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  1. Thanks mate, I just reinstalled it... and it is working but the search isn't working... I have been using the debugging and when I searched for a common phrase the search results don't appear? This is after the upgrade to 6.1.5... This is the error I receive from the debugging: [Warning] /home/ggaterem/public_html/store/classes/catalogue.class.php:253 - Invalid argument supplied for foreach()[Notice] /home/ggaterem/public_html/store/classes/catalogue.class.php:262 - Undefined index: products Any ideas? How to correct this error?
  2. I upgraded a site from CC4 to CC6 and now I get an minor error when an order is placed, the client needs to click on the proceed button again, once the transferring please wait appears but when it is pressed the second time it works? If they wait for the payment screen, whether it is print or paypal, doesn't load? unless they click the proceed button again... Any ideas?
  3. I thought I had 6.1.1 installed? I did the upgrade again by updating the correct file... It's all good... Sorry I got myself twisted around.. I have to say Cubecart is the best and I have used it for years! Thanks very much
  4. Can someone let me know if this has a fix, sorry for my follow up question but I have gone through these threads and links and check the script and everything seems to be the same but I can get the coupon codes to work. When I make the percentage discount 0%, normally it is 10% discount being applied but when there is a discount the code errors and removes the code or says it has expired. If I use a specific amount for discount or just have free shipping it still errors? It works for my older codes but I can't create new codes as they error.
  5. Phil you are teh best thanks very much This is the best software, once I work out my bugs, I know this is great, I have it on my other sites, this is the first one by me thanks mate. From Australia Tyrone
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