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  1. I have the same problem in 5.2.10 with amazon payments. Order goes through fine but no record in cubecart of the order.
  2. Ok I just took a look at settings again, there is now a cookie domain. This has no entry. Will this affect amazon and why was this added?
  3. I have 8 support credits I just don't want to provide login to my account. Your amazon testing did not cover US state taxes since this has NEVER worked in 5.x.x. As far as the last issue I have with no order being processed in cubecart (amazon side gets order and processes payment ok), this only showed up when I upgraded from 5.2.4 to 5.2.10. I use paypal also, and I think whatever you did to fix the paypal problems did something to amazon payments. I am saying it is probably not related to the plugin code in amazon but just how cubecart is handling the basket now in 5.2.10 for all payments. I can still take amazon payments so I am not too upset at the moment, but I want my order in cubecart related to the amazon payment to show up again. Thanks
  4. On Amazon payments, you can setup callback and pipelines. Does cubecart handle these already through amazon setup in the plugin or does this have to be manually done. There is no information on this. Instant notification urls ... set in amazon payments account or is it set from cubecart automatically (if not you need to tell users what these should be)
  5. I do not see where the tax is added to Amazon payments and thus might explain why tax never worked in Cubecart in any version. Amazon states that the tax should be added after the user picks the address. You should have code to get order reference details after the address is picked and reset the purchase amount. Then when the payment page pops up the basket will have the taxes if the address is taxable. When do you think this will be done?
  6. No there are no errors in the logs in cubecart. All I really need to be done is the final action of entering the order into cubecart when amazon says the order completes. Amazon is happy because it did everything it needed to, the only problem is the code to execute the gateway.class.php call() function never happens. Therefore cubecart never takes amazons data and puts it into an order in cubecart. I wonder when all the cleanup for paypal was done that some hook is being missed now in amazon plugin call. In the hook class.cubecart.basket.php you can follow the order going from address, to wallet , to complete. It just does not get to a point of calling the gateway.class to finalize and enter the order. The order is always in ?basket mode and maybe it needs to go through ?gateway mode once for the order to be recorded in cc.
  7. Thanks but I see a lot more of these $Globals[object you want] in the code. Are these going to get replaced or wait to see if problems show up?
  8. The problem is the gateway.class.php never gets called and therefore the transaction and order never gets created and put into cube cart. I am using paypal also and I think the code changes that were done in 5.2.10 messed up amazon being called. There has to be some change in the cart code that now does not call the gateway.class.php call() function in amazon.
  9. Is there a reason this error shows up in the php error log in 5.2.10? Fatal error in classes/seo.class.php on line 735 This was changed in 5.2.10 and now getting this error in log files.
  10. For amazon tax look at class.cubecart.construct.confirm.php in the amazon hooks folder. you have the following code In each item you are adding a custom field and putting in the total tax and order taxes.... Why?? Then a few lines below if the country is US you put 0 for setcontracttax. Again, why? This is where the tax should go right? If it is not taxable to user/customer you would just being putting 0 in anyway?
  11. I will enter a ticket. Just one more thing. The payment goes through fine and the confirmation comes up. The order # is amazons order number and it links to an amazon payments receipt with your order. The only problem is no order in cubecart only an order with an amazon order number. You still need to find out why Tax is not put in since amazon knows the address. Also why can't you put logging in just like the logging you have for paypal where you can see the requests and returns. This would be helpful and since you already have this infrastructure it would not hurt to have this debug info.
  12. SSL is working fine. Amazon payments works but the order is not entered into cubecart (only amazon has order). So the bug that showed up in upgrading from 5.2.4 to 5.2.10 is now the amazon order is not entered into cubecart. Paypal is fine. It is not that my customers cannot pay with Amazon it is that the order appeared in cubecart and now does not. (I still get email from amazon that order was entered). Does anyone else see this with version 5.2.10?
  13. So now that I upgraded to 5.2.10 paypal works better but Amazon payments do NOT enter an order into cubecart. The order gets put into amazon and I get an email about the order but cubecart does not have an order anymore. Its like they bought from amazon with me as the supplier. Is there a way we can put an order into cubecart also like it was working previously? The payments work but it is just there used to be an order in cubecart but now nothing ... have to go to amazon to see it. One more item, paypal charges tax fine but amazon has no tax in the sale. Why not? Thanks
  14. Well the fix does prevent multiple addresses from showing up and the order itself looks good(numbers for country and stated in both shipping and delivery), but cubecart still adds the customer and the the addresses in the address_book still show up with state names and not state id codes. .. Cant this just be fixed in the one function call to add a new address to always have a check on the state and country field?
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