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  1. Great solution! Is it possible to use the csv import module to get those products in the hidden field in the database?
  2. Great! Let me know when your module is finished. I am willing to pay contribution if its working! Hopefully cubecart will integrate it into the core for future release.
  3. Hello everyone, Some of you might have read that i wanted to migrate ALL my shops to cubecart. To give you an idea i have migrated literally ALL my shops to cubecart. Magento, Prestashop, Opencart ... all of them (more than 20+ shops and EMD domain shops), because i love cubecart the most. However ... as you might can imagine ... if you migrate webshops there will be some SEO problems coming along. Some links doesn't exists and search engines will get 404 errors. To fix this you need to 301 them and you can do this with simple .htaccess 301 redirects or use some rewrite rules. However this can give some errors specially for HUGE sites with 1000+ products you cant just 301 redirect them with .htaccess it will make the site extremely slow and some search engines wont like this. What did i do to fix this problem? I make sure that the old paths still exists in cubecart ... but this also means that i create 3 or 4 of the same products with the same categorie, but only give them a new productcode and a new SEO path. For example: old website has product called: green flully shoes and the SEO link was: http://www.domain.com/green-fluffy-shoes but they also had a link that has the category name in it: http://www.domain.com/category/green-fluffy-shoes in this case i need to add the same product 2 times in cubecart to make sure the old links still existing according to the search engines. You know what could be cool? If you can create a product in cubecart and choose "active" so that the product is existing in the database, but also create a button to "hide" this product from the catalogue. So if your search engine will go to: http://www.domain.com/category-cool-item/this-is-a-cool-item the website will show you this product, but if you browse/navigate the category "category-cool-item" you won't see a visible product called: "this-is-a-cool-item" you follow me what i am trying to say? Hopefully some mod or feature will create this for people like me who is migrating all webshops to cubecart and for people who just want to move to cubecart, but can't, because of this feature that doesn't exists "yet".
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