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  1. This happened twice using two different versions of the Paypal Plugin. The second time the plugin detected that there was a grand total mismatch, but CubeCart still completed the transaction, allowing the individual to download everything they had placed in their cart. Unfortunately, I don't know enough about the code to even start looking.
  2. @Al Brookbanks, I just saw an update to Paypal Standard. Should this fix the issue I had?
  3. Just had another transaction where the same thing happened. I am using version 1.0.7 of the Paypal Plugin and it is still not preventing completion of the order. Below is what the request log shows: Request Sent - https://ipnpb.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscrcmd=_notify-validate&mc_gross=0.01&invoice=170723-130736-5323&protection_eligibility=Eligible&address_status=confirmed&payer_id=RMFHBMZXFSNHQ&address_street=erf&payment_date=10%3A09%3A22+Jul+23%2C+2017+PDT&payment_status=Completed&charset=windows-1252&address_zip=32330&first_name=Jhonny&mc_fee=0.01&address_country_code=UY&address_name=John+M&notify_version=3.8&custom=&payer_status=unverified&business=lily.applique%40mail.ru&address_country=Uruguay&address_city=151wd&quantity=1&verify_sign=AFFIASYBPB4TY3B2VIHX1thDFvcyANfGB0uNZJf3WKcEINPMkUd-zCns&payer_email=jhonny_rodriguez%40mail.ru&txn_id=99P76154UK278912X&payment_type=instant&last_name=Rodriguez&address_state=wdd&receiver_email=lily.applique%40mail.ru&payment_fee=0.01&receiver_id=J9P9PC7CZ346W&txn_type=web_accept&item_name=Order+170723-130736-5323&mc_currency=USD&item_number=170723-130736-5323&residence_country=JO&transaction_subject=&payment_gross=0.01&ipn_track_id=4c435fb85b2fc Response receivedVERIFIED
  4. Nope. Didn't realize I needed to be tracking those too. I've been good about keeping the cart updated, but the Paypal plugin is out of date. I'll be updating that today. Thanks for your help, Al.
  5. We sell digital products. Since the order was marked as complete, most of the files had been downloaded before I deleted the order. The transaction ID does not show in PayPal (normal or classic view). I've contacted their fraud department to see if they can help out as well.
  6. I just discovered a large fraudulent purchase on our storefront. I'm not sure what happened, but I have shifted to catalog mode until I figure out how to prevent it from happening again. There was no matching transaction listed on Paypal so I don't know if this is a Cubecart or Paypal issue. I've took screenshots and downloaded the database before deleting the orders. Any suggestions/insight would be appreciated.
  7. Brian, any resolution on this? I show the same thing in 6.0.5 for line 726 in user.class.php for a customer that reported problems while resetting her password.
  8. I just created an order to test it. The digital download does not appear in the Digital Downloads section, and an email is not sent with download links. I'll head over to GitHub and add a feature request.
  9. Just updated to 6.0.4 a few days ago, and this does not appear to be in the source code. Any ideas if this will still work or if it can be added to the 6.1.0 milestone?
  10. Sorry for the delay. I've been busy with my day job. I just tried this and see no immediate problems. I will let you know if I run into any problems. Thanks for all your hard work Brian.
  11. I just dug through the access logs, and it appears that the site isn't finding one of the images (images/menu_top_open.png), but I can't find any mention of it in any of the admin stylesheets. It's just strange. I'll go ahead and submit a trouble ticket.
  12. Okay. I was grasping at straws for this issue. It makes it very difficult to list/edit products when I have to reselect the file after each change. I don't see anything in the Request Log for the 404 error.
  13. PHP: [Notice] /store/classes/request.class.php:255 - cURL Error (22): The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found GET: '_g' => 'products' 'sort' => 'updated' => 'DESC' 'action' => 'edit' 'product_id' => '304' This is what debug is showing me when I'm in product manager.
  14. Yes, I have refreshed the page. This has been going on for several weeks (since updating), but I was just informed by the person that does the product listings.
  15. @Al, I did a clean install on my local machine to test it. I'll try hard refresh, although I am uneasy to do that on a live site. There was nothing that showed up in the php error logs.
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