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  1. I saw you closed the github "issue" regarding insurance:


    Has this been implemented, or is it being abandoned?


    1. Al Brookbanks

      Al Brookbanks

      Not abandoned. We closed all feature requests but that doesn't mean that won't be integrated. They will be opened and assigned to a milestone once development starts. 

  2. I am short of time these days. My host will do an auto-install of CubeCart, but it is about a dozen versions behind, so it has to make that many updates to get current. Are there any disadvantages to using the auto update for that many updates? Does it leave behind orphan files or misc. artifacts? Thanks.
  3. In addition to testimonials, I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to take cubecart out of stealth mode...


    I'd try to update wiki, but I don't even have time to get my store running...

    1. Al Brookbanks

      Al Brookbanks

      That would be good. :)

  4. Is there a tutorial on options? I have a product, say a speaker, and I want to offer it in either 110v for US, or 220v for UK and also EU. I'd like the SKU to be updated with the options, and to be displayed on the invoice so when it is entered into our accounting software, the operator just has to enter the displayed sku. (Without "converting" the description to a sku.) Can that be done? Also, can "add ons" be listed as a separate line item?
  5. Notepad++ is my favorite text editor. Would be nice to have a simple text editor for these built into CC. Kind of got spoiled with osCommerce having one--handy for quick edits.
  6. Thank you, I will do that. Please forgive my newbieness...is there an editor built into CC? (osC has one, so it is worth asking.)
  7. Is this still the case? I am using the default values, and with my 34" monitor, it is resizing an image much taller than my screen. BTW, it is a tall, thin photo. Thanks
  8. I think I figured out the "random" price reduction; the "Tax Included" option was checked, so the price shown on the Product screen did not match the price shown in the Cart. I still have this issue. Only the Foundation skin will let me make Option selections in the store. The other skins I tried will not properly display Options.
  9. Maybe I should look for a tutorial to ensure I am setting it up properly. (Link?) I have done an auto-update to the latest version release last week. I have tried two ways: First, I created a product and Product Options with Attributes, then I enabled them on in the products' Options tab. That failed. If the Product is $700, Option 1 is +30, and Option 2 is +120, the sum would be 850, but when I add both to the cart, the cart price shows something like $51 less. The popup "window" (Chrome on Windows) shows the correct value, but after clicking Show Cart the value is off. So, I tried to set up an "Option Set", and used that in a new product. It seemed to work. So, I used this setup on the original product, and it behaves the same undesired way. The amount off seems random, but repeatable. That only works with the Foundation skin, because none of the other skins would even let me make a selection. They just show the category name, and an asterisk, but no options to select.
  10. Ok, so why would the cart show prices that do not match the price of the product plus the amount of the options?
  11. Do the product options work? I've updated to 6.1.5, and the price in the cart still is not calculated correctly. I have tried 5-6 skins, and they all behave similarly. I really like CC, but it just keeps falling short. In the meantime, I have been going through the pains of Magento's learning curve...good thing this transition away from my old cart system is not urgent! to clarify my viewpoint of options sets, I need something like this: Charger: USA EU Batteries: Disposable Rechargeable Thanks!
  12. Wouldn't that be nice. I've been collecting tax for twenty years, and with the four or five CPAs I have used, they have all had me file based on destination. Most accounting programs beyond entry level are set up to handle this.
  13. I was just trying to set this up. In California, sales taxes vary by city (and/or zip code), from 7.25% to 9.75%. See the link below. Is there a way to vary the rate by location? http://www.boe.ca.gov/app/rates.aspx
  14. Has anybody done a migration from osCommerce to CubeCart? I'm not as interested in the product list (a few dozen) as I am the customers and their info. There are a few that come up if you google it, but I'm looking for experiences. I'm not opposed to having a consultant do it. Thanks
  15. It is disappointing that insurance is not available on any shipping modules. I've had to abandon CC because of it. Too bad, because other than that, it was ideal for my needs.
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