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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I recently got complaints from customers that CCNOW doesn;t work. I tested and what i get is this: ERROR: 7: FP mismatch Please share latest working module for CCNOW. Thanks.
  2. Hello, It seems that Cubecart also update the gateway payments after upgrading the cubecart shopping cart? Because we fixed manually the default CCNOW module, but after upgrading cubecart it doesnt work anymore. Here is a fix in your current CCNOW module so that we CCNOW users doesnt get a corrupt shopping cart after upgrading. Open: /public_html/modules/gateway/ccNow/gateway.class.php find: 'x_shipping_amount' => (isset($this->_basket['shipping']['value'])) ? number_format($this->_basket['shipping']['value'], 2, '.', '') : '0.00', change to: // 'x_shipping_amount' => (isset($this->_basket['shipping']['value'])) ? number_format($this->_basket['shipping']['value'], 2, '.', '') : '0.00', Now CCNOW module works again. Please update this so that every release and updates of Cubecart will work with CCNOW.
  3. Hello All, I am having troubles using the CCNOW module. When you try to checkout with this module i get the following error: ERROR: 36: amount mismatch: 20.90 <> 10.95 This means CCNOW gateway only receive the product price and not the shipping price. I have sent an email to CCNOW helpdesk and i got the following response: The amount mismatch error is because the Cubecart shopping cart is sending "x_amount: 10.95" when it should be sending "x_amount: 20.90". 10.95 is for the product + 9.95 for shipping). This module may be out of date (it is not supplied by us). Perhaps CubeCart can offer support on this issue if you purchased the module from them? It is possible it is a setting in CubeCart, but I do not know their system. Thanks, -Matt CCNow.com So can any one help me to provide an updated CCNOW module? I already sent a support ticket to Cubecart, but so far i didnt receive an answer. Please share the right module with me if you can help me or smart coders help me out to debug? Thanks all!
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