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Found 8 results

  1. If you add a category and add an image, complete all the fields and click save, picture uploads but is not automatically assigned to the category. You need to go to edit and click the image you want and save. The error from the log is: File: [index.inc.php] Line: [6] "ALTER TABLE `retCubeCart_inventory` ADD `upload_images` TINYINT( 1 ) NOT NULL" - Duplicate column name 'upload_images'
  2. Hello All Cubecart members, I have a question ... As default Cubecart is placing a robots.txt in the root folder that disallow to index the images folder. Can someone explain why? Is it good to remove the robots.txt from the root folder of Cubecart? And do i need to have a images sitemap generator? Or will Google index them fine? Thanks for your help.
  3. Hello All, The filemanager in Cubecart was perfect and working, but after i have imported my products it contaisn 46.000 images. After i call up the filemanager in admin the page will infinity loads then stop loading after 5 minutes and show blank page. How can i upload images using admin? Not possible to work in this way ... and i dont have ftp access everywhere so i prefer using this in admin. I think more store owners have this problem. Its all nice, but for BIG shops like us with tons of images your filemanager is killed. Please any suggestions about this. Thanks.
  4. HELP!! Images not displaying and showing the "noimage_thumbnail.png" image.Images are loadeded in the images/source directory and are divided into sub directories. This is a new install with cataloge having been mass imported and the inages FTP'd into the directory. I'm sure the answer is here in the forums somewhere, but am running out of time to get this site up and running. newest version 5.2.2 is being used. Any suggestions on this will be greatly appreciated. Please let me know what info you will need to help on this issue. site: Catagoie YOUTH
  5. A site operator accidentally deleted a folder with 750+images (images and many sub-folders). I restored a complete set from 4 weeks ago but it appears maybe half of them have lost their association with a product. Any ideas how deleting images can remove their association? (I would think the product would still be associated in the DB). And any ideas how to restore the associations? I have cleared all caches (SQL, Skins, content) and run 'Update File List". Thanks, g
  6. Hello, I have a problem with importing product catalog. From my supplier I can download a csv file. This file should be adjusted because CubeCart does not work with category names, but with ID numbers. But that's not really my biggest problem... My biggest problem are the images.... The images are located on a remote server, so in the csvfile the images are named something like http://remoteserver/category/product1.jpg. When I import the adjusted file all the texts are imported correctly, but no images are imported What am I doing wrong? Please answer in Dutch, otherwise in English please, Many thanks! Erik
  7. Hi - I am developing a new site using 5.2. I would like to set the image sizes to custom sizes while still using the upload capability and caching. I have edited the config.xml in the skin folder that I am using and cleared all the caches I can find - images, skin, and the general cache - however the images are still being re-sized to the sizes specified by the original config.xml. I looked at the database, and the entry under CC_Cubcart_Config seems to be stored in some sort of secure fashion that I can't edit. How can I force a reload of the new config.xml file?? Help please. And thank you. Sue
  8. Hello, I have copied my working 5.0.3 cubecart store to another domain in order to update it. I transfered all the files but images, since there were too many for my bandwith. I updated cubecart to 5.0.7 without any problems. Now I have finally copied the images over too, but they are not showing up at all. They are in the right place on the server with the right permissions, I cleaned all caches, but they just wont show. Thumbnail in product box gives me background-image:url(''), same for images all over the site. Is this because I updated cubecart when images were physically not on the server and I need to do the update again? Thanks for any hints, Roman
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