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Found 4 results

  1. In admin, Languages, one can change the phrases that are used throughout the store. I just tried to change "No products found." (a phrase that appears on the View Category page when there are no products assigned to that category) to nothing (called a 'zero-length string'). When the list of phrases was redisplayed, the edited phrase was still as it was originally. So, I think it's a bug. All this works fine in CC515 (actually, last I checked in CC514). From my experiments, attempting to edit any phrase in CC52X should have not worked as expected. In the file /admin/sources/settings.language.inc.php, near line 22, find: if (isset($_POST['save']) && isset($_POST['string']) && Admin::getInstance()->permissions('settings', CC_PERM_EDIT)) { ## Load all existing language strings $GLOBALS['language']->loadDefinitions($_GET['language']); $base_strings = $GLOBALS['language']->loadLanguageXML($_GET['language']); Change it to: if (isset($_POST['save']) && isset($_POST['string']) && Admin::getInstance()->permissions('settings', CC_PERM_EDIT)) { ## Load all existing language strings ## $GLOBALS['language']->loadDefinitions($_GET['language']); // Probably not needed at all. $base_strings = $GLOBALS['language']->getLanguageStrings(); // does not fetch what we need: loadLanguageXML($_GET['language']); Please watch for any anomalies, such as a UK admin in a US store editing a UK language set. (That was a bug fixed at about CC508.)
  2. I'm trying to add Chinese to my site, not only in the language module that controls all the labels and message strings, but also to convert my document pages into Chinese, including homepage, an About-the-Products page, Shipping & Returns, and Contact us. To begin with, creating a new language in Admin/Languages is straightforward. As long as I've translated all the strings in there, and turned the new language ON, the customer can click on the Chinese flag at the top of any page and will see all the labels, etc. in Chinese. Then I go into Admin/Documents and find that I can create a new document and choose Chinese among the language choices, which then presumably associates this new document with Chinese. Evidently, I create a new document for each of the 4 pages I mentioned above, with completely Chinese content that I provide. But this is where the trouble begins. I cannot figure out how to set things up so that when the customer clicks on the Chinese flag, he will now see a totally Chinese site. One problem is that the Admin/Documents/Overview tab will not let me choose more than one Homepage or more than T&Cs. Yet, both the Chinese homepage and the English homepage will need to be identified as homepage if they're going to appear when the customer clicks on homepage (either for Chinese or for English). Similar problem with T&Cs. Also, I find that when I created a Shipping and Returns page in Chinese and activated it (turned it on), a new Chinese link appeared in the bar at the bottom of each page, alongside the pre-existing English document links, whether or not the customer selected Chinese by clicking on the Chinese flag. Does anyone know how to set this up properly? I'm running Cubecart 5.2.4
  3. Hello, My website is www.shop.reefset.com. CC 5.1.5 My default language is Portuguese, when i try to change to another language in front store the flag simply don´t work. some times at first time works, if you try to go back to previous language, nothing happens. Same situation with currency. One thing i noticed, if i click in flag and then refresh my browser the changes work. Any help?? Thank you
  4. Hi CubeCart community, I've just started with this awesome tool today and I've a huge doubt, is there anyway for people to select the language of the store before entering? The matter is that I divided my website in two languages but when the people select the English site and then they enter to the store it is in Spanish as default, hope you can help me. If you want to see my problem you can see my site under construction: http://elpenco.260mb.org
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