done some searching and can't find a suitable answer to the question of whether CubeCart can handle recurring payments. I know that Paypal has the facility so wondered whether this could be integrated? Or would another payment gateway be more suitable? The business is UK based. My client wants customers to be able to create a customised gift hamper, similar to http://www.mycavebox.com/ in concept but with different products etc. The idea is that they could sign up for a regular delivery of their chosen items. Any help or advice will be much appreciated. T
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